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Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Washable Mascara, Very Black 971, 0.22 Fluid Ounce

Now long lashes don’t have to be skinny. Only our dual action brush stretches as it thickens each lash for dramatic length and volume. Our rich cream formula adds the most seductive finish. Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist tested

Key features

  • Dramatic length volume
  • Dual action brush stretches as it thickens
  • Contact lens safe ophthalmologist tested

Honest reviews


Really good mascara

I really like this mascara, especially in comparison with the regular Lash Stiletto. The brush has a curve in it, which made it easier to work with on the lashes. The different brush also made my lashes have more volume, but still kept nice length. This is one of my favorite Maybelline mascaras. Depending on how many coats are applied, this mascara can be both natural and dramatic.

Pam Manset, ME

Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto

I purchased this product after watching a few reviews on youtube. I would not recommend this color black to anyone who is looking for a very dark black. The shade of this mascara is soft enough for every day use. I like the shape of the brush and it really seprates each of my lash. I love all of Maybellines product and I will continue to purchase there mascaras.

Greta Crivitz, WI

Great day time mascara.

This mascara is great for every day use. It definitely gave my lashes great length, but I accidentally order brown-black so it’s not quite as pigmented as a like for a night time look. I do use it as a base for a blackest black mascara and it works really well. The brush is just a regular spooly type brush which disappointed me because I tend to hate using them. But the formula itself is really great!

Lina Oregon, IL

Maybelline Mascara

This mascara is great! Does not clump, makes my lashes look longer, and is a great price. Would buy again!

April Theresa, NY


Normally mascaras just go on but don’t really give it a good pop, But this one makes my lashes noticeable and stand out I really love what it does.

Francisca Mantee, MS


This mascara is good for bringing out eyelashes but not creating a super dramatic look. It goes perfectly with eyeliner and lip gloss for a cute everyday look.

Helga Middletown, IA

You’d Think Stilettos Would Have Length

I tend to agree with some of the other complaints throughout the reviews. I have very long lashes, and they tend to get pressed together towards the ends of my eyes. When purchasing a product, I hope to have separation, length, and volume.First, this product claims to be “very black”. I’m of fairer skin, and I do think think this black is a very true, deep black like other mascaras are. In fact, the mascara tends to be soft in nature, which could be good if going for a less stark look.Second, when attempting to attain length and volume, I found that the wand was too simplistic. The bristles were short and not very separate in themselves. This tended to make the wand clumpy, both on the mascara wand and when applying the mascara to my eyelashes.Third, I didn’t like how quickly the mascara dried up and clumped to the wand. An average mascara lasts 2-3 months, and this one did not last that stretch of time by any means.I think that this mascara does in fact increase the length of the lash, but not to the degree of the claims on the product description. In order to get a true volume factor, more work is needed to attain an attractive curl and length.

Susanne Pemaquid, ME

best price anywhere

Ive been using this mascara for years I love it, but the best thing is the price, delivered very quickly . I’m totally satisfied.

Teri Elsie, KY

love it

love this mascara, it makes my lashes look really really nice makes them look as if I have fake lashes on. 🙂

Fran Friendswood, TX

It’s great!

I like it a lot. No clumps, no mess, and my lashes look like I got falsies on. Would buy more.

Gena Vinton, CA