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Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Washable Mascara, Brownish Black 952, 0.22 Fluid Ounce

The only mascara that does for lashes what stilettos do for legs. The grip and extend brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle. Eastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length. Pro vitamin b 5 formula conditions and smoothes for black patent shine. Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist tested.

Key features

  • Provocative length black patent shine
  • Grip extend brush coats from every angle
  • Contact lens safe ophthalmologist tested

Honest reviews


smells like roses!

First off, I have to say I LOVE the smell of this. It smells exactly like roses. I guess everyone wants that chemical smell in their mascaras, as the smell is one of the things I see most complained about. The smell doesn’t linger and you can’t smell it after a few minutes, so don’t worry if you don’t like the smell of roses.Anyways, the actual mascara is great! It doesn’t have much clumping, which I love, and gives VERY nice length, but without very much volume, but I can live with that. It didn’t really make my lashes “shiny”, but it certainly wasn’t a purely matte finish.You have to use it though, and quickly, within a month I noticed it would burn when I applied it, and the brush was getting worn-out. But that first month it was great, and I bought it again when it went bad.

Jenna Chester Gap, VA

Lengthens lashes, no color transfer, and easy to wash off.

I was almost out of mascara and came across this mascara so I decided to try it. The price tag was what really caught my eye, but that coupled with the positive reviews made it even harder to pass up. I tend to like Maybelline mascaras in general, and this is no exception. For how inexpensive it was, I was really pleased with the length it gave my lashes. It didn’t really thicken them that much, but the plus side to that is that it’s also not clumpy at all. Lately I’ve had trouble with mascaras that will transfer onto my upper eyelid/beneath my brow and I am happy to report that I don’t have that problem at all with this mascara. It’s also easy to wash off which I love. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite mascara by any means, but was really pleased with it and I would probably repurchase it.

Christa Cortland, NE

Horrible flaking!

Every once in a while I like to try a new mascara, so I decided to try this one. It went on nicely enough, but when I got to work I felt like I had something in my eye. I did! Hunks of flaky mascara. As the day wore on, my mascara wore OFF! By the time I got home from work, there was little to remove. I would not buy this product again nor would I suggest it to anyone.

Mindy Irwin, PA

Pretty Good

Received product on time and in good condition. I would buy from this seller again. The product is good. It does make my lashes look longer, however I wish it made them thicker. I will have to get another mascara that promotes thickening.

Deirdre Polk, PA

best mascara ever!!!

I just love the Stiletto line. This mascara can be layered to get some super long full lashes. No clumps! What I also like is that the color stays true and doesn’t become gray with use. I just love it and hope it doesn’t get dicintinued!!!

Tammie Cross Junction, VA

Nice mascara at a great price

I snagged this mascara for a great price (I think it was under three dollars!) I actually like it it has one of the older type wands (not plastic) and is long so you can reach all those hard to reach lashes. I would buy this again.

Teresa Garfield, WA

didn’t like it

It was a good deal since I purchased for 3 bucks but in this case you get what you pay for. Accidentily ordered in wrong color, doesn’t do anything for my lashes just makes them flake up. Maybe its because I’m use to high end mascara like Clinique or Lancome. Overall I didn’t like this mascara and definitely won’t be buying this again.

Lina Bullard, TX

No volume

This mascara provides no volume at all, and looks terrible on me. It separated my lashes so much that it looks like I hardly have any.

Susie Hadley, NY

Must Be Maybelline’s Idea Of A Joke

Maybelline has been doing some great drugstore Mascara’s so I have no idea why they would release this. It’s really just terrible. It adds no volume at all and clumps and flakes like crazy. If you want a Mayelline Mascara go with their tried and true Great Lash or even the newer Rocket both are wonderful. Leave this one behind.

Leanne Havertown, PA

Works good for me (a contact wearer)!!!

I wear contact lenses & have sensitive skin. I’ve had no problems with this mascara. It doesn’t seem to smudge or flake off, even at the end of the day. However, I’m not one to touch or rub my eyes, so if you do that you’ll probably need waterproof mascara. I like this soft black versus the darker black. It’s a better color for my light skin tone.To remove, I use eye makeup remover pads & it comes off quite easily. I would definitely recommend this product!

Lori Lolita, TX

Lengthened my lashes for sure

This mascara definitely lengthened my lashes. I liked the length, however, this brush is rather long and took a while to get used to. I also felt like there could be more volume. If you already have really thick lashes but need length then this would probably work. I have average lashes all around, so I need something that gives a little of both. This is a decent mascara, but I like Lash Stiletto Voluptuous better. It also has a somewhat strong smell, so if that is something that you dislike, then this mascara isn’t for you.

Mia Mogadore, OH


It was my first time trying this mascara and I love it. works really nice. Will definitely be buying again.

Tanisha Paisley, OR

My fave!

Love this mascara. Its the only kind ill use. Got all my friends to try it and they love it too. No clumps and stays on all day!

Mallory Rickreall, OR

no like

I’m not crazy about the design of the brush. Just leave the brush along and stop trying to change it. I only used this twice then threw it in the trash. It was cheap and now I know why.

Deirdre Footville, WI

A VERY Good Mascara…Almost a “One-Coat”

Maybelline Lash Stiletto has a brush that grabs just enough of the mascara that it really covers on the first coat! It is a good quality mascara or it wouldn’t be able to do this, either. The brush distributes the mascara without clumping the lashes together. They have a good deal more volume and look a good deal longer. This is one of the better drug-store brand mascaras I have tried. I recommend it.

Bernadette Ringling, MT

My lashes are not short but it still has a great length effect on me.

It does not flake easily, I think it lasts a good amount of the day. It is hard to review mascaras because I think not every product works for everyone. If you want something voluminous then no but if you want to achieve more length then yes this is a good product.

Caitlin Higganum, CT

One of the best I’ve ever used!

Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Washable Mascara in Very Black gives you a dramatic, smooth set of lashes. I’ve never experienced any clumps while applying and the totaly effect is fabulous. I was due for a new mascara and tried this one for the first time. I will definitely be back for more, because it didn’t smear, flake or run in the heat and humidity. It’s about the best you could ask for in a washable mascara!

Joann Gleason, WI

Not bad

I ordered this mascara as well as another different Loreal mascara because I just wanted to try something new. This mascara isn’t bad. I like it. It doesn’t leave my eye lashes feeling sticky as other Maybelline mascaras have. The brush is big enough for the top lashes and small enough for the bottom ones. It isn’t a volume mascara, but I did not purchase it for that in hopes that it would give my eye lashes these plumped, full figured appearance. I have found that with mascaras that claim to add volume, they start to clump after a few hours and I rather not deal with black specks in my eyes. Overall I like it. I think it will be perfect for the summer and hotter months since it is a more natural looking mascara.

Myrna Menasha, WI

Long lashes!

This mascara lengthens lashes, and stays on all day. I bought the non-waterproof version, but it rarely runs. Great purchase.

Josefa Swiftown, MS

NOT really the ULTIMATE mascara

MAYBELLINE LASH STILETTO MASCARA did not give me particularly long, vibrant lashes. The result after application was average, at best.My real dissapointment was that this product seemed to flake off during the day and leave little black flecks around my eyes that I constantly needed to brush away. I would also occasionally tear up, which had my husband asking me what was wrong. A reaction to the product, perhaps? Or just mascara falling in my eyes?I love other Maybelline products, but this one was disappointing. Back to Great Lash or Sephora for their own brand, which give much nicer results and no mess.

Robert Lake Forest, CA

Best Ever

This is great, it adds amazing length and seperates the lashes for a wonderful definition that anyone would want but I would say what really throws me off in a good way. Is it smells good. It goes on wonderful and can get the little lashes under your eyes. It is long lasting and you are not feeling crusty like some mascaras do as the day wears on. I love this and like I said not that it matters that it smells good but it does so bonus!

Lorie San Isidro, TX


came within a week and i love the way my lashes look. doesnt clump them up and the thin wand makes it very easy to put it on my lower lashes

Gladys Newcomb, NY

great lenghtening and easily removable mascara

My wife loves this. It lengthens her lashes.Goes on easily….she lets first coat dry and then puts on another…no clumping.Uses neutrogena make up removal and let sit for 15 seconds and the mascara comes off easily with a cotton ball.No greasy residue.

Ava Quay, NM

just ok

I was looking for my volumous mascara I’ve used for a long time now,But ran into this for a great price but all I can say is its okay I didn’t see much volume or length,but I gave it a try the price was great and the shipping was fast

Alisa Proctor, VT

Lengthened, but leaves spidey effect

Does a good job at lenghtening your eyelashes, but leaves a spidey effect to them. Not a very pleaseant look.

Katheryn Monroe, NH

it works

Maybelline makes wonderful products and this one is no exception. If you know what your doing this and the Clossal volum express can make you look like you have on flash eyelashes.

Millicent Thousand Island Park, NY

Lash Stiletto

I must say this is one of the best mascaras I have ever used. Other mascaras I have used in the past gave me eye infections or they would clump up too quickly, or they did not do what they said they would on the tube. This mascara goes on smooth and it separates my lashes. No clumping whatsoever. Really good product.

Tami Delavan, WI

makes lashes long.

makes lashes long. no volume to it though. I like long lashes, but I like thick lashes too, so I should have bought one that does both.

Rhoda Murchison, TX