Maybelline New York Fit Me! Powder, 325 Cream Beige, 0.3 Ounce

Flawless that lets the real you come through. It’s makeup that doesn’t mess with you. No oils. No waxes. No nonsense. Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be: fresh, breathing, flawless.

Key features

  • Wear it alone or over foundation
  • Ideal with the coordinating shade of fit me foundation
  • Fresh, natural finish

Honest reviews


Maybelline New York Fit Me! Powder, 355 Coconut, 0.3 Ounce

This powder does fairly well. I’ve always wanted to try another product from the FIT ME line in maybelline because I adore the concealer. I started to try the foundation but due to my combination/oily skin, the reviews steered me away lol I decided to go with the powder because I needed a new powder anyways I could still try another FIT ME product. Okay, first off I will say that this powder may look light in the pan but it blends seamlessly with my skin tone (NC50 or Nw45 in MAC SFF). This is a lightweight powder and does well for setting foundation…won’t cover much on its on. I will say BEWARE because this powder does have sparkles in it, not big chunks of glitter but they are noticeable if you really look. I think they are there to give a dewy look, they don’t bother me too much…if I don’t use alot of powder. I will use this powder up but will not repurchase because I just tend not to have any sparkle on my face lol Do I recommend this? Yeah its a nice powder but if you don’t like sparkles AT ALL on your face then no.

Jacklyn Copemish, MI

Powder Adorable! for my!!

very good product and not toxic for my skin normal -oil, very to seal liquid makeup naturally, glow tenuous beautiful!! recomended to skin sensitive or acneicas by its inredients acceptables. happy also the seller, thank! =)

Eileen Pollock, LA

I really like this!

This powder is amazing for something that can be purchased so cheeply. It feels great on my skin and doesn’t cause any break-outs. It’s not as nice as the Clinique powder I had been using, but it’s a fraction of the cost.

Ava Glen Ridge, NJ

Does work BUT…..

This product does work well, BUT it does have sparkles in it , which for foundation from maybelline I would not expect. When you go out in the sun you will deffinitly see it but if you’re inside you wont. Thats my only problem with my foundation, it was only 5 bucks in walmart so i decided to try it out but I will not be buying it again.

Jasmine Nichols, WI

do NOT get anything from this seller.

i purchased this and it was grouped with some other items in the same box. when it arrived everything in the box was covered with a thick dust. come to find out it was this powder that was shattered and the product had gotten all over my other purchases!! ridiculous. so now i have to go out and buy different powder because i cant find this anywhere! ughh. do NOT buy from this seller totally not worth my money. although it did come quickly, NOT WORTH IT!

Latonya Firebrick, KY

My favorite powder!

I love this powder! I usually purchase from Target but I was ordering a bunch of other stuff and needed more so Amazon helped me out! It does give you a slightly shimmery look- think of Edward when he is in the sun and that is what your skin looks like!

Natalia Buffalo Gap, SD


This powder is very sheer and does not have as much coverage as I wanted. Just a finishing powder alone.

Hannah Manahawkin, NJ

Great powder

I use this as a setting powder over my foundation and love it. It is light but at the same time provides great coverage. I love the smooth matte look this gives my skin.

Janice Telephone, TX

Fit me! Powder

I like this powder. Not as much coverage as I thought it would have but is still a very good product. I use it instead of liquid foundation on most days and is a good light powder. I then put bronzer over it and sometimes some blush.

Rena Ralston, IA

Love it!

I just bought this at Ulta over the weekend and I love it. I am really picky when it comes to powder because I usually don’t wait long enough for my foundation to dry before I apply it. Th color matches my skin perfectly and does not look too artificial which I come across sometimes with the tan shades of makeup. It smoothed over my foundation perfectly and gave me great, natural coverage. I did not really much sparkle like others did but maybe it’s because we’ve had a dark and gloomy weekend. Overall I’d really recommend it:)

Elvira Ronald, WA

I love it

This is my favorite store brand face powder! This shade is good for pale skin tones. I use it daily!

Rosalie Hiseville, KY

I like it

I like the color and it feels pretty cool in your skin. I would like it to have more product.

Jewel Benson, VT

Blends with Skintone Nicely

I really like this foundation. It matches very nicely with my skintone and doesn’t feel cakey or heavy. The Sandy Beige is a very good color on me. It is light with a slight yellow undertone. I have purchased a different color and that one blends well with my skin tone too.

Marisa Covington, LA

Great as a pair with the liquid foundation

I had been at work all day and was invited to drinks after. Of course, this was the day I had left my makeup at home so I stopped to grab a few things to freshen up. I was already a fan of the liquid foundation in this line and was in need of a setting powder anyway so I grabbed this.About me: Fair complexion, combination skin, red undertones.Packaging: This is a sturdy compact. It never comes open in my case and I havent had any breakage. The top section is the product then it lifts up so you can get to the mirror and the powder pad. No more leaving the pad on the powder and no more powder on the mirror! Can someone tell me why putting the mirror and powder puff below the product is not what happens all the time?! SO nice not having to wipe off that mirror each time.About the product- the 120 works with my fair skin, it is definitely a true Ivory. I use the 115 in the liquid foundation. I have not seen any sparkles at all with this product. It is a true matte finish. So matte that I like to liven it back up with some highlighter. As far as coverage goes, its a light coverage. i dont use it alone, it just doesnt give me as much redness coverage as Id like and it sure wouldnt stay long.How I use it: I have paired this with a few different foundations, but I’ll stick to its counterparts. I like it used with the liquid foundations best. That seems to have a dewy finish and the matte nature of this one really balances perfectly. I press it on top of the liquid foundation with the powder press and then dust off the excess with a fluffy brush to avoid cake face. I do not suggest pairing it with the stick version of the FIT Me Foundation. That particular one has a powdery core already and it causes some weird separations through the day.Overall: I like it. I prefer loose powders but this has definitely made me see the light in the pressed powders. The packaging is what wold get me to purchase it again. Nothin’ better than easy and clean!

Stefanie Berwick, ME

Maybelline Fit Me! Powder in Nude Beige

Overall, I like this powder. I like to put it over my liquid foundation to set it, so I used a lighter color liquid foundation so that I don’t look too dark on my face. I have stopped using this product though because I have found that using a translucent powder works better and looks a lot more flawless. I still keep it around though for days that I don’t want to put on liquid foundation but still want some coverage.

Pearlie Breezewood, PA

attention all goths and people with EXTREMLY FAIR SKIN!

I have VERY fair skin, and I like the goth pale look. No matter what powder I look for nothing is pale enough and always has that orange tinge to it. I discovered this powder, after using maybellines matte finish powder in cream for some time, I wanted something even more pale or to mix with. Shade 115 is the most pale powder you can buy at a drug store, hands down. It has no ugly undertones, and is almost white. Perfect to even mix with deeper shades to make them lighter.The 115 is supposed to be darker than the 110, but after comparing the two it seems the porcelain (110) is darker because it has a pinkish undertone, where as the ivory (115) doesn’t have that undertone and is basically white and will match or dilute deeper shades of powder you may already own.I am SOOOO soo happy I found this shade being how fair I am. My only gripe is that this powder is dry and very dusty, the consistency is not as good as the matte finish powder. Hopefully this is changed, so if your skin is dry you need quite a bit of lotion, because it will show off the dry flakes a lot. But totally worth the money. better than MAC thats for sure.

Natalia Tsaile, AZ

I like this

I decided to buy this powder after a friend of mine told me about it. She had been using it for a while and she said it was very good compared to a revlon and an Almay powder she had previously used. I bought the powder in 120 and it seemed to blend in perfectly on my face. Very slight coverage. It really looks like I am not wearing anything on my face at all. This just makes my complexion tone look a bit more even which is all I really wanted in the first place.I love that this specific line from Maybelline has so many different colors to choose from. The price is great. The compact is very convenient and snaps shut and feels pretty strong and secure. I just wish they would add some SPF to the powder like some other brands do. At least an SPF 15 would probably make me give this 5 stars. I just use a moisturizer with some SPF and then apply this powder over it.

Germaine Laingsburg, MI

I use it as…

This color is too light for my face, so I actually use it as an eyeshadow primer! It works great. I put it on my eyelid right before I put on shadow.

Corine Old Saybrook, CT

One of the best drugstore powders.

I love the texture of this powder. It applies naturally, doesnt get into fine lines and wrinkles, and the color selection is wonderful. The coverage is light to medium.

Kendra Martin, SC


I don’t know if the product itself was old when I bought it or if it was jus a coincidence, but I dropped this compact on the floor and all of the compressed powder broke apart into little bits, ruining it. I’ve bought this exact same powder from the local store a few times and dropped those compacts too and none of them broke the way this one did. Again, not sure if this was just a fluke or what, but to be safe, I’ll just buy them from the store moving forward.

Jannie Strathcona, MN

loved it!!

Love this powder it makes your skin glow and its has a shimmer but not much thats why I liked it. I recommend this product.

Marsha Coweta, OK

this is amazing

this just completes my foundation look ….i already have the liquid foundation in this same tone so this just gives me even more coverage and a nice matte finish….I really like it 🙂

Gena Shambaugh, IA

I love this stuff.

My foundation routine consists of putting on liquid foundation, and then a powder over the top. I love this powder because my skin tone is always changing from tanning and this is rather inexpensive. I have used a lot of high end powders and this is my favorite. I know that some people complain that it mixes in with your liquid foundation. I would suggest patting it on your face rather than wiping it on. That way it sits on top rather than moving around the concealer and foundation underneath. 🙂

Mindy Whitefield, NH

Powder fine, compact design is the worst

The powder is fine, just the right tone for my skin. BUT… the compact design is horrible. It’s divided into moveable sections and the mirror is under the powder and puff, so that you can’t look in the mirror while you apply the powder. I have to keep an oldCover Girlcompact in my makeup kit so that I have a mirror. Don’t design people ever try to use their products?!? And why put a round well in a square container — it just adds to plastic waste. The compact is both consumer and environment unfriendly. Will not buy again unless the design is changed.

Gayla Augusta, OH



Elizabeth Marmora, NJ

Love this !!


Lidia Mosier, OR

Good Product

I have been using this powder for a few weeks and I really like it. I use a makeup brush to apply it instead of the puff provided. It looks natural when I put it over my foundation and it doesn’t have a strange smell like I find with many other powders. I will be purchasing this powder again.

Carey Putnam, IL


I use concealer for under my eyes and then powder to even out my face. This powder is fantastic, doesn’t look caked on, and does NOT give my acne. Perfect price. Take excellent care of your face, wash and moisturize every night and you will not have to buy such expensive make-up… because your skin will look great and the powder is just for a finish.For me, it works perfectly

Madge Coleridge, NE


This is my favorite store brand face powder! This shade is good for pale skin tones. I use it daily!

Katrina Gibbstown, NJ

Fit Me Makeup

This is a really good makeup to wear over foundation. It’s the perfect color for me and provides good coverage as well.

Helena Wood Lake, MN