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Maybelline New York The Colossal Volum’ Express Washable Mascara, Glam Brown 232, 0.31 Fluid Ounce

Creates 9x the volume, instantly. Patented megabrush collagen formula plump lashes one by one. Dramatic volume with no clumps,washable

Key features

  • 9x the volume
  • Megabrush + collagen formula
  • No clumps

Honest reviews


Makes my lashes look awesome!

This is an awesome mascara! I usually do about three coats on each eye and it makes my eyelashes look full and long. I don’t notice much clumping often which is great. This mascara definitely is volumizing.

Dorothea Oneida, WI


The volume it give is awesome! the brush is great and the product dry sooo fast! and it comes out really easily when I stain my skin by mistake

Brittney Midlothian, IL

not a colossal disappointment

This product does NOT give great volume. it goes on super thick and is impossible to wash off with soap, yet still gives under-eye circles in the shower. It’s not good. I would go with CG Lashblast

Mable Whitehall, MI

My favorite mascara!

I bought this brand a few years ago and I haven’t changed since. It’s easy to apply with no clumps. It makes my eyelashes look fuller and longer. I constantly get compliments when I wear it. I hope they never stop making it!

Nita Walker, LA

Basic mascara

There really isn’t anything special about this mascara, it is way over hyped. I have two of them I received as presents and I am not to thrilled with them. Sure they coat your eyelashes nicely and give them curl and length but almost all mascara do that. It’s not a bad mascara it’s just not anything special. My only real dislike is that it takes to long to dry and it can smudge throughout the day.

Noelle Northvale, NJ

Not great for Asian lashes

I bought this several months ago and has been my go-to mascara aside from an Urban Decay one I own. I have sparse, short Asian lashes. This mascara really does not flatter my eyelashes. I blame this mostly on the wand; it’s very bristly and thick, which makes it harder to weave through my lashes. The thicker design also creates more clumps in my lashes, which I have to pick out and…well, it’s a hassle. I don’t have any of these issues with my Urban Decay mascara and it coats my eyelashes evenly. If you like really thick, dramatic lashes, this will coat your lashes to that effect, but bear in mind it’s prone to clumping and isn’t ideal for short, sparse lashes.

Jami Kingston, OK

Soft, Long Lashes

I like the product a lot; it gives me soft, long, natural looking lashes without leaving my lashes feeling heavy or gunky. The brush is great and allows for easy application. The mascara washes of easily when I’m ready and doesn’t leave marks or residue on my skin while I’m wearing it. I’m a big fan.

Roseann Huntington, TX

Not so great.

This isn’t the best Maybelline mascara product; it’s clumpy on the brush and hard to apply, and it’s also difficult to remove.

Joanna Chancellor, SD

I just wish it were waterproof

I’ve been sticking to this particular mascara for some time now. It works perfectly! But don’t wear it in the heat because then it will start to run. Noone likes having dark circles under their eyes after 2 hours of being out, so I’d suggest wearing this around the cooler times of the year, and not wear it for too long.

Tracey Mecca, IN


It goes on thick and dark and lengthens but it gets a bit clumpy and it is hard to curl

Lupe Orangeville, PA

Great Mascara!

I like the brush, it’s a little bit bulky for my little eyes and it doesnt get to all the places, definetely i cant use this with my lower lashes because it becomes a mess even if im careful. Another con is that sometimes it gets clumps on your lashes if you dont remove a bif of product off the wand before applying. These are the reasons why i take a star off the rating.The reason that i give it a full 4 stars is because i have thin short lashes or a not a lot of them and they are kind of a darker blonde. And with just one application of this mascara they look amazing, they pop automatically, i feel my face looks more feminine already, and if i want to go for a more bolder look i just apply twice.So overall, it’s great but you should have other mascara with a tinier wand to work on your inner and lower lashes

Tameka Watchung, NJ

I like it

If you like thick black long lashes this does the trick well, I’d buy it again. I also like using it as a second coat to other mascara’s I have:)

Grace Laings, OH

My New HG

I finally tried this product after reading so many great reviews about it and debating about trying it for several months. I’m so glad I did because I think it’s become my new HG mascara (previously Falsies by Maybelline). There are so many things right about this mascara and I recommend it to anyone who wants big, long, lashes.Pros:
• It makes my lashes so long!
• My lashes look voluminous and multiplied; my lash line is full.
• Absolutely no clumping! At all, no matter how many layers you apply.
• No flaking and no irritation to my sensitive eyes.
• Color is so dark and matte.
• Easy to remove at night.
• Mascara is buildable; you can add layers to give your lashes even more volume.Only one con:
• Doesn’t hold a curl, but I don’t think it weighs down your lashes either; mine didn’t feel that way.Bottom line: You must try this mascara. It makes your lashes long and voluminous with no clumping, and makes your eyes look really big. This mascara gives you a great dramatic, false-lash look at a great price.

Leonor Newtonsville, OH


Nice even coverage that doesnt clump lashes together. Awesome rubber brush that also doesn’t clump. Nice consistency that lasts the day but is easily removed at the end.

Tammy Myrtle, MS

I love it… However

I love these mascara however the thing that smoothes the excess mascara off the brush broke off after 3 days. I do not blame the seller because this was fresh out of the package AND I brought another one to replace it.

Ophelia North Brunswick, NJ

Favorite mascara of all time

I’d consider myself a mascara snob – a connoisseur if there is such a thing for mascara. I’ve never found another mascara that I like more – not even those that are 6x the price of this one! Go for it – you won’t be disappointed!

Lynda Five Points, CA



Cathleen Montpelier, IN

My Fav

I tried this mascara on the recommendation of a friend. It’s now my favorite and the only type I use. I’m working on my third or fourth bottle now. I wear the brown shade as my natural hair color is quite light.

Angie Eden, VT


This is the best mascara I have used so far… I have owned YSL, MAC, (MOST SEPHORA MASCARAS) and this one is by far superior than any other mascara. I personally like to combine it with the falsies volum express and both combined is even greater! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 🙂

Irma Oakland, RI

always did like this

price was great and the mascara was good and new did have a weird smell goes on dutifully and beautifully

Molly Kenvir, KY


I wasn’t very impressed by this mascara.It feels like an everyday mascara and doesn’t add any special drama to your eyes. There are much better products by maybelline and Loreal.

Lisa Leewood, WV

good mascara!

I have short, thin lashes. This mascara definitely gets better with time. It was too watery when i first used it; they weighed my lashes down. However, i’ve been noticing that with each use, the mascara holds my lashes’ curl better and definitely does something to them to make them noticeable.

Hattie Cecil, OH

Awful product

This mascara goes on like pancake batter. It’s awful. Maybe I just got a bum item, but it is so bad that I’m unwilling to give it another chance. The consistency is thick and cakey, and it goes on clumpy and unevenly. Volume? Where? It did nothing to thicken the appearance of my lashes, despite its spackle consistency. Also, the brush is enormous, which makes it really hard to coat fine or short lashes, and to detail.The one promising thing about it is that it stays put and comes off very easily. Still, if I could give it no stars or click “Dislike,” I would. Never again.

Dorothy Daleville, MS


I had bought the flared mascara (the one in the electric pink/purple bottle) and I disliked it. The formula was too dry and clumped very easily. I put on two coats and my eyelashes looked longer and fuller naturally and not fake or caked on like the other mascara I used. Overall, it like it a lot.

Andrea Willoughby, OH

I’ve used Maybellin

mascara products for close to 40 years and absolutely love their mascara. Normally I’ve purchased Big Lash but this is my all time favorite now!

Jennifer Weston, MA

Colossal Mascara

This mascara is one that I can use with no irration to my eyes and I have very sensitive eyes! I purchased these and they were shipped extremely quickly in totally sealed packages. Would certainly purchase from this seller again, totally easy transaction!

Tara Sandgap, KY

Always great

Always a great product! Goes on with NO clumps, makes eyelashes long and full. Not to mention, it smells like roses…literally!

Kay Emeryville, CA

It’s okay

I was expecting a lot from this mascara, but I’m afraid that I was kind of disappointed. I chose to buy it because my sister uses the same one and her eyelashes look beautiful all the time. I’m sad to say that the first time I used it, I had a terrible case of tarantula lashes. They looked awful. This happened with only one coat! If you use it, you have to scrape ALL the excess off or this is going to happen. I’ve noticed that doing this has made a big difference. However, after doing this, it still just makes my eyelashes look like I had just put any old mascara on. It’s nothing really special.I haven’t noticed any flaking, smudging, or fading. It holds up pretty well throughout the day.Also, I think this is worthy of note – this mascara has a smell. I have never, ever used a mascara that had a smell. And it’s pretty strong, too. My boyfriend even commented on it a few times, he said something to the effect of “Oh, you’re wearing that smelly mascara again” in jest. I complained to him about the smell previously, I don’t know if he would have noticed if I hadn’t told him. He probably would have. The smell doesn’t go away throughout the day either. I’m not sure how to describe the smell, it kind of smells like a really bad wine. This definitely docks this mascara down a star or two in my book.My sister did mention that she has gotten into the habit of warming up the tube with her blow dryer before applying sometimes to thin the formula. Maybe this explains why she has had different results.

Delia Refton, PA

I love maybelline

I used different brands cheap and expensive, and maybelline is the one I never have been disappointed in.I love maybelline, it has great prices for a very good quality products.

Trisha East Rochester, NY

My new go-to mascara

Not the best mascara I’ve ever used, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favourites. Easy to apply, and doesn’t clump when applied. What more can a girl ask for?

Magdalena Otis, KS