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Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum’ Express Washable Mascara, Black Drama 285, 0.27 Fluid Ounce

It’s not mascara, it’s false lash glam in a tube. Patented spoon brush and pro-keratin fiber formula instantly build 8x more volume without clumping. Unique flexible wand helps lift and separate, to provide the look of 3x more lashes. You will find lashes you didn’t even know you had.

Key features

  • Instant false lash glam!
  • 300% more visible lashes corner-to-corner, no gaps
  • Unique spoon shaped brush with flexible wand

Honest reviews



I’m 16 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara! Best in the world! My lashes look AMAZING! When I mean amazing, I mean it! It never clumps and never fails. It’s even better than my higher brand mascara (Lancome Paris Defining Mascara). Well, I can say good~bye to buying that expensive stuff 😛 . This is a total must have! The delivery was super quick and came 3 days early! I will continue to buy this from now on! MAYBELLINE RULES!” <3

Meagan Realitos, TX

Long lashes, takes too long to wash off 🙁

I have used The Falsies mascara before in other colors and absolutely loved it. I always get compliments on the length and volume of my lashes and the mascara really makes my eye makeup stand out. The Black Drama color does the same thing, but it seems to have a higher wax content than the other colors I’ve used. It is thick and a bit greasy (a day I wore glasses instead of contacts, it left a grease stain on my lenses). It is also difficult to wash off. I useNeutrogena Naturals Facial Cleanser, Purifying, 6 oz., which takes off my makeup easily. In order to get the mascara off of my lashes, I have to rub a but of cleanser between my fingers and use my fingers to lather up my lashes (with eyes closed, of course). That’s too much work! I hope that this formula change doesn’t apply to other Falsies colors. I’d be happy to continue using this product, only not the Black Drama version of it.

Latoya Denton, TX

~ LOVE LOVE LOVE This Mascara!!!~

I’ve seen good and bad reviews on this mascara and I was skeptical about purchasing it…But I’m glad that I did..I mean no product is going to work great for everyone!..So you really have to try it out yourself and see how it works on you as an individual…For me it works great! It gives my lashes length and volume without looking clumpy! I was seriously considering trying false eyelashes but now after using this…I don’t see a need to!:) Glad I took a chance on this mascara!!!

Sofia Jamestown, NY


I’ve used Mabelline mascara all my life. I noticed occasional flaking with they "old" stuff, but nothing like with this. A total waste of money because I won’t use it again. Terrible.

Lynnette Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Love my lashes for the first time!

I’ve always hated my eyelashes and I really hate putting on fake eyelashes. I end up messing them up and they bother me. I tried this mascara and now I love my eyelashes! This really does add length and even my boyfriend noticed! That’s saying something considering men don’t notice drastic changes like hair color! =)After speaking with some friends I am trying out their two other types – the waterproof falsies in Very Black (doesn’t have the lace on the front cover & has blue-ish writing instead of the black as she said that is less clumpy and I will be trying out the new ‘flared’ falsies with the wings on it as neither of us have tried that one yet. I would suggest the black drama for a more dramatic look and the Very Black for a more natural look.

Beulah Oakes, ND


just ok. i recently bought million lashes and i love that better by far. i use mascara nearly every day and would recommend getting million lashes over this product.

Verna Medina, WA

Clumps and Flakes terribly!

This mascara clumps up and flakes so bad! I really wanted to love this mascara but just couldn’t. I couldn’t even wear it. I had to throw it out it dried up so quickly.

Pearl Collins Center, NY

Its ok!

It is what you pay for. The bad thing is that it doesn’t stay in your eyelashes that much. You will drop black tears!!

Ora Cheriton, VA

Makes My Lashes Look Amazing

This is probably the best mascara I’ve used for volumizing. It really sticks to its claims. I definitely recommend it. It’s da BOMB! 😀

Kate Little Orleans, MD

Extra Dramatic Lashes

I use this on top of my regular mascara when I want a more dramatic look. I either use Maybelline’s Collossol or Volume Plush as my main mascara or primer when I add this one on top. This gives extreme length and nice volume, although both mascaras that I use as a base give better volume boosting results. I don’t like using this alone because it is heavy and clumps my sparse lashes together. It works much better when used on top of another. I love using it on my outer lashes and it does give that false lash look, without the falseness. =D That’s the best I can describe it. I always keep a tube of this handy.

Lorrie Black Canyon City, AZ

Review for the New Smaller Falsies Mascara

Oh my gosh, if you haven’t tried the new Maybelline Falsies Mascara you really need to give it a try. It comes in a smaller holder than the old Falsies and it’s much, much better.I thought the Old Falsies was ‘meh’. It didn’t do much more than dye your lashes and I didn’t care for it much. The New Falsies is just awesome. I mean I’m an older woman and I actually have to go easy because I’m sort of conservative make-up-wise and I don’t want to look too made up. This mascara really builds length for me — with just one coat. And I finally can actually see my lower lashes and my top lashes look like I’m wear fakes.The only downside for this product is that it’s not waterproof. It’s not ‘runny’, but if you rub your eyes, you are going to see smudges. Also, I should add that I have really sensitive eyes –allergies and whatnot make them itchy and watery– and I haven’t noticed any problems with this irritating my eyes.I’m really impressed. But make sure you shop for the new smaller container. Otherwise you are likely to get the old so-so mascara.Pam T~mom/fur mom

Paula Zenda, WI


Super Lashes!!! Love em!! Really cool! I got this and when I want that Falsie look I just put ONE coat ! A friend of mines used it and she went skeptical with the outcome! She loved it!

Lashonda Advance, IN

My holy grail mascara.

I’ve tried a lot of mascaras looking for the perfect match for my average-volume, longer-length lashes. I tried the expensive mascaras, which were generally a miss. YSL, Dior, Benefit, etc — they were OK. They added some length, but they wouldn’t volumize as well (or vice versa). They didn’t perform well enough for me to validate spending $20+ on a single tube, so I finally said screw it and gave this a try.I haven’t used anything else since. This adds length and volumizes my eyelashes the perfect amount without clumping. I wouldn’t say it looks like I’m wearing falsies, but I don’t NEED falsies with this mascara. This gives me a thicker, moderately more dramatic look that works well with both neutral and ‘intense’ makeup. I won’t use any other mascara now.It is, however, a little difficult to get off. It tends to leave dark black blobs under my eyes unless I wash my eyes two or three times. I don’t mind it, though — the non-waterproof version hasn’t run/streaked during rain, when I’ve been hit in the face by beach waves, or during my monthly sessions of self-loathing, PMS-induced sobbing. A+++, will buy again.

Valarie Loudon, NH

Poor to average quality

I like that it has fibers, but otherwise I don’t like the formula of this mascara. It’s too clumpy and thick. I know they’re supposed to look like falsies, and maybe it does too good of a job because it makes me look like an over-made-up hooker. The deal breaker for me, though was that it makes my eyelashes break off and fall out. If you want a volumizing and lengthening mascara with fibers and conditioning agents, go with the original Japanese version of Fairydrops.

Sue Wilburton, OK

Good for Dress Up

They have all these fibers that make lashes look longer and look great if you are going out at night but for working or for long hours they too get too clumpy and hard to wash off

Teresa Natural Bridge, AL

It’s ok, but I don’t like the brush

I have naturally long lashes, they used to be fuller but I’ve lost that volume over the years. I’ve been usingCoverGirl LashBlastFusion Mascara Very Black 860, 13.1 ml, 1 Tubefor 2 or 3 years but decided to try this. I hate the spoon-style brush, I feel I can’t control the application. My lashes don’t feel soft either. At least it washes off easily with cleanser/water. I’ll use this one but after this, I’m going back to CoverGirl.

Marisol Vernon Hills, IL