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Maybelline New York Super Stay 24Hr Makeup, Caramel, 1 Fluid Ounce

Superstay 24hr makeup stays comfortable and looks naturally flawless all day. Micro flex formula provides 24 hour wear and no transfer. Withstands heat, sweat and humidity. Oil free, dermatologist tested, fragrance free. Suitable for all skin types

Key features

  • Naturally flawless finish
  • 24 hour wear
  • Oil free

Honest reviews


Really nice, but…

I’ve used a lot of makeup over the years. I love my BareMinerals, but it got to be too expensive, so I decided to try something else. I bought this makeup last week. Though I’ve only used it three times, this has turned into my favorite liquid makeup, but I have one small problem – they don’t make it light enough for me. I bought the Porcelain Ivory, the lightest shade, but it’s still too dark for my skin tone. I love it, but unfortunately I won’t be able to buy it again because the lightest shade isn’t light enough. I would recommend this product to anyone, as long as they don’t have fair skin.

Kristine Marion Center, PA

Maybelline Superstay Foundation Honey Beige AWESOME!!

This is a great foundation. Easy to blend. 24 hour stay. Lasts long. Doesn’t rub off…. Full Coverage.. Incredible. I use this product interchangeably with Revlon Color Stay with Soft Flex for Normal to Dry skin and I have to admit this is by far wayyy better in the aspect of coverage and smug proof. It isn’t too heavy which surprised me because most of the foundations that promise full coverage are heavy when applied to the face but this was pretty light to medium feel. Once I blended it… I couldn’t feel it on my face… and that is always leaves me feeling confident about my make up. It finishes very natural in a slight matte… This make up is incredible. It conceals very well.. Sometimes to the point that I don’t even bother with concealer.

Blanca Lexington, MI



Libby Cambridge, MA

Best foundation for 54 year-old

Love this stuff, conceals and hides age spots but DOES NOT make you look like you have “pancake” makeup on. Lasts a long time.all day, non-greasy, matte, not shiny. I place a little powder on top, but do wish it cam with sunscreen (which I place underneath). Don’t usually buy any other products from Maybelline, but this is the best! You need to wash your hands after you apply, it’s messy!

Dolores Spring Church, PA

Flawless Face

If you haven’t tried this foundation yet, you’re missing out! I’m not big on drugstore makeup in general because I’ve spoiled myself with high end items, but WOW this was a find! IMO, it is much better than Revlon Color Stay, which is often touted as the best drugstore foundation. It’s VERY similar to Estee Lauder Double Wear, which is my favorite high end foundation, and the Super Stay is not quite as drying. If I’m going out for something special, I will use my ELDW, but for every day I have switched to Maybelline Super Stay. The short – it’s a medium to full coverage long-wearing foundation without SPF. That last part is really important because SPF usually causes a white cast in photos and you always have the option to add SPF by simply using a moisturizer with SPF under your foundation.Color Range: Typical limited drug store selection, BUT I think they will work for many people as the shades are mostly neutral, slightly cool, or slightly warm. I could not find a good match in Revlon Color Stay. My skin isn’t very yellow, but I do need a foundation with yellow undertones especially when I have any sort of tan. In MAC I’m typically NC30 most of the year. I use classic beige, which has more yellow undertones than natural beige and pure beige. The range of colors in the middle are Natural Beige (slightly cool), Nude (warm, yellow undertones, good for MAC NC25-30), Classic Beige (neutral, slightly yellow, good for MAC NC30-35 and ELDW Tawny), Pure Beige (slightly cool), Natural tan (slightly yellow, but too dark for me).Long wearing: I put this on by 8am and when I get home at 6pm, it still looks great. It lasts until I take it off around 10pm, but if I were going out after work and had the option, I would touch it up in the evening.Coverage and finish: One layer gives good medium coverage buildable to full coverage. I don’t have particularly troublesome skin, but I prefer medium coverage anyway for a flawless face. Building to full coverage it does not look cakey. The finish is matte. I have normal skin and sometimes a little shine will show through at the end of the day, but nothing that bothers me…it just looks a little more natural. The best part is that this foundation is very comfortable to me. I never get the urge to wash it off immediately after work. I’m used to wearing foundation, but it drives me nuts when I can feel it sitting on my skin. Compared to Revlon, where by the end of the day my skin is slick and I just can’t wait to wash it. I typically do not bother with a primer or powder as I haven’t noticed much of a difference in staying power on my skin, but YMMV.

Pearl Hume, CA

The best drugstore foundation!

This has definitely been the best foundation I’ve ever used. I’ve tried so many from different brands (Covergirl, Revlon, etc), but this has been the best. I’ve gotten WAY more compliments on my skin wearing this foundation than with any other.COLOR: First of all, there is a large range of colors, so it’s easy to find a color that fits your skin. I personally have a yellow undertone to my skin and it was so easy to find the perfect shade (Sand Beige).FORMULA: I love the formula of the foundation. It’s not too runny; I feel like it has been whipped or something because it’s a bit thicker and it’s so easy to glide on to your skin. It leaves my skins feeling smooth while still allowing it to breathe. The formula doesn’t include SPF, but you can always put sunscreen underneath it. I personally like that it does not have SPF because it doesn’t reflect in pictures (leaving that ghostly-white kind of face).COVERAGE: This has one of the best, full coverages around. I don’t have a lot of acne or problem areas; my skin is pretty clear, but I do have a bit of discoloration and redness in my face. This completely goes over all of that and smooths my face out without looking unnatural.FINISH: What I love the most about this foundation is the finish. It has a matte finish, but it still leaves a glow to your skin. I find that I don’t have to apply powder over this foundation in order to mattify the skin- which really helps me avoid a cakey looking foundation!WEAR: This is the best and most long-wearing foundation I have ever used. I’ve used Revlon’s Colorstay 24hr foundation as well, and the Maybelline SuperStay 24hr is just a lot better. I’ve had days where I get ready for work at 5:30am, stay at work till 4:00pm, go to the gym till 7:00pm and this foundation is still on and looking flawless!I wouldn’t use anything else- I love this foundation and I recommend it to anyone!

Milagros Ridgefield Park, NJ

Great with my dry complexion.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this foundation. I have a dry, somewhat wrinkled complexion and I have to moisturize under my foundation. Most foundations either look too greasy or they just melt off in a couple of hours and nobody can even tell I’ve made up. But this foundation covers well, stays on and feels great. I apply it twice under my eyes and skip concealer. I like the way it removes easily too. A few years ago I tried one of those "last all day" foundations and it was plasticky on my face and hard to get off but Super Stay stays on while I want it on and comes off easily when I’m ready to take it off. A+++

Aida Harrisonville, MO

Does not stay all day for me

Maybe it is my skin but I this does not stay on my skin or stop shine all day. I do have to say it is very thick and creamy a very nice texture but not the best bet if yo struggle with shine. I am going back to my revlon color stay. I bet people with dry or normal skin may like this…but again it does not wear all day, more like 4 hours or so.

Jacquelyn Johnsonburg, PA

I only buy this foundation!

I never in my entire life, have I ever bought a foundation twice. It last me all day and it doesn’t sink in to my laugh lines. it gives me a flawless look and I love this. I am the pickiest person when it comes to makeup. If i love it then you will to..

Abby Lowell, FL


I have to give this doundation 5 stars all the way!!!!! I love this foundation so much because I don’t have to worry about it melting off my face, or fading or transferring on anything, once you set it! WOW it’s about bullet-proof. I set mine with coty airspun loose powder extra coverage, that powder is amazing! So when I use the both together! Awesomeness =) This foundation is pretty full coverage, but if you wanted a little less coverage, you could just apply it with a damp sponge, Also a big plus for this foundation, is that it does not settle in fine lines, and the consistency of the color is even, I get so many compliments on my skin and makeup, and everyone always asks me what foundation do I use because it is like flawless, and I always tell them Super Stay! So I recommmend this foundation if you want flawless coverage that you don’t have to worry about after you apply it, then this is your foundation!!!!!

Sybil Capulin, NM

its pretty good 🙂

I got mine today and wore it I read mixed reviews on how the foundation turns orange and what not so I was hesatent. But I got itIts not to thick and not to runnyIts medium to full coverage and kind of feels a bit heavy but not to much to the point were you feel nasty. Its awesome ! I like it so far I wore it for a few hours and got a bit oily but not to much just a tiny bit I think I just need a new setting powder oh and my skin is combination oily so would I recommend it ? Yes just have a good setting powder!

Teresa Augusta, IL

Nice Coverage

This offers nice coverage – clean & smooth looking. It doesn’t look like you have makeup on with the lightest full coverage.

Alana Llano, NM

Love it!

A nice light make up, perfect color htough I do use another slightly darker shade to give balance and shading, its just right for my fair complexion, and no problems with any irritation, nothing, goes on smooth, and isnt too dry or moist. It works for me, I recommend if you have normal to even slightly oily skin. It stays on too, I dont reapply all day, I wear it lightly and so its perfect.

Erma Saint Johns, AZ

Maybelline Super Stay The Jury’s Still Out

I decided to try this makeup based on reviewers feedback. So far my experience has been that I get a chalky look that seems to disappear after a couple of hours wear. Not sure if I’m applying too much or not but ‘m trying to work with this makeup to determine if it actually works better that the Maybelline "ColorStay" which is what I’ve used for years and love. I’ll check back in January with a review.

Victoria Oceola, OH

The best foundation

I am so happy I tried this foundation. I saw a video review of it and loved the coverage. I have done a lot of tanning in my day so I have some blotchy skin damage. This creamy foundation makes my skin look like satin. It covers everything while appearing to look as if you aren’t wearing anything. It is light weight, does not transfer off on any cloth, but washes easily with soap and water or whatever you use to cleanse your face. The best and long lasting coverage I’ve ever had and I’ve tried them all. The only one which comes close is a very pricey department store named brand that costs 5 times as much. This is my new foundation!

Lorene Port Byron, IL

My favorite foundation!

I have never found a foundation that I was 100% happy with.I love this foundation and will actually be purchasing it again when I run out, which will be a while from now considering the size of the bottle.It doesn’t take much to get good coverage with this foundation and doesn’t get really oily on my face like other foundations do ( and I have super oily skin )Great staying power!Recommend!

Rosalie Centrahoma, OK

Excellent Coverage

I have used this concealer for years and it’s the only one that I’ve found that can cover scars, blemishes, discoloring, etc. The coverage is amazing and it really does last (maybe not 24 hours but a solid 16 hours with a good primer/moisturizer). The color goes on nicely and it doesn’t feel heavy.

Concetta Dalton City, IL


I’m an adolescent, I’m constantly looking for waterproof make-up and one that will last longer!this is amazing, is so waterproof, hydrates my skin and looks natural! Love It!!!, if I could just find a perfect powder :/

Vicki Yerington, NV

Not The Best I’ve Used, But Not Entirely The Worst

I would rate this between 2.75 and 3 stars, probably closer to 3.For reference, I am in my early 20s, have light skin, medium blonde hair and green eyes. My undertones are more yellow or neutral, but I have redness due to acne. My skin is oily and I have large pores on my cheeks. I typically wear Classic Ivory in foundation color.That being said, the Classic Ivory in this product line looked way too dark so I tried the second lightest shade, Sand Beige. This was also dark on my face, most noticeable near my jawline and when I was out in sunlight. So I returned it and picked up the lightest shade, Porcelain Ivory, which I originally thought would be too light on my skin. I applied it the next day it looked much better, much more like my natural skin tone. At one point parts of my face looked slightly orange, but after I blended the foundation more and applied powder (both light colored and translucent) the foundation color was a pretty perfect match for my skin. It gets kudos for that. It is also very easy to blend and provides moderate coverage (although I’ve had other drugstore foundations that cover better) and dries to a semi-matte finish. Although it is in a glass bottle with no pump, the product came easily out of the bottle (I shook it vigorously with the cap on and then shook it slightly over the back of my hand to pour the foundation out). It is also easy to control how much product comes out to ensure you don’t wind up with too much. The color lasts all day without streaking, fading, or oxidizing and removes faily easily at night (all I use to remove foundation and powder is a blemish-controlling face wash and toner).While the above mentioned qualities are great, they don’t cancel out the negatives enough for me to rate this product higher than a 3. First of all, as others have mentioned, despite this product claiming to be oil-free, it did feel greasy on my skin after applying it. It felt most greasy when applying it with a foundation brush as opposed to fingers, and felt sticky and gross when I touched it. After applying powder my face was much softer and more matte, but at then end of an 8 1/2 work day with no touch-ups my t-zone was very shiny. I was expecting the 24hr staying power to extend to oil control but it did not do it for me. I will most likely wear this foundation on days when I know I can easily apply touch-ups after about 4-5hours. Also, this product didn’t really minimize my pores and for a heavier cover foundation did not cover my blemishes as well as other products have done.So the bottom line: I love that it’s a near-perfect match for my skintone and doesn’t oxidize but hate that it doesn’t provide long-lasting oil control. I will finish out the bottom I own but will not repurchase. I reccommend this most to people with normal skin and may be dry skin; if you have oily skin make sure you have powder nearby. I also do not reccommend this for people with very light shades. I have the lightest shade, Porcelain Ivory, but it wears more like a Classic Ivory or Buff in other brands (e.g. Revlon and Covergirl). If you don’t know your shade, definitely view the choices in person before ordering online, and try them out on your hand or jawline if you can. I’ve only tried one other Maybelline foundation–the Dream Matte Mousse–and I like that one much better (and I wear Classic Ivory in that line) so if you’re debating between foundations, I’d go for the other one.

Sheila Winter Park, FL

it works

I have bad hayfever. So even taking medication I blow my nose alot. On the bottle its states it won’t rub off. A very small amount will but I don’t feel like I have to get it out again right away to reapply. Not like other foundations were you have rubbed it all off.

Haley Sharpes, FL

My Go To Makeup

I love this Superstay. I have a hard time matching my foundations and a even harder time making it last. This makeup does both.

Ida Acme, LA

Looks great at first, but gets VERY patchy on my t-zone

I’ve tried a ton of foundations for oily skin and this one does NOT last 8 hours, never mind 24. Not that I expect any foundation to last 24, but if you label it as “super stay” and say that it’s a 24H makeup, then I expect to be able to get through a full work day with minimal maintenance.This foundation applies beautifully and has great coverage. The color match is good too, but unfortunately, it gets very patchy on my nose, forehead and chin after a few hours – embarrassingly patchy. I use primer with it as well as powder and Urban Decay De Slick, but the foundation disappears in the most uneven and unattractive manner.Maybe this works for people with no oiliness whatsoever, but if you have any oiliness at all, Estee Lauder Double Wear and Revlon Colorstay are better choices.

Angela Pound Ridge, NY

make up

This foundation looks nice on me but has kind of a heavy feel to it. It also does seem to make my skin a bit oily. Overall it is not a bad product for the price and does stay put.

Katy Swan River, MN


OMG. I cannot tell you how much I am in love with this foundation. It is non pore clogging and oil free! It withstands heat and sweat! See my video review/swatch that this link!![…]

Pearl Crandon, WI

good product

When I bought this, I was one of those foundation virgin lol.I’ve never bought one and since I was doing it online, I didnt pick the right shade for my skin color… it was lighter tan I expected but, I read that adding some yellow food color into it you can warm it up a Little and it worked wonderfully for me! the coverage is good and like it claims, it would stay not 24 but 10 hours.I’d buy this again, choosing the right shade next time 🙂

Latanya Mc Bee, SC


Would be better if I got the right color (x But it has good coverage! Wish it was a pump instead of a regular bottle, but still worth the buy. Will buy again (in the right color, next time)!

Amelia Chevy Chase, MD

the covering is amazing but the color is orange! T_T

it simply can be described as if you are wearing Chanel or MUFE. HD covering with beautiful only problem is that it looks orange on me which is kindda bad.if u have pale skin , definitely you want to try the lightest color there.IVORY completely is not an option

Susan Reno, OH

A Bit Cakey

It stays on for a long time but it feels a bit cakey and yet its so affordable compared to MAC or CHANNEL.

Sherry Moon, VA

Very nice foundation

This is a very nice foundation. Good value. Lightweight and dries quickly but delivers full coverage without that sticky feeling. Does seem to last all day, and does not make my sensitive skin break out. The Sand Beige is a nice neutral color, not too pink.

Deana Waurika, OK

Better than Revlon Colorstay!! Could it really be??

Sounds crazy, right?? Nothing is better than Revlon Colorstay for full coverage that lasts all day! HOWEVER, this Maybelline Superstay does everything it promises & more. I still can’t believe it. It is less heavy than Colorstay, yet the coverage is equal (full & very buildable.) The microflex technology also allows my face to breath a bit, unlike the heavier Colorstay. The Superstay fills in my large pores beautifully (rather than cake-like magnifying them w/Colorstay), it doesn’t transfer, & it lasts a good 18-hour work day with no need for touchups (other than an oil-blot here & there, but I have pretty oily skin.) And the Sand Beige #20 color is an absolute perfect match for my fair & pink undertone skin (but the Classic Ivory #30 was too dark.) The only product that this truly compares to is Cover Fx’s Total Cover Cream Foundation, which runs about $45 for .34oz. So the quality & value cannot be beat w/Maybelline Superstay. (I should also mention I was a huge fan of Maybelline’s Purestay foundation before it was discontinued last summer.) This Superstay did not cause any acne, breakouts, excess oil, or have any fragrance to it. For the price, give it a try – if you’re anything like me & need very full coverage that lasts (that is also oil & fragrance free), you’ve gotta try this!Color details can be found here: […]

Jana Malone, WA