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Maybelline New York Line Stylist-Carded, Onyx, 0.0010 Ounce

Line stylist eyeliner creates thin to thick lines without skipping, dragging, or pulling. It’s the ultimate, precise control in a pencil eyeliner. Safe for sensitive eyes, ophthalmologist tested, and contact lens safe.

Key features

  • Creates thin to thick lines with precise control
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Wears all day

Honest reviews


Horrible eyeliner

I hate this eyeliner! The tip makes it very difficult and awkward to make any sort of straight pprecise line on the upper lid. It breaks way too easy and crumbles. Will NEVER purchase this eyeliner again.

Allison Bagley, WI


I don’t know how this got good reviews. I like that it’s tiny for small lines….but you can make that look with any eyeliner if you are precise. I find this eyeliner to be a huge waste of money. Most of your products will be broken off or crumbled off. It’s very very weak. I am very precise and gentle and this will still break and crumble. I say save your cash skip this product and be more precise to make a small line with thicker eyeliners.

Deloris Caddo, OK

A nice eyeliner that is easy to apply, but streaks a little.

This is the eyeliner I use the most, and I like most things about it. It’s very easy to apply, and the applicator keeps the tip nice and thin without having to be sharpened. I mainly use it for a subtle shading of my lower lashline, and it does a beautiful job.I took off one star because, as another reviewer noted, it’s unfortunate that there is no way of telling how close you are to running out. Also, if there is any moisture on my face during the day due to perspiration or humidity, it will streak after several hours of wear (not dramatically, but noticeably). On the other hand, it is easy to wash off at night, which can be nice. Overall, I haven’t found a liner that I like better than this one.

Kristina Pierre, SD

Great Summer Look

This goes great with a Brownish Black mascara. It creates a very light natural look. It does contain a very slight shimmer which makes it perfect for everyday summer wear. That being said, this is not a very bold color such as black, but I think it still has a huge impact on my eyes because it is very natural looking. I rather wear this than black anyday. It glides on easily and lasts. It doesn’t run down my face or flake. It also comes off easily with face wash.I like that I do not have to sharpen this since it isn’t a ‘pencil,’ but I don’t like how I cannot retract the liner back. So when the pencil runs low I will have no way of knowing until it runs out.

Alyson Narragansett, RI

My go to

I have used tons of high end eyeliners and still come back to this one. I hate liquid and I love a thin line. This is perfect for me. There’s no sharpening involved, it simply rolls up and makes the thinnest line possible. I love basic black and that’s exactly what this is.

Tammy Centralia, PA

Very subtle, no drama here

If this color flatters you (I have an olive complexion) you can’t beat this for natural enhancement of your assets. I can apply heavily and achieve one effect or apply gingerly and look like I have great eyes with a no makeup look. This is not an extremely dramatic shade but it definitely enhances and flatters. Long lasting too!

Tiffany Timberville, VA

Bronze Gleam, Maybelline Line Stylist Eyeliner

Beautiful color, soft application, but my eyes look nicer with a darker definition to them than this color provides. If you are very fair skinned, and are a natural blond or ginger colored hair woman, you should definitely try this color. It would probably be awesome with brown, green or hazel eyed girls. My eyes are a darker hazel, which look great with this gold bronze shade, they just don’t pop enough for me though.

Judi Minden, LA

Decent eyeliner, but gone in a blink!

I only use a pencil eyeliner on my lower waterline, opting instead to let my eyeshadow or mascara do the talking, and even then I feel like I used this pencil up SO quickly! Maybe it’s just a matter of packaging, but I expect a long pencil to have more product in it. And yes, I know that it says it has 0.001 oz, I’m sure that’s accurate – I’m only speaking to the perception of the packaging and that you have no way of knowing it’s gone until it’s gone. By contrast, one of my other preferred pencils is 0.04 oz – that’s 40 times more product. Doing the math actually puts the price in perspective, as well – 40x more product for 3x the price…It still gets 3 stars because it does work well, draws a very thin and accurate line, and the color shows nicely. It does what it’s supposed to do. But the value isn’t there for me, and for essentially a travel size of product, travel size packaging would be better suited. It would be great in those out-on-the-town emergencies, and if nothing else would feel more honest for what you get.

Phoebe Woodman, WI

great eyeliner

I love this eyeliner. I bought it in espresso as well. It glides on smooth and does not break. The color is just what I wanted

Jade Fackler, AL

this is way better than MAC eyebrow pencil that i use

great repalcement for my MAC pencil and way cheaper and i have bought several for what i buy just one MAC pencil for… saving me tons. great price great seller love this pencil and it last all day will repurchase this item again if available.

Cora Mills, WY


Such a fine, controlled line. I keep going back to this product after trying so many other liners. A negative is that you don’t know how much is left, but still worth using. Really lands where I put it without smudging and bleeding; plus lasts all day long.

Rosalyn Milburn, KY