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Maybelline New York Great Lash Big Washable Mascara, Blackest Black 130, 0.34 Fluid Ounce

Great lash big(r) has a bigger brush for great big live it up lashes the great big brush provides a bigger, bolder lash effect. great buildable formula still conditions as it thickens with even greater intensity. no clumps or globs.

Key features

  • Bigger brush for bigger lashes
  • Buildable formula
  • Conditions as it thickens

Honest reviews


My favorite mascara

I have always looked Maybelline mascara, this one really elongates your lashes. The price was a great deal as well.

Pamela Woodville, WV


I have been on a hunt for a cheaper option to replace my favorite mascaras: Dior DiorShow Black Out Mascara($28), Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara]]($21) or Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara ($38). The price of these mascaras keep going up and I figure there has to be a cheaper option available that is just as good.I have tried many different types of mascara with mostly dismal results. I did like Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Washable Mascara, but only as a second coat over another mascara.Everyone raves about Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara so I decided to give it a twirl. I liked the original version but was not in love with it so I decided to try this newer one hoping for better results. I did not like this mascara at all! The brush was too big and difficult to use without leaving lots of smudges and marks. It was annoying to clean off mascara marks left on my eyelids after my eye makeup was done which required redoing sections of makeup on occasion.This new version is not even close to the original and I would recommend sticking to the original.

Carolina Bridgeport, WV

Hellz no

I agree with other reviewers…this mascara is a massive fail. Maybelline constantly attempts to reinvent itself by packaging its trademark Great Lash mascara in new and stupid ways. The original formula with the original wand is the best, hands down…why mess with perfection?! I thought they might have a winner this time with their “Big” brush. I’m a fan of the Benefit and Dior mascaras that offer a brush similar to this, so I figured the Great Lash product would be great, right? WRONG. I don’t understand how it’s possible for such a big brush to deposit so little product on my lashes. That’s the issue I had with this mascara. I had to apply three coats just to be able to tell that I had dabbed a bit of mascara on, which is ridiculous. Don’t waste your money on this…stick with the original wand and you’ll do just fine.

Leticia Rosiclare, IL

Exactly what I wanted.

Buildable, dark but not too dark, and isn’t impossible to remove – perfect for my every day makeup routine which is extremely simple. I’ve used many high-end mascaras and often felt like the price was too much for daily use, so I’m happy I found this. As far as non-event makeup goes I think this is my favorite drugstore mascara so far and probably the only one I’ll buy again.Unlike some reviewers, I didn’t have trouble with it getting all over my eyelids when applying…. I typically try not to rush putting mascara on though – you are, after all, putting a stick right next to your eyeball.Update: I tried a different type of Maybelline mascara and I hated it. It gave me awful clumpy spider lashes and I was picking flakes off my cheeks halfway through the day. I don’t even remember the name of it because I threw it away that fast. So I’ve learned my lesson and I’m sticking to the Great Lash line.

Gretchen Oakland Gardens, NY

Maybelline Great Lash “Big” – Meh, it’s ok..

I purchased this "Big" version of Great Lash after falling in love with the "Great Lash Lots Of Lashes" (with the teeny tiny brush! ;D) -I figured worst case scenario if I hate this "Big" formula, I could wash my brush/wand from my "Lots Of Lashes" tube & use it with this.My first little issue though is not with the product, but with the seller.. I purchased it from a seller here (via Amazon) -&It; was listed as "Brand new" for right around $2 USD. But when I received it it’d been opened, and not only opened but *scotch taped* back into the packaging! seriously?.. **I didn’t take any "stars" away from this product review for this sellers mistake (I put that in the "seller feedback") -but I did think that it was worth mentioning because I’ll now think twice before ordering a mascara here from a separate seller here again :(Ok, my next issue is with the actual product & the issue isn’t with the formula as much as it is with this "Big" brush..ugh.. It does very minimal for lash separaration, volumizing, or lengthening. I feel like this mascara is just like a quickie mascara – like, something you quickly toss onto your top lashes (because it’s nearly impossible to use on the bottom ones w/this brush..) to make your lashes look polished when running out the door.If you’re into very "va va voom" (lol ;P) looking lashes like I am, you probably won’t be a fan of this & I’d recommend trying the "Lots Of Lashes" version(several coats of that one gives me just the effect I crave from a mascara) -I’m not sure if it has the same ingredients as this product or not? If the ingredients are the same though that would mean the only difference is the brush(which would surprise me that a brush can make *this* huge of a difference!) -but regardless it’s definitely superior to this one for the exact same price :)Overall I wouldn’t recommend this particular formula & won’t repurchase.Oh & beware mascaras listed as "brand new" that aren’t "fulfilled from Amazon" – I learned the hard way (but at least it was only $2 lost..)Hopefully this helps someone 🙂

Ellen Cambridge, IA

Excellent and for a Great Price

Works really well, has lots of mascara in the tube. Darkens, defines, and is highly pigmented. A great mascara for a great price, works much better than more expensive ones.

Mindy Arion, IA

Beautiful eyes.

Love Great Lash mascara and have used it since high school. This formula is my favorite because it comes off easier that waterproof but still stays on.

Aisha Hogansburg, NY

Always my favorite

I’ve tried a lot of mascaras. There are a few that are better, but dry out too fast, or won’t clean off your lashes enough, or flake after a while, or smudge… This meets my needs in every area even if it isn’t *amazing* in one, so I always come back to it. Note: the BIG wand – this is the one thing that makes it superior to the normal Maybelline mascara. Same product, better application.

Darlene Parkers Lake, KY


I’ve tired the cheap stuff, the expensive stuff and I always come back to maybelline great lash. It’s my favorite. Great price, and works great too.

Megan Lincolnwood, IL


I absolutely love this item, there is no clumping, very clean when applied and really opens up lashes. I am very satisfied, I have tried really nice designer mascara and they were all heavy and clumpy. This item stays on, feels light and doesn’t age the eye.

Amber Evans Mills, NY

Best Mascara I’ve Ever Tried

If you want your eyes to look bigger and you want your lashes long and thick then this mascara will really deliver. The beauty of this mascara is that you can keep applying it until you have reached the desired effect. You are in total control. You can apply a very thin coat for daytime wear or spice things up a bit with fuller lashes for the evening. I’ve been using Maybelline mascara since my college days and it has never dissapointed me. As I get older my lashes seem to be thinning out a bit so this mascara gives me a real boost of self-confidence and makes me feel sexy. Give it a try but don’t expect this to last through a good cry. For that you need waterproof mascara.~The Rebecca Review

Melba Trenton, IL

It Clumps my Lashes Together, Creates Globs, Gets all over the Eye Area, and Irritates

Maybelline Great Lash – Big Mascara is a popularly priced, historically very well-recommended product that has been a favorite of many users. Its makers claim that its bigger brush will create a bigger, bolder lash effect, while its formula, which contains beeswax and glycerol among other ingredients, will condition as it works. The makers claim that it will thicken lashes intensely without irritation, clumps or globs.Due to my having had a nervous habit of tearing out my eyelashes for many years, many years ago, my lashes are skimpy, at best, and I have tried many eyelash serums and mascaras. I have found this one difficult to work with. When I apply it, it does clump my few lashes together, and it gets all around my eye area. Furthermore, it irritates my eye area. Not recommended.

Sonja Scandia, MN

Terrible mascara-had to stop using it

Does not provide very much volume or length. I had to go over my lashes several times to get them to look right. The worst part of all was that it would smudge very badly. I would not only get black smudges below and above my eyes where my lashes hit, but it would also give me racoon eyes underneath. I was constantly having to worry about it and wiping it off. I could not continue using it because of this and had to buy something else.

Fannie Marblemount, WA