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Maybelline New York Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow 110, 0.44 Fluid Ounce

Perfectly separates for a natural look. Use it on lashes or to set brows.

Key features

  • Separates lashes
  • Sets brows
  • Natural look

Honest reviews


great product!

I love this product, I use it for my brows, it holds in place all day, without looking like I used anything at all, but it works great! I love this stuff! it is also great to use on falsies as well! and also to use on your lower lashes, or use under or over regular mascara for an extra hold! so many uses for this product! I will continue to use this regularly, I have now got it on s&s, so I get it whenever I need it, and never be without it!

Cleo Eudora, MO

Gets in my eyes

It seems like a good idea, and I have used some clear ones I like, but this one irritates my eyes a little. I think it gets in them.

Aurora Gretna, NE


I love this product. I use it for my eyebrows and for my bottom eyelashes so they look more natural. It is very easy to apply and does last all day. It does not clump either. Good product I will buy it again.

Margret Cornelius, OR

My go to brow mascara.

This won’t work as a lash mascara but is great as a brow mascara. I never really got the concept of being able to use a mascara both for lashes and brows. If you use it for brows, you kind of want the hairs to kind of clump/come together so your brows stay in place…I don’t know how that would work if you used this as a lash mascara.This is the cheapest place where you can get the mascara and actually much more affordable than the $1 e.l.f. clear mascara (because in the Maybelline you get more than 5x more product). This is actually a much better deal and will last a lot longer. I don’t get flakiness if I happen to add to much like I would with the e.l.f.

Lucille Newton, WV


I use this only to keep my eyebrowns in the right place and for this purpose it works great. I am not maybeline’s big f. But it was so cheap that i decided to try. I would buy again.

Ronda Mabelvale, AR

I use it to tame my brows.

It works perfectly and I would recommend it. It gives your makeup a more finished look. I like that it is colorless.

Sasha Edcouch, TX

It helps my skimpy aging brows.

This product was chosen because I’ve usually had good experiences with Maybelline products.This is not a heavy or overly stiff drying gel that I bought in an attempt to tame my skimpy brows. I use a powder brow color and then I use a brow brush to blend the color, now I also run a little of this colorless gel as the last step in my "brow" make up maintenance.No complaints.

Roberta Harris, MO

Affordable clear brow gel

This brow gel is fine. However, I really prefer the Anastasia brow gel which is about 5 times the price. The brush on this brow gel is too skinny. I prefer my brow gel to have a fluffier, bigger brush that really combs them so the gel can get into the brow rather than smeared on top of it.

Angelia South Haven, MN


Good for wearing when I feel like wearing make up , but still want to look natural. I also use it on my eyebrows to define them and this works great for that. Makes my eyelashes longer without making them look unnatural.

Leta Weir, MS

Great Brand

I use this on my eyelashes when I don’t want darken my eyes too much, and on my eyebrows to keep them in place. It does a nice job of separating your lashes and making them look thicker without looking too dark. This is the only brand of mascara I use in clear or in black.

Ma Highland, NY

I like it

I bought this for those days that i just want a natural look,i love to keep my brows natural for must of the time so this keeps it in place it does not make ur brows all stiff[which i like] i have not use it as a mascara as yet .

Tiffany Kiln, MS

Great for morning makeup~

I use this in the a.m. when I am usually in a hurry to get to work… a couple of strokes to the eyebrows and you are set all day. Would purchase again!

Brittany Seven Springs, NC


My brows have a lot of gray hairs in them that like to go in every direction but the right one. I have my brows tinted and then use this clear mascara on them and they lay down and stay put all day. Love it.

Celina Clearfield, IA

It’s gel for your eye brows

This lash brow gel did help groom my eye brows but it did make me break out along my brow and it was not very flattering. I had to stop using it.

Toni Laurel, FL

gummy mess

I bought this to use on my brows. It was gummy after I applied it and looked like i put Elmer’s glue in my eyebrow. I tried to use less on the other side, but the applicator brush makes it clump up. Pulling it against the opening, like with regular mascara doesn’t work. The consistency must be different. I even tried wiping some off on a tissue, but it was just a gummy mess. I tried using it on my lashes and didn’t have any better luck. Save your money.

Tammi Carlisle, LA

Formulation is cheap

There are other clear mascaras that work. This was too watery, causing it to not hold lashes as well as other brands. Would not purchase again.

Minerva Westover, PA

Make your eyebrows stay!

I use this as an eyebrow mascara and it works really very well. You can’t tell it’s there. My eyebrows don’t look wet, or stiff, but it does hold. The only problem is it doesn’t wipe off enough off product when you pull the wand out. If you use it straight out of the bottle your eyebrows will look wet and gloppy. So what I do is run it between my index finger and thumb twice before applying to my eyebrows. I don’t need to re-dip before doing the second brow either.I use this over an eyebrow powder to darken… it doesn’t effect that at all. No smearing or anything.If I didn’t have to wipe it off with my fingers, it would get 5 stars!

Jodie Spartansburg, PA


I’ve been using Cover Girl clear mascara for a long time and thought I’d give Maybelline a chance, but honestly, it does nothing for my lashes. I find it a bit thin and runny to apply and although it doesn’t clump or do any harm, neither does it do anything for my lashes. It’s not exactly a bad product – didn’t make my eyes burn or anything like that – but there really isn’t anything here to get too excited about. I guess it might be okay in a pinch, but I think I’ll shift back to my usual brand.

Elaine Chazy, NY

For eyebrows

This is exactly what i wanted: a mascara for my eyebrow, with no color.It’s not icky nor sticky. Leaves a natural shape and texture. Perfect!

Doris Saint Onge, SD

Works well to tame eyebrows

I use it as eyebrow clear gel. Works great to tame the eyebrows and does not remove the eyebrow shadow.

Jenna Stella, MO


I did my eyebrows as usual, as in, filled them in with pencil and powder.Then, I put this product on over my brows, and nothing.My brows just look coated in clear gel, but do not stay in place. I arch my brows upwards but my natural brows tend to slope downwards. I bought this to keep them up but it didn’t work at all. It made no difference other than making them more glossy which I don’t like. I prefer matte brows.Not attractive and not worth the money.

Gladys Dunnell, MN

Clear Mascara/Lash and Brow

It works okay. It kinda of makes my eyebrows look greasy and I have to wipe of some product. My little sister likes it for her lashes though.

Barbara Benton City, WA

No holding power as a brow gel.

I used this for a long time as a brow gel, but it was clear the whole time that it wasn’t doing anything. If you need something to actually hold your brows in place, this isn’t it.

Cecilia Paris Crossing, IN

great brow gel

I bought this to use on my brows. I was using an eyeshadow to define my eyebrows, and it would fade in a few hours and ruin everything. It became pointless and I really wanted to use products I already had. The brow products on the market right now are REALLY expensive in my eyes, so I picked this up. It actually works GREAT to keep that shadow in place all day. It doesn’t make my hairs sticky or feel hard like I’ve gelled them. I will definitely use this for my brows from now on.

Maria Mylo, ND

Good Product

It’s a good product to keep unruly eyebrows in place. However, it’s a little pricey. ELF has a similar product for 1 dollar.

Terrie Everettville, WV

I have been using this on my eyebrows for years

I use this mixed with a little brown eyeshadow to tame my fuzzy caterpillar like brows. I am a natural blonde and I color my hair red and brows a med brown but that color washes out too fast and this mascara with shadow helps to keep them looking the right color and less unruly.

Kate Scottsville, TX

Works great as a brow gel…

I generally just use this as a brow gel to keep them in place and set any eyebrow powder I may have tried. It always works great and doesn’t leave my brows crunchy or sticky. Great price too!

Cecilia Whitney, PA

Great on my eyebrows!

I use this to help shape my eyebrows and keep them in shape ( they can get pretty crazy being a softball catcher and throwing off your helmet from time to time ) It doesn’t take a lot to smooth and shape my eyebrows with this.I will definitely be buying this again!

Marianne Grays Knob, KY

Great stuff

Great stuff for your eyelashes or your eyebrows to keep in place. Been using this for a long time and don’t think I’ll ever move away from it!

Abigail Denison, TX

jo jo baltimore

This is great to use as a makeup artist to build length and volume, before putting regular mascara. It is also good to use as a final coat, and it is also good for stray brows!

Eliza Quemado, NM