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Maybelline New York Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Washable Mascara, Very Black, 0.22 Fluid Ounce

Build lashes with 4 mm of measurable extensions illegal length mascara’s fiber extensions break every law of lengthening. Created with the longest fibers ever in a mascara, illegal length’s patented sealing formula and fiber-fix brush give your lashes a dramatically longer look. Available in washable and waterproof formula.

Key features

  • 4 mm of measurable extensions
  • Fiber-Fix brush reaches each lash from different angles
  • No flakes

Honest reviews


This does what it says – there is nothing better than this mascara, period

I have never really given a whole lot of thought to mascara because they basically do what they say they are going to do, blah, blah, and even if it does, this outshines them all by far. I have told all friends and relatives that this works, and it works WELL. It is not a teeny pipe cleaner brush, it’s not curved or have to be sucked through a tiny hole to wipe off excess,it does give you LONG lashes, and I mean LONG. You can tell a very very obvious difference. They were so long the bottom lashes looked very long/too long so I had to be careful there. The upper lashes were touching a little bit down from my eyebrow! Not clumpy, it comes off easily, it is not waterproof but stays on well if you run into a very slight rain shower. I have since tried others (because I wanted to see if there was anything better out there( as we all want the best), always keeping my Fiber Extensions handy, but nothing comes close to this. I am hooked, I don’t work for Loreal – I just want all women to know about this mascara. If you have tried this and you know of something better, send me a message – otherwise – BUY THIS.

Saundra Sherard, MS

Good stuff

I tried it it went on ok it just wasnt thick enough. So i dont really care for it but it u like that way its for you

Debra Summerhill, PA


I saw this mascara in a clearance bin at Target for about $2, so I thought what the heck. Might as well try it. I had heard good things about it, and let me tell you, they weren’t kidding.Pros:-INSANE length-no, really.-INSANE.-good pigmentation-lasts a long time without being waterproof-comes off easily with makeup removerCons:-flakes a bit-doesn’t thicken as much as it could.

Katie Grasonville, MD


I was excited to try this mascara but when I received it is was opened and used!!! Gross so I ended up throwing it away because I was afraid to use it.

Aimee Johnstown, CO


This product is nothing like it advertises. It does not add a thicker look nor does it spread evenly. If you use it you will have to apply two coats and not allowing the first coat to dry as it will then clump.I was excited to receive the product earlier then promised, but then disappointed that it is not at all as advertised.

Lila Jena, LA

Worst Ever!!!!!

This stuff clumps like crazy. I had to throw it out after only using it two times. I would definitely not recommend it!

Cleo Downingtown, PA


I feel like the hype was fixed because this mascara is nowhere near as good as people (and magazines) have been saying. The lengthening is alright, as is expected from a mascara with fibers, but the formula is clumpy and difficult to work with. The effect is only ok, and that’s if you use an eyelash comb. I stuck with this mascara for a while because I liked the length, but after a month of using it, I noticed my eyelashes were much, much shorter and sparser, so I can conclude that the formula is very harsh on lashes. Even my friends and family noticed my lashes were thin and short, when before they were long and lush. I had to switch to a mascara that included conditioning properties (eyeko skinny brush mascara). If you want a super lengthening mascara that conditions your lashes instead of breaking them off, go to sephora and get Imju Fiberwig. More expensive, yes, but worth it.

Elaine Antimony, UT

pretty good

I really liked this stuff. My lashes were long, no clumps, added a surprising amount of volume for a lengthening mascara. It’s way better than Lash Blast Length! I’m impressed with this one. I recommended it to my sister in law (who has insanely gorgeous lashes) and this is all she uses now. The only reason it’s getting 4 stars and not 5 is because I prefer a bit more volume along with the length. This is definitely a close second to my favorite, the original Lash Blast by Cover Girl. I definitely recommend!

Sharron East Middlebury, VT


It’s not a miracle worker, and I really think saying it adds 3mm is a bit dramatic. After a couple of weeks it dries up a bit and gets clumpy. Not the worst mascara I have ever tried, but definitely not the best.

Arline Pima, AZ

terrific mascara, stays on all day

I don’t know what other reviewers are talking about. I have used Maybelline Great Lash in the past and it flakes off before lunch. this mascara stays on all day as well as adds a lot of length. It is a terrific mascara. I suppose it is thin but as I always apply several layers anyway i haven’t noticed it making a difference.

Shana Unity House, PA


I have very thin and pretty short natural lashes and am always trying out new mascaras and have tried everything from cheap drugstore brands, like this, to expensive high end ones and this one is nice and all and definitely lengthens my lashes pretty nice, BUT it takes about 4 sometimes 5 coats before I can actually see anything on my lashes because hardly any mascara comes out on the wand. I thought I got an empty bottle.. It doesn’t clump or flake either, which is also nice since again you need to use about 4 or 5 coats.I would give this more stars, but you need to use so much of this that it’s just not worth the time/hassle. Save your money and invest in a better mascara like I’ll be doing next time.

Alfreda Mc Roberts, KY

Possibly the Worst Mascara Ever

This is the first time I tried a Maybelline product and it will be the last. This mascara is bad on so many levels, it is hard to believe anyone at Maybelline actually tested the product before naming it or creating the marketing campaign. First, there are NO “illegal lengths” to be gotten from this product, but it does clump lashes together in unattractive and weird-looking spikes. The length of my lashes did not increase enough to be noticed, but the clumps sure got attention. The brush is very sparse, so forget about separating lashes with it, and the mascara clumps and strings from the end of the wand, almost ensuring you will get it some place OTHER than your lashes. After a few hours of wearing this product, it began flaking unattractively onto my lower lids, creating the dreaded “racoon” effect, and without any crying, sweating, or rubbing on my part. Then I noticed every time I wore it, my eyes became red and irritated – what the heck is in this stuff? Finally, it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove. I have tried everything from my usual make-up remover to specially-formulated lid and lash wash, and it takes three to four washings to get about 80% of it off…the rest just has to rub off by itself. Really the nastiest mascara I have ever tried. Back to my faithful Diorshow. Sorry I tried something new.

Lora Centerville, MA

Love this!

Everyone is complaining about the mascara not giving full lashes, but it’s more of a lengthening mascara (hence the name!). I’ve found that does add length to my lashes as promised. I do use another mascara along with it to get the thick lashes I want, but that’s my choice to use two types. I will continue to buy this!

Saundra Chaumont, NY

Never Again

I bought this mascara wondering if it did something similar to what the commercial said (didn’t have to be exact!) and I will say I was very disappointed. I will never buy this product again. It hardly goes on at all or it goes on way too much, there is no in between. I had to layer it with the voluminous version of:Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara Blackto get it to even do anything worth it. I will be going back to my old mascara by Rimmel as I am VERY happy with that.

Kristi Watson, AR

The best on the market for length!

I have naturally short little eyelashes, this mascara is my absolute favorite (and I’m a mascara junkie). It makes my lashes freakishly long…so long they nearly reach my eyebrows. I get asked if I’m wearing false lashes or if I have naturally long lashes… I always get comments and compliments.You just need to apply it right. When you take the wand out, rub off the excess mascara on the tube and let it sit out for about a minute, curl your lashes, then apply. Let the wand grip your lashes and kind of move it back and forth while applying upward. Take your time for super long lashes. You can apply another coat it you want more. After it dries, wait about 20 minutes at least, curl your lashes again and watch out for huge super long lashes.It’s a lengthening mascara but it does give me some volume too, but I am more concerned with length. The only downside is it only lasts a couple months before it runs out or dries out, but its still worth it to me.

Lindsey Fort Mill, SC

love this mascara

I stopped spending big bucks on Department store mascara when I found this! Long non-clumpy lashes and so what if I need to buy a new tube more often,…….works better than the stuff 3 times more expensive. Very lush, very natural lashes. I use brownish black! Even though it is not waterproof, I have never had a problem with it running or smearing and I live in hot humid central Florida.

Crystal Trenton, AL