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Maybelline New York Superstay 14 hour Lipstick, Perpetual Peony, 0.12 Ounce

Weigh your options: love the look and ease of long-wearing lip color, but feel suffocated by its heavy, caked-on feel? Lighten up. Introducing the most innovative long-wear lipstick yet. Weightless color goes on in one step and stays put for 14 full hours, staying fresh, light and oh so comfortable. No dragging, no drying, no letdowns at all.

Key features

  • 14 hour wear
  • Weightless feel
  • No dragging or drying

Honest reviews


Great color and lasts……… just not 14 hours

This product def lasts much longer than regular lipsticks but nowhere near 14 hours. Does not crumble either as other long last lipsticks tend to do.

Angel Walton, IN

I use this for blush

I don’t use this for lipstick, I use it for blush. I have it in the “timeless crimson” and it’s PERFECT as a blush. I put some on my cheeks followed up with a dusting of Sally Hansen – Skin Equalizing Powder Makeup (which is a VERY light powder compact) and it looks like a 100% NATURAL flush. I absolutely LOVE this stuff for blush. As a lipstick, it doesn’t last 14 hours, but I prefer Maybelline’s Superstay 24 hour lipstick for lipstick.

Jenifer Walker, LA

Doesn’t last even an hour.

I like the matte texture of this lipstick but it doesn’t last 14 hours. Common, it barely lasts an hour. I’ve used other long lasting lipsticks and were much better. Like L’Oreal’s long lasting whatever, even Cover Girl.

Samantha Maquon, IL

not too shabby

I got this in “Never Ending Nude” and it’s a nice color for fair skinned ladies. It doesn’t wash out my complexion like some nudes do. This shade has some glitter in it and is just a wee a bit gritty, but doesn’t really bother me. I usually apply lip balm first. It is a matte finish and it doesn’t bleed. It does stay on for a while, but of course not for 14 hours. I like it but I doubt I’ll go out of my way to purchase other shades. I prefer the color sensational lipsticks.

Mattie Luxemburg, WI


It smells good and looks beautiful very happy with it. It lasts a long time but it dose come off on cups and what ever your lips touch but not all the color comes off. I will be buying more colors and this is a great price cheaper then at target not by much tho but I would wait to get it to save 20 cents lol great product and its not drying or flaky

Lillie Saluda, VA

not for me

I tried this, and ewwwwwhhh I am a light medium skintone and this made my lips look like they were a dark brown with gray/blueish undertone. If their was a picture for the word jerk it would of been mine wearing this lipstick, it made me look like a jerk!!! haha I will stick with the buffs by Maybelline, the blushing beige color! perfect. not this crap

Dale Joffre, PA

Dissapointed! It’s a different color

I’d be cautious about ordering this lipstick on-line ladies. It’s not a pink like it looks in the picture it’s a dark red/maroon. I’m very dissappointed! I want to return it but when I click on returns for Amazon it does’nt give me the option. Dont waste your money here.

Carmella Haralson, GA

What An Our and Out Lie!!!!!!

14 hour? It doesn’t even last a dang hour!!!!! Will never buy again! Don’t waste your money either if you are looking for a long lasting lipstick…this isn’t it!!!!

Cecile Canton, MI

Love this color and stays on

This worked surprisingly well….I love the color and it is the perfect Raisin Brown Nuetral..deep and rich. It stays on too! Great quality for the price ! I have paid $20 w same results .

Heidi Lawrenceville, NY

Not as expected..

Great color! Love how it looks on me, but it does NOT stay on at all. The second you drink anything or eat something, you are reapplying. I bought lipstain and it has worked significantly better for me. Not worth your money.

Tasha Bardstown, KY

Best nude/beige I’ve found

I have very fair skin and often the nudes and beige tons are darker rose or brown on my skin. This is the first truly beige neutral lip color I’ve ever found and as a bonus it’s a 14 long wear lipstick. The lipstick is a bit smaller in a narrower tube than how it looks in the photos–it’s not the standard lipstick size, just a bit narrower. Pluses: goes on smoothly and evenly, has a soft texture, doesn’t dry to a tight or cakey finish, has a rich pigmented color and no noticeable scent. Cons: it easily catches every bit of dried skin, given the color the dry skin on your lips looks like cracks in the desert, the tube is narrower than normal lip color so you get less product than standard lipsticks, if applied to thickly it can dry to a sticky tacky feel, it doesn’t come with a lip balm or shine gloss (maybe it’s supposed to be matte???). Overall, moisturize first, exfoliate your lips and apply in thin layers is what gets me the permanent, fabulous color and feel that makes this the best nude/beige I’ve ever had.

Lori Lampeter, PA

Did not like it, too thick and bright.

I didnt like this color, I am very pale and it was FAR too bright on me. In terms of staying power, this lipstick HAS IT! I did however not like how thick it was on the lips. I wanted to take it off immediately.

Victoria Cambra, PA

Doesn’t last 14 hours

The color was a little duller than i had expected. It doesn’t last 14 hours – not even7 hours. but all in all, it is not a bad buy. Have to use a lip sheen over it as it is dull..

Maria Rulo, NE

You call this nude?!

Im giving up on ordering makeup through Amazon. There’s just no way this color should be called nude. Its darker than nude w some light reddish coral thing going on. Thats not nude to me. I already had a color like this that I didnt like on me. So sucky that we have an idea of what the color nude is to us and the manufacturer has different ideas.

Brandy Bryan, TX

D Shoe

It didn’t stay on my lips but worst of all it got on my teeth…which was pointed out by someone else…embarrassing.

Raquel Bishop, CA

Lovely Color! Stays long! Smells Amazing!

Ok…I see some mixed reviews in here, but when it comes to lipstick, we have to remember that its very personal…and not everyone like all the stuff. I am a make up artist by hobby, and i use a lot of brands, the reason I bought this is because I saw that these lipsticks were very pigmented, and smells not only good but really delicious, its a fruity smell that I just love. The colour is quite pigmented, very good for drug-store brand, and it is like a ruby colour, its matt, but has a subtle sheen to it, which I do not like…again its personal…some of you might like it. I think some people are saying its dry because they have dry skin, the lipstick is quite balanced…I would say, and my take is, if you have dry skin put a little bit of lip balm before. In order to get the best pigmented effect, my secret is, I layer it, first, i put some lip liner, on full lips, then i apply this, lastly I reapply again, then it stays for hours….seriously…if you know the tecnique…you get the best results. This lipstick is worth buying, for sure, I am going to buy my 3rd one from this collection.

Lakeisha Waco, MO

Picture is deceiving

I was so disappointed in the color. On Amazon it looks so much lighter mauve then the dark one that arrived. Not happy. Waste of money.

Lynn Elma, NY

Maybelline Superstay

I have yet to find a lasting lipstick I like. I thought this one was going to be it, but after it had been on for a while, it looked funny because it had dried and left my lip showing with the color going all around.

Anna Estillfork, AL

Best Lipstick

This is a good color for pale and tanned skin. The color stays on for a good 8 hours after eating. The lipstick also has a nice fruity smell and is very light for traveling.

Camilla Dorothy, WV

So…probably not 14 hours unless you do nothing

Maybe if you didn’t eat, drink or move your face at all this might last 14 hours. I will say, that it lasts considerably longer than a normal lipstick. It also didn’t give my lips that overly dry and cracked appearance that other long wear products have in the past. I really did think the colour was true to what it was supposed to be and it had a nice satin feel.Overall, I was impressed with this. I would recommend it to other women who are looking for a long lasting lipstick at an affordable price.

Young Imlay, NV

Love it!

It definitely does what it promises! It takes hours for it to wear off..I never actually went 14 hours wearing a lipstick but you can bet this one does exactly that! Definitely recommending it.

Blanca Lee Center, NY


pretty much the only lipsticks i ever invest in are ones that promise 12+ hour coverage, and this is probably one of my favorites. the color was slightly bolder than i’m used to wearing, but it looked amazing with my fair skin. i love wearing this shade with a navy or black top for a contrast of color. when i was eating or if i touched my lips, it would immediately come off, and after lunch i thought that it must’ve been entirely ruined… but when i looked in the mirror it still looked perfect! that was a delightful surprise. great buy, and i’d definitely buy this lipstick in other shades.

Ashlee Pendroy, MT

beautiful color

Soft, girly pink. Very drying so I usually layer a little chapstick over it. Does not last 14 hours for me. If worn without chapstick it lasts longer though it does start to fade with eating and drinking.

Trisha Thurston, OH


It’s true it does not last 14hrs, but it gets the job done. The color and smell is gorgeous and the application and color really stands out.

Brandie West Orange, NJ

Doesn’t last 14 hours

The color is really nice but the product does not stay on my lips for 14 hours. In fact I can’t tell that it stays on any longer than any other cream lipstick and it smears off easily, like on my coffee cup. It is not a stain like I thought.

Elma South Canaan, PA

Great matte stick

I read that last review. Well, if you don’t want a long lasting matte lipstick don’t buy this!I doesn’t smell either. I am in my early 60’s so creamy n glossy r things of the past.My favorite matte lipstick is Mac but it cost round $17.00 . I have been quite happy with this product.Does everything my Mac does n cost much less.

Naomi Payson, AZ


If you like to wear lipstick, this is a must buy, it truly lasts and I love to wear my lipstick, so when I found this product for this amazing price o amazon I was so thankful. I like to spend my money wisely and you can’t buy this in the store for this price, and it truly stays on….Love It.Joyce

Lucia Lake Creek, TX

Lipstick that I don’t remember receiving..

I remember getting a Maybelline New York Superstay 14 hour lipstick, but the shade was not Perpetual Peony. I don’t believe that I ever received this one, and the one I did get was a baby pink, also 14 hours, and it only lasts for about an hour on your lips.

Dolly North, VA

Long lasting and a lot of different colors in one tube.

This lipstick does last a long time and doesn’t have the drying effect or feeling other long lasting lipstick formulas do. It’s a very dark color so the best past is you can apply a little and smudge for a lighter color or apply it right on for a dark long lasting wine color. I will say this is a fantastic buy!

Jaime Attalla, AL



Jackie Morrison, CO