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Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup, Medium Beige 300, 0.68 Fluid Ounce

Instantly erase fine lines, creases and age spots with nstant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup, the first anti-aging makeup combining a patented micro corrector applicator and a breakthrough formula with active ingredients. Patented micro corrector applicator micro-fills and smoothes imperfections on skin’s surface. Super concentrated formula with goji berry and collagen tightens and improves skin elasticity. SPF 18 helps protect skin from sun damage. Clinically proven effectiveness, based on a clinical study.

Key features

  • Super concentrated formula with goji berry and collagen tightens and improves skin elasticity
  • Micro-corrector applicator micro-fills and smoothes imperfections
  • SPF 18 helps protect skin from sun damage

Honest reviews


Lack of Shades

I was really hoping to like this product, but as a woman of color, with brown skin, the range of shades offered is beyond disappointing. I tried the darkest shade available, which still ended up being about 10 shades too light. It’s quite upsetting when companies forget that there are a vast range of skin tones. If you offer a shade called “medium”, why not offer a shade called “dark”?Aside from that, the product consistency and coverage was just “ok”. A little goes a long way. I made the mistake of twisting the cap a few too many times when 1 or 2 is enough.

Sonia Register, GA

looking for something like the old moisture whip foundation maynelline made in the late 70 and early 80’s any help please?

I am looking for the old maybelline moisture whip foundation does anyone around my age remember that..when I was younger this was the only foundation I wore and I loved it ..they stopped making it or I think someone else took it over. Now that I am almost 50 I need that moisture on my dry mature skin would love to find it again..I bought this thinking it might be similar its a good makeup just would like to find that old stuff

Erin Arthur, NE

Worst. Foundation. EVER. Period.

This is the worst foundation that I’ve ever tried, in the sense of application. The sponge makes it hard to control the product and leaves you with a cakey finish. Its not practical, and its pretty bad. Plus, bacteria often collects in sponges. You really want to be rubbing that on your face? Trust me. Dont.

Tracy Salem, IL

Not entirely sure what it was supposed to do

But all it DID do was leave my face looking streaky. Maybe it was user error, maybe the tone was too dark… but there was no ‘erasing’ whatsoever.

Enid Maysel, WV

Another fan

Because of the mixed reviews, I wasn’t sure what I would get when I ordered the product. I’m really happy with it. I lucked into the right shade. I use the applicator to apply dots around my face, then use my fingers to blend. It goes on very evenly and stays on throughout the day. I’ve even used it as an under-eye cover–once blended, it doesn’t cake into my eye-wrinkles. It also seems to add a bit of luster to my face. I like it so much, I’ve bought another one to keep in my purse for touch ups. (FYI-I have dry, over-40, pale skin, and this works for me.)

Marisa Ryan, IA

instant age rewindet

I love this makeup. It would cover so good without feeling heavy and thick. You could put it on as little or a lot.

Leticia Highwood, IL

Just O.K.

As other people have mentioned this foundation can be quite greasy feeling when you first put it on. Now that it is fall I think it will be fine, but I would hesitate to use it in the heat of summer. I think it would make my skin too oily. Although it is a little greasy, it does rub in quite easily. I have tried other foundations that were less greasy, but were really hard to blend. I would say that it has light coverage as it did not cover my dark spots. I have to use a powder over top of this to cover the spots. I do like the sponge applicator which makes it easy to apply. I didn’t really notice any difference in covering fine lines and wrinkles, however I do like the fact that it has SPF 18. Overall, I will keep using it until I find something I like better.

Gwen Mayo, MD


Esta base me encanta. Queda perfectamente esparcida sobre la piel. Tiene una muy fácil forma de usarse y perdura en la piel durante todo el día. A mi me encanta y desde que me recomendaron la base no he dejado de usarla. La recomiendo pero sepan escoger bien el color según su piel.

Cecile Big Pine Key, FL


This is a must have as it is good for concealing any blemishes that are on the face. Will buy again.

Kathi Milford, IN

Not for everyone, but awesome when it is.

I have combo skin and I love it. Doesn’t settle in creases, invisible, skin look radiant and natural…I do need my hands to spread it around evenly though – the sponge is just an applicator to me (and the suggestion of a smaller one on the other end is great). It’s a bit runny but it dries quick for a flawless finish.Not sure I’d suggest powder over it (but i no longer need it with this.)Great product, great price. Go for it.=======================================UPDATE: Skin broke out after 5 days of use. BAD. REALLY BAD. I’m sensitive but we’re talking RASH here, and clogged oil, the works. So bummed. HOWEVER, I doubt this is the product per se, but more my aversion to liquid foundations. If you use them, this one’s amazing. If you can’t, this one is no exception. ARGH.

Ma Mont Vernon, NH


This make-up is amazing! It makes my skin look so pretty, smooth and flawless all day long. A little goes a long way. The color matches my skin like I’m not even wearing any foundation at all. Love it! I think I found one that I’m sticking to. try it!!

Florence Olivehill, TN

Very creamy and silky, light coverage, moisturising

Very creamy almost liquid consistency.Not the best for coverage, however I dont have dark under eyes so still works well for me.Really good for everyday use as its hydrating like an eye cream.

Lucile Smithdale, MS

Well Made and Delivers What it Promises

Buff BeigeI was impressed with the feel of this make-up right off the bat. I normally use a very heavy and waterproof foundation to cover up my Rosacea but I wanted something lighter to wear when I’m not going out and I chose this.It did take some time getting used to the sponge applicator and figuring out which way to twist the cap was very frustrating. I was making the mistake of twisting until a ;ot of the product was showing on top of the sponge, but that isn’t necessary, the sponge needs only to be slightly saturated to cover your entire face. But once I had that figured out the product went on like a dream and actually covered up a lot of my redness without having to use a heavy cover up.As far as the claims of it erasing your age, I did notice a slight lessening of some of my finer lines in my face, but I’m not sure if that is the richness of the product or it is actually getting rid of them.The color I chose is really quite true to my skin color and I’m very happy to have another option with my foundations.

Benita Rarden, OH

maybelline instant rewind eraser

This is the best cover-up around. It goes on real smooth and is excellent coverage for dark spots. I highly recommend this product!

Hillary Monclova, OH

Absolutely love it, except!!

except the color is too light for me. Light in color and in texture. But not a problem, I use this to blend my denser foundations and together I get exactly the coverage and color I want. I will order again in this color to continue my dual application.

Amie Montier, MO


Wonderful product I’ve used for years but wish they would come out with lighter shades for fair complexions, etc. etc.

Hazel South Glens Falls, NY

Good stuff

I have noticed a bit of a change in my skin since I started using this as a base and concealer. I like it. I wish it were available in a stick format, but that won’t keep me from buying it.It covers blemishes well, and feels great on the skin…almost like nothing was there.

Patricia Troy, IN

Best cover up

This is a wonderful product and really covers flaws, such as spots from the sun. I love it, the price is right and no shipping charge.

Minnie Deer Park, WI

I like to use this as a primer before my foundation

I like this product for it’s anti-aging benefits. I use it as a primer as it makes it easier to apply my foundation over it. A great buy, especially if you can get a buy one get one 50% off…wish the drugstore products though would use a pump to keep it cleaner.

Hattie Pelsor, AR

Best makeup I’ve ever used – LOVE IT

I’ve always disliked liquid foundation (a lot!)… getting it on your fingers or clothes, making skin greasy, looking “made up/masky”.. But this is great.(look mom, no hands!) You just twist to release some foundation and swipe the sponge tip over your face where you want coverage. You don’t have to touch it or blend it it’s perfect.(major coolness too: The sponge applicator is anti-bacterial; no oily foundation breakouts in 3 mos+ since I’ve been using it).Now to be 100% honest–I use a primer first, which I know helps to keep oiliness at bay. (A few of my friends complained it felt “greasy” but they don’t use primer).

Cherry Wappingers Falls, NY


this is the foundation that i’d buy every month.covers well,lasts,easy to use,great’s just amazing,i would definately re-buy this anytime.

Trudy Sanborn, NY

Not as impressed as the other reviewers

I bought this over a week ago expecting to love it, and I have to be honest, I do not. I find the applicator extrememly difficult to use…maybe I’m just not used to this tip as opposed to regular sponges or my fingertips. I can’t really get it to go on with just the sponge given I always end up spreading it around w/my fingers after its on my face. I actually think it makes the lines under my eyes stand out more, which is not something I want. I’m in my mid 30s and am just starting to get fine lines around my eyes. It is very moisturizing which is nice, but then makes my face very slippery when I”m trying to put on my eye liner and mascara.Maybe the problem is me and the fact I’m not used to this applicator; I will cont. using it until its gone and see how I feel about it after that.

Loraine Perronville, MI

looks and feels great

Every person I am around on a regular basis, made positive comments on how good the makeup looked on me.I looked refreshed, It felt good, (like it wasn’t even there). It lasted all day. Even after getting out of the swimming pool!Love this product!!! Thank you!!

Margarita Williamstown, OH

I ordered wrong color. Use as bronzer

This color was a bit too dark and almost returned it until my daughter told me I could use it as bronzer and I just love the way it works and it looks great.

Marci Falls City, TX


This has an odd, mousse like consistency, but thats ok because it works! I have dry skin, and everything else makes my face look so dry and flaky, but not the eraser! I often dont use the applicator it comes with, it is the formula itself that is so great.

Jennie Hulbert, OK