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Maybelline New York Fit Me! Foundation, 120 Classic Ivory, SPF 18, 1.0 Fluid Ounce

Flawless that lets the real you come through. It’s makeup that doesn’t mess with you. No oils. No waxes. No nonsense. Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be: fresh, breathing, natural. Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin’s natural highs and lows to show through. Non comedogenic, dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested, fragrance free.

Key features

  • Natural coverage that leaves skin fresh, breathing, and natural
  • An exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments
  • Allows skin’s natural highs and lows to show through

Honest reviews


Very disappointed :/

I have combination/dry skin and thought this would be a perfect foundation for the days when I need a moisturizing foundation. It concealed beautifully and made my skin look flawless.. But then next morning I woke up with my face covered in acne! I never break out! I’m assuming this contains talc or something it smells faintly like baby powder.I really wanted to love this :/

Celina Bridgman, MI


Zits, zits, zits, and more zits is what this product gave me. I’ve never had bad acne. If you really WANT acne, give this a try, it’ll fix you up in only a few days, for only a waste of money! WOO!

Sonya Coles Point, VA

Daughter loves it – good coverage

My daughter recently bought this Maybelline Fit Me foundation after wearing pricier ones for a few years. She is very light skinned and wears the color Porcelain, #110, which covers beautifully. A friend told her to get this liquid foundation and also use the pressed powder with it, so she uses the two Fit Me products together, both in that porcelain color. It sounds like the two would look heavy, but they look very light, soft, and touchable.Bottom line: try the liquid alone and if it seems shiny add the pressed powder in the same color. Great prices for both of these Fit Me products.

Alexandria Mount Sterling, MO


This is a really great foundation cream. Apply with a brush by dabbing on once you apply to your skin with your finger. Works great over a concealer. I recommend this if you are looking for a good foundation cream. I will probably stay with this one from now on.

Faith New Hampton, NH

Oily and has a strong smell

I figured I would try this foundation after purchasing the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and loving it. Well, big mistake. My face is an oily mess within minutes with this foundation. I also find that it provides such very little coverage. The worst about this foundation is the smell, it is the strongest smelling foundation I’ve ever used. The foundation is going in the trash.

Rocio Girvin, TX

Loved by make up artists… HOW?

Let me tell you this foundation is really… difficult. At first I tried it out and HATED it, i thought it has no coverage and my face looked greasie as hell. And then saw a video of a makeup artist loving it…..–You have to use a sponge, not a brush, not your fingers cause it will look awfull.Good for dry-normal skin.VERY light coverage, almost like you are not wearing foundation at all.And the color Pure Beige makes my face look red-pink looking… ew

Lenora Cooper Landing, AK

Love it!

Defiantly one of the best foundations I’ve used! Not full coverage, but probably medium. It’s the perfect color for my skin and I use it a lot. Very good for the price! I Love It So Much!!

Rae Cut Off, LA

It fits me well

I tried this product and now I am hooked. I am usually a powder type of person and so when I tried this I was really skeptical. When I applied this it blended into my skin like magic. I use this with a primer and voila it you are good to go. It also lasts for a long time…

Wilda Bowbells, ND

pretty good

this works pretty good, i use it quite often, it doesn’t cake or feel like im wearing a lot of makeup, so i do like it, i do mix up my makeup a lot and wear different things, and i do wear this one quit often. it blends well, and does not smudge easily, and stays on all day, without looking greasy or anything. i would recommend it!

Shawna Hoven, SD

No Good for Oily Skin

I used about a dime-sized amount of this product and applied it with a clean brush and a base of tried-and-true primer. Within an hour, my face was an oil slick. I am very disappointed with this result, and I cannot say I will be using this again. Perhaps for a person with much drier skin?

Angelita Smithers, WV

I wonder why it was not sealed!

I love the fact that it came in time as stated. It is the same color shade which I picked.I only disliked the fact that the bottle was not sealed.Great product quality & covering!

Erma Candler, NC


I usually use the Clinique superfit foundation, and I bought this one on whim. It’s half-decent, but not great. The coverage is light and the shade didn’t match my skin too well, but then I bought it online so perhaps I chose the wrong shade.

Alicia Tullos, LA

fits me perfectly

I never use any foundation from drugstore..ever. Used very highend foundation for years and it tanned my face and left a ashy look always..esp. on pictures..horrible. This is the only foundation suits my skin and doesnt even look like iam wearing it. Pretty light coverage ,so won’t suit someone who needs to cover acne marks and such..leaves a smooth glowing appearance.Highly recommend for anyone who needs light-medium coverage

Louise Roaring Branch, PA

: not what i expected

Huge pores, cakey look, dull finish…didn’t like it at all… gave it to a friend that loves it.Would never purchase again… The color did match, though.

Elise Ridgefield, WA

Good coverage, terrible pigment.

This foundation has good coverage and lasts all day with primer, but is terribly pigmented. It’s fair and meant for light people, but really it would probably only work for non-Caucasian light skinned people. It’s EXTREMELY yellow-tinted. It made me look like an alien. Would probably look good on those of Asian descent.

Rosario Lamont, KS


I like that this foundation doesn’t leave my skin cakey or heavy, it feels light when applied directly on the skin, blends well with my skin tone. Coverage is okay though you do have to layer it more than once if you have a blemish you need to cover up. After applying this foundation, I set it with my loose powder using a brush and it leaves my skin looking matte throughout the whole day.

Eugenia Okabena, MN

Great light coverage.

Very build able coverage. Feels light and silky on the skin. Recommended for anyone looking for a light foundation that can provide great coverage for blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Elvira Marathon, IA

Not for me

Used it twice and gave it away. Thick and heavy. Didn’t like the way it felt on my skin. Sorry

Maxine Hansville, WA

not worth it

If your looking for a full coverage, this is not for you.. Its light maybe medium and that’s a big maybe… Super watery . Not my favorite and not for the price

Rosanna Leakey, TX

Love this

I bought this foundation because it has SPF. It goes on smoothly and lasts all day long. I really love this foundation and will continue to purchase it.

Ila Whitmore, CA

love it

I was in WalGreens when I saw the "Fit Me" display. I walked away from it then I decided to go back. I tested it on my skin and it was a PERFECT MATCH!!!! I have been using all the expensive make-up brands because I thought that they would have the best foundation since they are so pricey. WRONG!!!! I am a true Maybelline fan now. I love this foundation. I have recommended it to all of my friends. I know they will love it too!!!!

Michelle Westphalia, IN

Smooth and perfect match!

The Fit Me line liquid makeup is a perfect match for my skin. It goes on smooth and creamy and looks good throughout a long work day. The only problem I have is the same number corresponding powder doesn’t match at all, it is much lighter than the liquid color so it doesn’t match my face. They should try to match the liquid with the powder colors better.

Marion Trinidad, CA


I like this foundation, it’s very light coverage. You really should see the colors at a store before ordering online.

Chrystal Trinidad, CA


the only thing i did not like about it was that it wastoo runny like it had been expired for a while(mixed moisturizer and became thick again)

Virgie Tyaskin, MD

I like it.

This foundation from Maybelline is a little bit oily and I would like it to last more. But it’s still good stuff.

Francisca Graceville, MN


This stuff will break you out like you’ve never seen before…. unless you had cystic acne in your teen years. For real.

Sonya Cook Station, MO

Average as a stand-alone but Amazing as a pair!

This is probably my favorite drug-store foundation. It does have a dewy finish so if you prefer a more matte skin, you will have to pair it with a powder. This is a great foundation for dry skin. For combination to oily skin, alone it tends to give you some shine as the day progresses so I like to pair it with a powder. Ive tried the FIT Me powder (little cakey), Stila powder (better but not great) and MAC’s Prep and Prime translucent powder (works together beautifully).With the powder, it lasts almost all day for me which is about all you can ask for at this price point. I would give it a medium coverage but build-able. I also like to pick up a few different shades and use them for light contouring. (Im fair) I’ll use the 115 for my higher points and my 125 for the lower portions. Blend that together with a Beauty Blender and youve got a winner.

Jana Cummington, MA

Wow, this covers amazingly and feels light

I got a sample of this in the mail and took a chance and tried it. I was amazed at the coverage and figured it was just a fluke. But, I just had to order it and see if the full size was just as good. When I saw how cheap this makeup was, I almost didnt bother ordering it because how good could it really be for this price of around $5…. all I can say is WOW! I have medium skin tone with combination skin and my skin is picky so I guess it might be a little sensitive. I only have to put a little of this and it covers my blemishes and feels really light. For $5 everyone should try it!! I would suggest going to the store first though, so you can see the color you should get. You really cant tell online how a color is next to your skin.

Megan Brunswick, NC


Find this kind of colors is really hard, It is difficult to find a really porcelan or ivory color that fits well and don’t make me orange.

Toni Daykin, NE

Great foundation

Love this make-up. I have tried many (seems like all) foundations. I have found this to be my fav. Great price.

Esperanza Tillery, NC