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Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Protector Finishing Powder, Buff Beige, 0.32 Ounce

Instant age rewind protector finishing powder with anti oxidant goji berry goes beyond basic powder, helping to fight the signs of aging as it delivers flawless looking skin. Weightless formula feels comfortable and doesn’t dry out, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Broad spectrum sunscreen with spf 25 provides protection against uvb and uva radiation that cause signs of aging. Glides on smoothly and evenly. Oil free and fragrance free.

Key features

  • With SPF 25 and anti oxidant goji berry
  • Helps fight the signs of aging as it delivers flawless looking skin
  • Glides on smoothly and evenly

Honest reviews



Even though I’d never used it before, I bought this powder because it was on sale for a really good price. It’s okay….it does what it’s supposed to do, it just doesn’t do it as well as my usual finishing powder does.The compact is oddly set up, it opens on the top to reveal the powder and on the bottom to reveal the mirror so actually using the compact’s mirror is awkward. It’s nice that the mirror doesn’t get all powdery but I could totally see myself getting powder on my clothes or something if I was trying to powder my nose while out & about, particularly if I’d had a drink or three. For that reason it stays in my makeup bag at home even though the compact is small and would travel more easily than my regular brand of powder does.Also, if you buy this powder you might want to buy a shade darker than what you usually do. I bought the “creamy natural” for light skin which is almost exactly the same name as the shade I buy in my regular brand of powder and as far as I could tell from the pictures, it appeared to be exactly the same shade as my regular stuff. Then when I actualy applied it I was a bit surprised at how pale (or how much paler, I am of Scots-Irish descent and not a huge fan of the sun so I tend to stay somewhere between “Casper the friendly ghost” and “Borg continuum”) it made me look. It was wearable, it’s just that people kept asking me if I felt alright or if I needed to bite them on the neck or something.I do like using it on the area under my eyes, my cheekbones, forehead and chin after I have applied my regular finishing powder. It looks very nice when applied that way but all by itself it doesn’t cover as well and makes me look as though I put my makeup on shortly after arising from the grave.I did receive it on time, it arrived on the last day of the estimated delivery dates I was given. It was packed appropriately, arrived in perfect condition and was exactly as it was in the pictures and description provided by the seller. I would definitely buy from this seller again, but probably not this product.

Beryl Riviera, TX

Great powder to set makeup or concealer

Works perfectly to set liquid foundation. Use to get rid of shine as well. I use a foundation brush, tap it on this product and then tap all over my face. It really is the finishing touch to setting makeup.

Dionne Pella, IA

Nice powder

Bought this because I heard it was a dupe for MAC MSF Natural. Not an exact dupe, but it’s pretty close. The compact itself is smaller than I thought it’d be (not as big as MAC). The finish of this is not satin like MAC. Its more matte than anything. However for the price I paid for this, it is a nice powder. You can use a little concealer and this powder and your skin will be evened out enough for daily use.This particular seller didn’t really use any packing material to prevent the products from being damaged, other than using a small bubble mailer. Luckily mine weren’t damaged, but the next person who orders this may not be as lucky.

Jacklyn Standard City, IL


I really like this powder! it goes on smooth, stays on, not heavy, and it looks really well, the shade matches and blends well, I can wear it with or without foundation, and it still covers well, and looks very nice. I have already ordered more of this product! I have been using it for a few weeks, along with some other age rewind products, im not sure if the age rewind works other than on the under eye product, which I have used a lot longer, and can say that I can tell a difference in that area, but I am telling a slight difference in my skin, and it doesn’t break my skin out, which a lot of products do, which is great, and I really like the way my skin is now, so I do recommend this product!

Corine Middletown, NJ

wonderful coverage

…i was a little concerned that this would be a good purchase because of the price…at 90 cents there had to be something not right but i was very pleasantly surprised. thank you for doing business. great coverage….product came quickly …and in awesome shape.

Della Vichy, MO

not so good…

I don’t know how other ppl liked this, but it’s just barely covering, not spreads well, not smooth. Even color is not so good. Especially puff is not soft, too tough and doesn’t spread the powder throughout the skin. I don’t like it at all.

Phoebe Barnet, VT


Все было очень хорошо упакован. Порошок очень приятно качества. Очень естественные цвета. Моя кожа цвета, не очень яркая, не темно, и этот цвет мне идет. Если у вас темный цвет лица, вы не хотите, чтобы этот цвет. Я очень счастлива с покупкой. Рекомендую всем.

Dorothea Jewell, KS

Very pleased

This leaves a beautiful matt finish without being cakey. It comes with a "puff", but I use a brush to apply it instead. The only thing I would change is that it’s a bit difficult to open (in my opinion).

Julie Rock Point, AZ


I only use this specific makeup and color. I love the way it looks and feels on my face. I usually get it at walmart but when I seen it here for $4 I just knew it was a steal. Not to mention I received it in 3 days. Thanks

Paulette Swainsboro, GA

love this….

This age rewind powder is the best, it covers well without looking like I have tons of make up on.

Adriana Rathdrum, ID

pretty good

i got this for my mom, i swatched it as soon as she opened it and i liked it, the texture is nice and the color is great.

May Mentor, MN

Isn’t Matte Enough

I wish they would make this without the illuminators they put in so many power products these days.Once you get over 45 or so, it’s nice to have a softer matter look on the skin and this product mademy skin look more ruddy (not that smooth) and seemed to accentuate the negative. Not a good look foran older person but for a younger person who wants coverage with the highlighter side effect, thenit’s good.Also, it would be good to have a liquid powder or powder foundation with the 20 SPF or more in amatte finish.

Billie Piney River, VA

Good powder, aweful pad

I bought this for my sister, she really likes the powder because it covers a great deal, but the applying pad is awful! really bad quality.

Wanda Lumpkin, GA

Hard with an unpleasant scent.

I purchased this a few months ago because it was a great (price) deal and I wanted to get it for some of the teen girls I work with. Every time I gift something, I also get one for myself. I tested it and didn’t even try to put it all over my face. It isn’t powder, it’s just hard. It also doesn’t have a pleasant smell. I don’t know if it’s just the few I received, if they were old or what. I’m a little hesitant to re-purchase in store for this reason.

Carlene Bakersville, OH

by valviolet

I gave this powder two stars because even though the coverage was natural and light,after about two hours the powder seemed to disappear from my face.

Brianna Itmann, WV


the powder sits well on my mature skin and does its job well will continue using this brand for a long time completely satisfied

Alberta Joliet, IL

good finishing powder

I love this product. the color fits my skin color very well. The price is affordable. The result is perfect when I use it after applying liquid foundation. I will purchase it again.

Aline Stonyford, CA

No coverage

There is barely any coverage at all but it still gives some sort of finishing touch. Id recommend it maybe.

Cathleen Rives Junction, MI


Item got to me really fast so I was happy about that. I really like it. Works really well and the price is cheap also. So ill most likely be purchasing this again.

Mona Malabar, FL

Not so great

I moisturize my face daily and after that when I apply this it still comes on a little cakey. I expected a smooth better concealed finish. Also I hate how the pad to apply the powder is kept in a different compartment than the actual powder, it is not easily accessible at all. I will not be buying it again.

Selina Knoxville, IA

like it

On of the best pressed face powders I have bought. I recently bought a cover girl pressed face powder for $9 and it’s about the same quality.

Claudine Siler, KY

I love this product

I put on a bit of blush and under eye concealer than apply this finishing powder. It makes my skin look lovely without looking like its caked with product. I also appreciate the SPF protection.

Christy Hundred, WV

As good as deluxe brands

This is a diamond in the rough. I have used expensive brands from Sephora, still come back to this. I use to set my makeup, just a slight whisper of color, matte, doesn’t make me break out.

Delores Scranton, KS

Great product.

I’m very happy with this purchase, and very happy with the price. It looks flawless on the skin as long as you’re hydrated and exfoliated. It smells nice and has a very light finish.

Gilda East Waterford, PA

Love !

Love this powder for setting especially the under eye area! It has some slight but very minimal shimmer to it but that helps diffuse light and diminish wrinkles.

Tara May, OK

Good Product

I was skeptical as I tried most makeup compacts and would end up broke out at the end of the day with most powders. Very good price for a product that I will definitely buy again and the coverage is light and sheer makes it nice to wear.

Mollie Madison, WI

When you put this on over makeup or alone it STAYS on for 7-8 hours.

This is nice and silky and I use over age rewind foundation. I get a professional studio look in minutes that lasts all day. When you open the botton, Surprise a Mirror and quality puff so I can take it with me if I need to touch up. I live in Florida so this is a must have.

Shelly Conway, AR

Looks better when used alone.

I bought it because I read the ratings and is a nice product alone. But when I wear it over my Neutrogena shine control foundation with 20 spf it tends to cake or crack. So I tend to use it alone and it is a really nice.

Lorna White Deer, TX

Pretty good!

Not too pigmented, and takes a lot to get it on a brush… but it does the trick of "finishing". Makes my liquid foundation feel much less liquidy. 🙂

Sierra Anderson, MO

Very nice ^^

The shipping was fast and it’s a cute little compact. It comes with a small pad for the powder and a mirror in the bottom half, the top holds the powder.It’s very light and doesn’t cake on. It has little coverage but takes care of shine and gives a nice smooth finish. Overall very nice for only $3

Jill Woodhaven, NY