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Maybelline New York Lash Discovery Waterproof Mascara, Very Black 361, 0.16 Fluid Ounce

Exclusive lash-catching mini-brush allows you to get hard-to reach lashes – from corner to corner, root to tip and the bottom, too. Lengthens and defines lashes. No clumps or globs. Contact lens safe and hypoallergenic. Waterproof; also available in washable formula.

Key features

  • Exclusive lash-catching mini-brush
  • Lengthens plus defines
  • Contact lens safe and hypoallergenic

Honest reviews


don’t buy it

If you thought it will change ,you are wrong.first the slowest shipped i have never seen .it take over a week.the mascara almost dry ,can’t use at all .

Isabelle Mount Liberty, OH

Not good

The brush itself it tiny (obviously), but the real problem I have with it is that there is practically no product that comes out on the brush. This means it takes me at least twice as long as usual to build up my lashes, and even then all I get is an extremely natural look. NO volume whatsoever, and if you apply it to your lower lashes you still can’t even see them. I’m all for the natural look normally, but this is just ridiculous. I think if the formula was wetter, and if more came out on the brush, it could be really good.

Valeria Menifee, AR

Frizzy and Flaky.

This is my first time to try a Maybeline Mascara.After Lancome’s new line of waterproof mascara failed me, I decided to try this cheaper mascara that received quite good reviews here…Frizzy and Flaky!Also, expect to loose tons of lashes while cleansing. (Even with your eye-makeup remover)Save your lashes.. Worst mascara I have ever used.Very disappointed.

Felecia Pleasureville, KY

I Tested About 40 Different Mascaras and This Was Favorite

The reasons I prefer it over others may be the exact reasons it is not everyone’s favorite.- It goes on cleanly – no clumps or bulkiness- Because it’s waterproof it doesn’t uncurl otherwise straight lashes that you just curled with an eyelash curler- It doesn’t flake off into my eyes during the day- The shorter brushes on the wand make the mascara a lot easier to apply to your lashes and avoid brushing onto your skin- Inexpensive enough that you don’t mind replacing it every three months like you are supposed to.I want my lashes to be visible but look natural. This mascara is not for Tammy Faye Bakers of the world.Addendum 4/20/13 – Just bought a tube at Walmart today and paid almost $2 more for it than it is selling at Amazon.

Lucille Washington, LA

great mascara

I am not a makeup junkie so I have to rely on other reviewers to find out good products. So after reading good reviews I decided to give it a try. And I should say that I am happy with it. It’s very lite on lashes & lasts for a long time. The small brush works really well for me. My only complaint is that it’s hard to wash it off. I use good quality makeup remover & not cheap ones. My all other makeup cleans up right away with that remover except this mascara. I have to wash it 2 time to remove it. Otherwise a great product.

Melba Monroeville, PA

Tiny brush

The premise is you use this for your itsy-bitsy lower lashes. I think it was a little dry coming out of the tube, but you can’t beat that tiny brush for little lashes.

Tessa Ponder, TX

very dry as if it’s been sitting somewhere for too long

The package arrived sealed and the product is not tempered. However, after I opened it, it seems the product has been sitting somewhere for too long and it’s very dry – like the mascara that you’ve been using for a couple of month and it’s time to throw it away…The wand is very good – very slim and good for sparse lashes! I may have got a bad batch that’s been laying around for too long.

Jasmine Littlefork, MN

My new favorite! for upper and lower lashes!

I originally got this for my lower lashes after a friend revealed to me that you are in fact supposed to put mascara on your lower lashes. who knew. anyway, the brush is terribly tiny, and i love it. it defines without clumping together, the small brush seems to coat each hair, not not 5 or 6 at a time. it’s a very natural look on upper lashes. nothing flashy, just enough enhancement to look GREAT! on lower lashes it does just as well. defining your lashes without clumping or looking obvious.

Juliana Milton Freewater, OR

Great mascara for shorter lashes

I went through a period where my bottom eye lashes were very short and it was hard to put on mascara with the regular mascaras. I saw a review on this and decided to try it. I am happy I got this in water proof because I don’t think the regular would have lasted. Most regular mascaras end up flaking off in hours. The wand for this mascara is awesome. It feels like I was combing through each eye lash and was able to place the product evenly. It gives the lashes such a nice and long appearance.

Aurora Rossiter, PA

Great for fine lashes

No clumping and good coverage. Stays on ’til you take it off. I’ve subscribed to make sure I never run out.

Aileen Bandana, KY



Ethel Circleville, NY

Great mascara!

This is a great mascara! I love the small applicator brush because I can use it to get to the smallest of my eyelashes. The mascara goes on well, lenghtens and thickens, and stays in place. I love this mascara!

Mai West Jefferson, OH

Very tiny brush

The mascara itself is great, but the brush is so tiny. Its great for those hard to reach lashes and lower lashes, but overall I wish the brush wasnt so tiny.

Eleanor Centerville, LA

Estee Lauder convert

My lashes are long, thick but unfortunately straight I only use the mascara to highlight them and keep them curled after using the curler on them.I have been using Estee Lauder¡s product for but a friend insisted this is just as good. Estee¡s mascara is $20+ for a new tube. I figured I have only $5 to lose if this works just as well.I¡m impressed. I really like this product. I now own both the regular and waterproof. No clumping or flaking.Cannot believe I¡ve been paying for Estee Lauder all these years when this works just as well for me. The only negative is I really dislike the tiny, hard brush and prefer Estee¡s brush but for this price I can definitely get past that.

Robin Myrtle Beach, SC

Like the wand

But the product itself is a bit too dry and doesn’t give the lashes much volume or length… I will give it that it separates the lashes quite well though!

Reva Manning, IA


This is my holy grail of mascara! Love the small brush that gets every lash. No clumping and it stays put until you take it off.

Tamera North Las Vegas, NV

The ultimate mascara

I’ve usedMaybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara, Soft Black #955since it’s debut a few years back. It’s always done the job but I wanted to switch things up a little. I read all of the stellar reviews and decided to give this a try. Maybelline Lash Discovery is a true winner. With the smaller brush you can get in those pesky inner fine lashes and extend the outer lashes. I have naturally long eyelashes and it defines, extends and separates with precision. Needless to say I tossed my Lash Stiletto, this is my new favorite mascara.

Olga Amawalk, NY