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Maybelline New York Lots of Lashes Washable Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.43 Fluid Ounce

Lots of impact. Lots of style. Great lash lol’s exclusive great little grabber brush lets you easily reach all of your lashes to multiply their impact.

Key features

  • Lots of volume
  • Exclusive great little grabber brush
  • No clumps; No mess

Honest reviews


Wow! What a great mascara!

I’ve never been a fan of the Great Lash line. I found the wand/brush to not amplify my lashes the way that others do. Great Lash has been at the top of best lists as far as mascara goes for years. I decided that I would try it again since I had a coupon. I saw the Lots of Lashes type in the store and bought it. I just tried it and was amazed at how well it increased the size and volume of my lashes. I am used to using the types of mascara that have a ball type tip on the end, but those are usually quite expensive. I will continue to purchase this brand and type because it works just as well if not better and I only paid $3.00 with my coupon.

Marilyn Gloucester City, NJ

Worst Ever

I bought this after reading all the reviews and seeing how wonderful it was. I had high hopes and bought it at my local store. It is NOT worth it. At least not if you have thin lashes that are typically straight. I knew wet formulas could be bad for my lashes, BUT I have used others with a decent result so I gave this a shot. This made my lashes look like one giant lash, and like I painted IT ON WITH A PAINT BRUSH.Maybe I don’t know how to use the wand or just got a bad tube. But just be careful buying it, it’s very very wet. Thin lashes take caution.

Maricela Kerrick, TX

Really good go-to mascara!

Maybelline New York Lots of Lashes Washable Mascara is a good all-around mascara that I frequently find myself going back to over and over again. I love to experiment with different cosmetics, and I’ve used tons of mascara in lots of different brands and formulas. I can sincerely recommend this black mascara for day or evening wear. It washes off easily, yet it has pretty good staying power throughout the day. What more could you ask for?

Delia Salter Path, NC

Maybelline New York Lots of Lashes Washable Mascara

I chose the two star rating because the mascara made my eyes water all the time (sensitivity) and the mascara clumped up; in addition, I didn’t care for the design of the brush. I found it more difficult to get all the lashes covered with the small tip.I cannot recommend this mascara.

Rosalind Las Animas, CO

Go-To mascara

I use this mascara everyday. It gives my lashes a full look and for the price you cant beat it!

Edwina Wentworth, MO

Got it for the price and the ratings, but it really isn’t that great

This item clumps and does not go on smoothly. Spend the extra $3 for a different Maybeline mascara and avoid the clumps.

Geri Van, TX

Awesome Deal

This mascara is my favorite mascara, and I am so glad they sell it on Amazon Subscribe and Save. It is cheaper when you subscribe with Amazon Mom than if you buy the mascara at Walmart, it is so worth it.

Kenya Pierce, NE

My new favorite mascara!

I’ve used Maybelline Great Lash off and on for a few years. It worked pretty well, but I was never overly impressed with it. When I saw the new brush for Great Lash Lots of Lashes, I thought I’d give it a try. I’m so glad I did! This mascara really makes my lashes look long and thick. I love how the brush gets smaller toward the tip; the shape is perfect for getting outside of my lashes to fan out, while the skinny tip gets just the right amount onto the inner lashes without clumping. I also like how effortless this is to wash office. I don’t have to scrub and scrub, it comes off very easily.For $5.00, this is a great mascara. I was using a Clinique mascara and ended up liking this one way better! I recommend, especially if like me, you’re on a budget when it comes to beauty products.

Suzette Centralia, MO

It clumps.

It’s hard to find mascara that always goes on smoothly and comes off easily at the end of the time. This was disappointing.

Rosalind Belington, WV

Must discontinue use

I’ve been using this on and off since my teens. I love the way it makes my lashes look. But after switching brands, I realize my eye allergies due to contact lenses were actually eye irritations due to THIS MASCARA. Any time I wear it, after a week I can barely keep my contact lenses in through the end of the day, my eyes itch and burn, and eventually they feel scratched even when my lenses are out. I had always assumed I couldn’t wear contacts (one time a doctor told me I had horrible allergies that caused bumps on the inside of my lids, so he wouldn’t even prescribe me contacts!) Then, I switched mascara brands once to try a different one, and then lo I could wear contacts again. Thought maybe it was seasonal, until two years later I bought this again. Ahhh! My eyes are in so much pain! So sad because it really has a great look.

Gwen Inverness, FL

Great mascara — but watch for clumps

I love mascara and love to try new kinds. I’ve had several tubes of the "traditional" Great Lash mascara, but I wanted to try this one because I saw it has a new brush.As you can see in the picture, the brush tapers off. I know the idea is that you can use the small end to get the tiny lashes in the corners of your eyes.PROS: The mascara is very dark and thickens each lash, and maybe lengthens them a bit. I can get by with just one coat in the morning if I’m in a rush.CONS: I think the brush ends up being a huge problem. The brush has so many clumps of mascara on it when you pull it out of the tube. I figure that because the entrance of the tube is wide enough for the thickest part of the brush, it’s took big for the rest of the brush, so it doesn’t "rake" the excess mascara off the middle and end. As a result, I have to do extra work to prevent my eyelashes from clumping together.Overall, I would not buy this product again, because of the problems with the brush / clumping.

Kristin Marietta, MN


Bought it cause I thought the brush looks neat and it is! Its smaller and I like how the brush goes from tiny to large. Its not sticky and I even fell asleep in this and didnt wake up with my eyes sticking nor did I have the flaky crap all under my eyes. I did have the goop in my eyes but hey I fell asleep in my make up what would I expect!!! I like the tiny side because it gets into those corners easy no accidental slip ups over the side of the nose lol or was that just me. I did one coat and my lashes looked fantastic. Well defined and bought out more lashes. There isnt anything I dont like about this short wanded mascara maybe it couldve come with another/larger tube lol jk its great like it is and back to what I recognized most as a teen wanting to try mascara that green and pink tube!!! I wouldve thought theyd do away with it for good in favor of those new rounded odd shaped cute tubes but I like it easy to carry and cute

Francine Soudan, MN

Not even comparable to some of the mascaras that I have tried…I guess it’s good for drugstore brand.

I am an AVID makeup user and I don’t usually get makeup from drugstores, but I have seen this get so many great reviews for many many years so I just had to try it out. 1 Star for the brush shape 1 star for the price.Pros:•The price•I like the shape of the brush (not the quality)Cons:• When I try to wash this off my face, it never wants to come off completely. I always end up having to scrub my eyelashes which causes them to sometimes fall out.•This is not a thick mascara so if you like a bold look, I would look elsewhere.•This does not make your eyelashes really long and luscious, it feels heavy and I don’t see any volume.Overall, I wouldn’t buy this again, I’d rather spend $10 more for a higher end mascara. I did like the shape of the brush because it tapers and makes it easier to apply to short bottom lashes. I would recommend Two Face Lash Injection if you have short eyelashes like me (asian eye lashes). The truth is, I haven’t been able to find any drug store mascara that can compete with Two Face, Clinique or any other high end mascara that I have tried. I would recommend this product to someone who doesn’t have short eyelashes and doesn’t necessarily need to add volume or thickness to their lashes.

Ofelia Mooresville, MO

GREAT Product!!!

This is my newest staple. This was fun to apply,It wasn’t a long time between drying and re-applying. Never clump or made a mess. It made my eyelash look full and professional. The color did look very natural also it was very easy to correct any mistakes

Janelle Branchville, NJ

My Favorite!

By far my most used and enjoyed mascara. It goes on evenly and without clumps. The unique brush helps with hard to reach places. It lasts all day and looks great! I highly recommend. You don’t need the most expensive products for a great look!

Evangelina Lee City, KY

I did a double take and “whiplash” -really, why did I only try this now?

I rolled my eyes and said, “What the heck, for this price, why not…” I have been wearing other brands of mascara and price I pay does not always equal “latissed looking eyelashes” and I have had to live with those icky brushes that always makes me smear my mascara. When I opened this Maybelline tube, I laughed at the color and the weird shape of the brush but as I started to use it, I loved it! This is the bestEST best brush ever! It gets to the corner of my eyelids without smearing the mascara.I am happy with the mascara itself. I apply it at 7:30am and it is now past 5:00pm and I still look put together. It adds volume to my eyelashes and let us face it, those models in magazines are not only wearing mascara, they have extensions with mascara…I mean, come on, I saw a photo of a known model for a very well known brand without her mascara’ed lashes so lush it looks like they planted the Amazon on her eyes. My point is I am reasonable in my expectations-volume and definition of my own lash length and I am getting it with this mascara,without paying for expensive packaging and marketing. And amongst the choices out there, this is now going to be my mascara of choice. Wohoo! 🙂

Aimee Forest City, NC

Love it.

I really love this mascara and it is such a reasonable price I will defiantly keep buying it for sure

Lou Spiro, OK

Good, but flaky.

I really love the brush’s shape. The thin part makes it easy to really cover everything. Makes my eyelashes really pop. The only problem I have with this mascara is that it does get very flaky after just a few hours of wear.

Marion Walnut Hill, IL

Lots of Lashes- LOVE

I love this mascara. I always try other ones, then keep coming back to this one. The shape is perfect for getting the long lashes on the outside and small ones on the inside. It goes on smoothly, lasts all day. This does make my lashes look thicker, and longer. One of the girls at work said that I look like I could be in a Lash Blast commercial! (wrong company, but whatever!)

Kristen Secor, IL

love this mascara

I like using drugstore makeup and when it comes to mascara, I like somthing that doesnt feel heavy on my lashes or leaving clumps on them. thats why I loe this mascara. It isnt waterproof but it doesnt smude all over your lids, and is fluid enough to cover every single lash and make them look longer.I tried to switch to another mascara, but I’ll stick with this stuff for the Price and the amazing job it does on me

Georgia Leesport, PA

Took a gamble and I like it but don’t love it

I use a heavy amount of mascara and this product offers a more natural look. This does not clump, flake, and it is long wearing so all in all it’s a great product but not quite what I was looking for. I now use it on my lower lashes and went back to my lash blast for the rest. Definitely would recommend for a natural look or for those looking for a smaller wand for lower lashes only 🙂

Geneva Ralph, SD

Great For Getting Every Lash!

I have very long eyelashes, and one of the most important aspects for purchasing mascara for me is making sure every lash is coated and all lashes are separated. With the heart-shaped design of the wand, it does just that. The corners of my eyes look expanded, and each lash is evenly coated. The wand has a tight lid so that the extra mascara comes off in the lid, not on the wand or your eyelash, therefore making clumping on the wand and eyelash a non-issue.However, while this mascara does wonders for separation and distinction, it does nothing for volume or lengthening of the eyelashes. I find myself using a different mascara to create the volume, and then using this product to make sure the lashes are separated. I agree with other reviewers, this mascara tends to flake and smudge easily, and I end up making sure that the flakes do not smear. Yet, if you combine this product with another mascara, the flakes issue disappears.Overall, I’m in love with this mascara for the distinction and separation my lashes receive, even if I use another mascara as a base.

Latonya Hudson, SD

Good mascara, brush is not the best

The mascara is great. I had no allergic reactions to it. It washes off easily but does not run during the day if I sweat. It does flake a little after ten hours or so, but that’s great for cheap mascara!The brush it a bit poor though. It is difficult to apply this mascara without clumping, compared to other brush styles.

Rose Saginaw, MN

Not bad at all for under $5

I’m continuing with my quest to find a drugstore mascara that actually delivers what it promises. Maybelline Lots of Lashes is pretty good so far. The oddball applicator wand freaked me out at first, but it actually does a great job of coating every lash, even those hard to reach lashes in the corner of the eye. The mascara doesn’t clump or flake, but sometimes it makes my lashes stick together. Still, for under five bucks, I can’t really complain.

Juliana Grahn, KY


I used to used Great Lash in the 70’s but this brush is difficult to manipulate and the mascara chip off during the day. I still like their lash stylist, but it is hard to find.

Brooke Salt Rock, WV

Thick, dry and a dangerous applicator

This applicator is plastic. It hurt my eyelids when I applied it and gave me a huge scare when it kind of touched my eyeball. The prickly plastic makes this product dangerous and I think it could cause serious eye damage. I threw the applicator away and use an old great lash mascara applicator instead. Of course I didn’t have this product long since it dried out almost immediately.

Edith New Preston Marble Dale, CT

Don’t see what the difference…..

I don’t see the difference between this mascara and their other products. I tried keeping an open mind, but blah! It is cheap though….okay for work I guess.

Rosario Gallipolis, OH

love the brush

I love the brush on this mascara, it keeps the lashes separate. it does not clump like the last mascara I bought.

Traci Jackson, TN

Love the brush! Hate the flakes!

I love this little brush. It’s flexible and doesn’t ever clump when I pull it out the tube. The little bristles are great for getting those small “corner of the eye” lashes. It gives me significant length that I notice with one coat, and I need it. My lashes aren’t long at all, and it gives me the “stretch” I need in my lashes. I think one coat is enough, since it does go on thick (NOT clumpy) Volume is non existent, I don’t think that’s what this mascara’s claim to fame is. It’s very easy to spot in your make up arsenal due to the bright colors of the tube. And it’s a cheap and easy choice for a daytime/workday mascara. It washes off easily with warm soap and water.Now to the bad, This stuff probably has about 8 hours staying power before it starts to flake…badly. By the time I’m ready to take a shower for the night this stuff is all over my bottom lids. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for that nuisance. But alas, I have yet to find a mascara that doesn’t flake AT ALL. For the price, and the lengthening I would buy this again.

Valeria Alleene, AR

The formula is okay, the applicator….not so much

When I first saw the applicator for this mascara I was intrigued. I had hoped that it would apply smoothly and evenly since it is made of a rubbery type material and had all those tiny little delicate barbs. This was not the case for me. The applicator seems to grab too much mascara so that when you apply it, it just cakes your lashes together. Even wiping the tip with tissue to get off some excess product didn’t help, it was still just too much. I had to use a lash comb to de clump my eyelashes….it was awful. Once I got them brushed out a little bit though end result was okay. My lashes looked thick and really long. However, I am not sure if this is due to the product itself, or the massive combing I had to give my lashes. The thing I did like, is that in my opinion this washed off very easily. I didn’t have the heavy leftover residue that most mascaras leave behind that makes you look like a rabid raccoon. But this also makes me think if you get caught in the rain or shed a single tear this stuff would be all over your face. Overall I think this is just okay. I will probably use the rest of the product with a different applicator brush, but I most likely will not buy this again.

Luella Ovid, NY