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Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer, Clear, 0.85 Fluid Ounce

Instantly create a perfectly smooth canvas for ideal makeup application with instant age rewind primer skin transformer. Lines, wrinkles, pores and imperfections appear to instantly vanish in just one step. Enhances skin’s radiance. Subtle pink tint for a youthful glow

Key features

  • Prepares skin’s surface for makeup application
  • Smoothes imperfections
  • Helps reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, pores

Honest reviews


It is a good primer but for special occasions, buy a more expensive brand

To make makeup last and look good, primer is a must. I’ve triedSmashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer 1oz/30mlandPhilosophy Supernatural Poreless/Flawless Tinted Primer, SPF 15, 1.6 OunceandCover FX Clear Prep FX. All of these other primers are more expensive than this Maybelline product. My assessment is that for most days, the Maybelline product would be a good product to use and even beats out several other expensive primers.It is best to apply the Maybelline primer and then wait several minutes to apply makeup. The primer makes skin feel smooth and can create a good canvas for makeup application. Is it the best primer? No. I don’t think the Maybelline product lasts as long as other primers and my makeup doesn’t feel as stable. I think Cover FX is a better primer that lasts longer and creates an even smoother surface but the cost necessitates that it be used for special occasions only.Smashbox’s primer is almost on par with the Maybelline primer. The worst primer I have ever used was Philopshy’s Supernatural Poreless (and I love most Philosophy products). It required many minutes before I could apply my makeup and it made my skin feel disgusting.I would recommend this Maybelline product.

Maura Thornton, TX

Feels so smooth on, makeup looks more radiant, no irritation so far.

I ordered this based on all the good reviews here, and so far I must say the positive buzz is deserved. (I’m a skin, beauty and product junkie and an amateur makeup artist, so I am always looking for good products at any price point.)I was going to go and get my usual Korres primer (which is expensive but kind to skin), but decided to try this one.I liked it so much I went out immediately to the local drug stores to get a larger size, and imagine my surprise when it wasn’t available! So I came back here and re-ordered in case it is discontinued (which seems to happen to some of the beauty products I love). I checked CVS, Ulta and Target, and none of those places carried it. So I came back here to order.I have really irritable skin, and so far no bumps or reaction.I have what is called ‘normal’ skin, neither oil nor dry. I like the way it makes my skin feel after I put it on. It’s velvety soft, and I also appreciate that aside from making my foundation go on smoother, it provides a barrier between the foundation and my skin.

Isabella Gove, KS

Not for oily skin

I bought this based on all the good reviews….is a decent primer but WAY too greasy for anything more than bone-dry skin. I chucked, got 80 million zits from it.

Clare Burbank, SD

Seems to work much like Smashbox primer

So, I have to say, once I found primer, I said this is the definate way to go when applying make up, especially if you life in a humid climate or even if you want your foundation to stay on all day long. I will have to say I love Smashbox primer, and if you are looking for just the basic primer, this is the way to go. The texture is the same, and it will help your foundation glide on, and then stay put. While I can’t speak to if it decreases little lines, as I didn’t see much of a difference, I can tell you my foundation can make it through a good 12 hours now in a hot and humid climate, and for 1/4 of the price of most department store primers, this is going to be in my make up bag from now on.

Margot Thompsons Station, TN

Feels Greasy…

I have never tried primer before, so maybe it is supposed to feel this greasy, I dont know. It did not erase any lines, visually it made no difference at all. Your skin never absorbs this stuff, it feels a lot like you are slathering vaseline on your face. After you have applied your make up, if by chance you touch your face or brush something against it, it smudges very easily, due to the texture. It does hold your make up on though, resists humidity and moisture, and makes it last a long time. This is half of what its supposed to do, so thats why I give it 3 stars. By the way, the age rewind eraser from this line is fabulous! Its only this product ive had no luck with.

Daphne Oldwick, NJ

A Little Greasy at First

Patience is a virtue with this one, as it feels a little greasy when first applied, but after letting it soak in for a few minutes, it feels more like a light powder. It seems to work nicely at keeping my makeup in place, though it isn’t good enough to earn my undying allegiance.

Leann Cedar Bluff, AL


Gives my skin a silky, smooth feel before foundation. This is not greasy, messy or smelly. It absorbes nicely with no flaky residue and is not sticky. Also, it does not make you look shiny. Feels like satin on your skin.

Virginia Moody, TX

Great under your foundation

I bought this even after some reviewers talked of it flaking off. I didn’t have that problem. I always put on a moisturizer first then the primer and some days a foundation, some days not. I have dry mature skin and found this not to detract from my moisturizer and certainly added to the ease in applying a foundation. I am wondering if the folks who had the flaking issue either didn’t use moisturizers as I do or as I have experienced with other primers if you do your hair with mousse or spray it then put on a primer there is an overspray or application of the hair products on your skin and this can cause the flaking.

Marcy Ames, NE

amazing for the price

I didn’t know that using a primer would really help minimize fine lines. For the money you can’t go wrong! I haven’t tried another primer under my foundation but I am really pleased with how this one works! I am 42 and I think I will continue using a primer under my foundation for now on! It makes a difference!

Deena Winter Haven, FL


The primer feels nice, it does leave a little matte finish, can’t say I notice a difference when I put makeup on over it. You can’t have high expectations of wrinkles “diminishing”. When using, try to avoid the eyebrows, it does leave “chalky” like residue.

Serena Wausaukee, WI

Goes on Smoothly – a little goes a long way!

I have just started using this primer. I find that I only need to apply a small amount and rub it in and continue the process on my cheeks, forehead and chin. It “glides on” easily. I notice that it does make my skin turn red initially, but any initial skin irritation goes away quickly. It feels really good on the skin and gives my skin a satiny feel.I have no trouble with chalkiness or greasiness with this product. The transparent gel feels light and dry on my skin.I have been using Maybelline dream mousse foundation with sponge applicator and this seems to be a good combination. I still need a little powder for removing shine, but other than that I see good, but not too heavy coverage from using both products. I have fairly ruddy, splotchy cheeks and I am able to diminish the redness fairly easily.

Alexandra Coahoma, MS

Truly skin transformer! Best primer I’ve tried !!!

Can’t begin to describe how much i love this primer!!!! I bought it because of the raving reviews I saw online and i have to agree with every single one of them! This primer miraculously transform your skin into a smooth flawless canvas, it seals your pores and turns your skin into a baby soft texture! The best primer I’ve used! Even better than high end ones! Definitively a keeper, must-have!

Ollie Hohenwald, TN

Seemingly just like Smashbox Photofinish

I say ‘seemingly’ because I have no way of knowing if the ingredients/properties/etc are identical to the Smashbox variety – but I can tell you that this much cheaper Maybelline brand version works remarkably the SAME way as the overpriced Smashbox version. I use this everyday after my daily moisturizer and before my foundation application and it does create a much smoother base and a more glowy finish. Save your $ and go with this one – there are so many more important make-up items to go broke over than primer! — like a nice BB cream!

Casandra Chester Heights, PA

Not for Oily Skin

I’ve been using this primer for about a week now. At first, I used a little bit and it didn’t seem to work – my makeup still looked cakey throughout the day. So I found a video and decided I needed to use a little more. It felt kinda greasy-feeling on my face, did seem to kinda blur my imperfections. My makeup did glide on, but the primer doesn’t really help the makeup “stay put” all day. In fact, the makeup seems to rub off easier because it’s on a greasy layer that’s on my skin. I don’t feel I can touch my face without every little touch rubbing off some makeup. When I take my sunglasses off, there’s makeup on them and I didn’t have all that before using the primer.*Now after having used the product for about 3 weeks, I’ve had to stop using it. I have started to break out on my face and I am now not using makeup at all to get my face to clear back up. If you have oily skin do NOT use this product! It’s not going to do what you need it to.

Georgette Carthage, TX

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer

It’s ok, but I believe you get what you pay for. I find the Prime Time product I’ve used in the past is a better primer.

Billie Madras, OR


This stuff is the bomb 🙂 it really holes in the sweat and oil and left me with a Duey look after all day use so I am just loving This product….

Ollie Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Five Stars

Goes on nice and helps foundation look flawless

Ila Zearing, IA

Well I can see the silicone

When I apply I can actually feel and see the silicone spreading all over my face. It doesn’t produce any significant difference in terms of pore camouflaging or smoothing up the complexion. It’s just an OK primer to me.

Chris Westminster, SC


its an okay item. that all I can say. wont buy it again. not worth the money. couldnt tell enough to say something good about this item.

Sonya Oak Grove, MI

OK Product

I do like the texture of this when I apply it but not sure it’s doing all that much for my face. And I suppose I didn’t read the product description well enough, but I thought a primer would have some color to it but this is clear. I guess it is supposed to allow my foundation to go on smoother but my moisturizer does that, too. So yes, it does what it says, I guess, but I probably won’t be ordering it again.

Carissa Moss Point, MS

Thick, stays kind of goopy

I got this after seeing all the good reviews here. It’s really thick, I’m 29 and could honestly use a thinner formula. It’s so thick that when I put makeup over it, it stays kind of goopy, like it slides around. It caused my eye makeup to smudge on my upper and lower eyelids, for example.

Andrea Chatham, MA

Shocked how much I love it

I bought this based on the glowing reviews and I think this product lives up to them. To be fair, besides samples from Sephora, this is the first Primer I have ever used. I give it glowing accolades because last month, I spent two grueling days in the sun in Grant Park in Chicago. It was hot and usually my makeup would have melted off of me. This, paired with barely any makeup had my face even and glowing in a noticeable way in pictures where everyone else is sweaty, shiny and dewy.Paired with makeup, this product makes me feel better about wearing makeup. As a late 30-something woman who loved wearing makeup as a teenager, I find that the older I get, the worse I look in makeup. Frankly, that is fine, but there are times I want to wear a bright eyeshadow or lipstick and somehow when I see it put together, it kind of looks old and clown-like. When I wear the primer under my makeup, it cleans the lines and smooths the face to really bring out and smooth things. Makeup trends look much more tightly executed. For it’s price, it’s a great product and I will continue to use it. For the record, I have tried Smashbox and Laura Geller, both were too thick for my liking. Also–you have to apply this product with your fingertips or with a brush. If you rub it in your hands, you will be like, “Hey, where did it go?” and your hands will be really smooth. 🙂

Arline Dixie, WV


This is a great primer for your foundation. It is a little greasy so if you have dry or moderate skin this is perfect for you!

Geneva Ashdown, AR

great! but lasts about 6 hours

I really like this primer. It’s very affordable and looks wonderful. Only 4 stars because it lasts about 6 hours and I wish it lasted 8 – 10. But it makes makeup look fantastic and is one of the cheapest primers out there.

Nola Saline, MI

Great product!

I love this primer. It goes on smooth and feels so soft after applying. My make-up goes on real well after I put this primer on. I will absolutely buy this product again.

Bianca Castalia, OH

great product

This is a good primer for your regular makeup for a good price. It is clear, and feels nice on my face, and really helps my makeup go on easier. I have been using it for a while and will continue to do so.

Ellen Reynolds, GA

The Perfect Primer!

I’ll write my review in list formSmell: A teensy Tiny smell to it, just the regular makeup smell.Not fruity or anything like that.Smells like foundation.Price:ExcellentApplication:Goes on silky smooth,Has a light pink color to it.Makes foundation go on really easy.It does exactly what it says it is going to do.

Alison Line Lexington, PA

not very effective for my skin!

this is not a good product for my skin after applying makeup looks bright, I prefer my previous first. not recommended for very oily skins because not many hours long makeup. good packaging good time of arrival.

Pearl Clifton Heights, PA

Best Makeup I Have Ever Tried!

I purchased this primer along with the matching foundation in cocoa and I have to say that this is the best blended, natural looking combo I have ever found. This makeup stayed on my face from morning to night as I went to a wedding in 80 degree weather and a very hot church. By the time I got home from being out all day sweating it looked like I had just applied my makeup. I think this is a great investment and to think I purchased the primer and the foundation as a splurge product! I am a very happy customer!

Joann Colfax, ND

A bit pricey but it is a part of my arsenal.

Usually makeup sticks to my skin just fine, but when I havent had enough sleep or water it becomes really dry. On top of that after I take a shower in the morning after a night of no sleep, the skin would be extra dry. But those are the mornings/days that I REALLY need makeup in order to face the world.This is where this primer comes along. Mind you I havent used other primers, this is my first primer. Basically I feel it acts like a moisturizer and it helps my makeup cling to my face better especially if its dry/not behaving well. I hope it stays around for a long time because I have considered it already a part of my growing makeup collection.This is kind of gel form, it feels oily but it doesnt shine on your face. My face is dry so I assume that is why it works for me. It is "age rewind" so maybe this primer is best suited for us mature ladies (in my early 30s) and for ladies who have dry skin.

Mona Leggett, CA