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Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer, 35 Deep, 0.23 Fluid Ounce

Flawless that lets the real you come through. It’s makeup that doesn’t mess with you. No oils. No waxes. No nonsense. Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be: fresh, breathing, natural. Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin’s natural highs and lows to show through. Non comedogenic, dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested, fragrance free.

Key features

  • Conceals imperfections and undereye circles
  • An exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments
  • Allows skin’s natural highs and lows to show through

Honest reviews


Best drugstore concealer

This is absolutely perfect. I really wasn’t expecting it to be so great since it’s not that expensive, and I tried the Fit Me foundation and hated it.But this concealer has really great coverage and feels so light. It hasn’t made me break out at all and doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines, though you can easily use a primer with it if you want for more assurance. I use this for blemishes, redness, and dark circles.Let me tell you something about my dark circles for a second. They’re absolutely terrible, and no amount of makeup has ever been able to make them go away or be reduced by much. I fell deeply in love with this concealer because the lighter tones don’t tend to have worse/sheerer coverage, which is a trend I notice with other concealers. It stays opaque and all you have to do is lightly pat it around the horrible gray/purple/ohgodwhyme colored area with your ring fingers. It doesn’t look unnaturally heavy and it stays really well, especially if set with some kind of powder.The only very tiny problem with it is that the tube makes the concealer look very slightly darker than it really is, but it’s really not a huge deal or something you can avoid with any brand. I would say it’s quite true to color.The packaging is kind of neat, I think. It’s very minimalist and chic, and you can very easily travel with it since the lid is actually quite tight and the tube is pretty durable. Don’t let its thin design fool you; there’s quite a lot of product in this, not to mention the great pigmentation means you don’t have to use so much in the first place.I’m so excited over this that I wish I could give it more than five stars. Maybelline, as many problems as we’ve had over the years, you have made the only drugstore concealer that is any good for all purposes and is definitely worth the money. I think I’ll have to buy enough backups to last for the next few decades. Talk about a hidden gem.

Alejandra Bradley, IL

Coming back to buy back up supply!

Every few years I find a makeup product that works perfectly and is affordable. Then the inevitably discontinue it! I just found this, after looking for a few years for a new concealer with more coverage. I am 32, fair, with freckles in summer, dark circles all year long, and newly developing fine lines around my eyes. I used to use covergirl concealer with a blue wand top. That still is the only other concealer that doesn’t settle and make my lines look worse, but the coverage isn’t strong enough now with darker circles. This product is just as creamy and blendable, but gives more coverage. I have been using it for two weeks and I love it. I wear contacts and this doesn’t bother them or make my eyes watery. Light (10) is a perfect match for me. I think I am in the middle between a cool and warm complexion and this color blends easily with my fingers and disappears, but makes my circles disappear as well! My lines look about the same, or slightly less, than without concealer. They certainly are not accentuated by this, as they were with the dozens of others I have tried and threw away. I would pay double or triple for this, but am so happy it is affordable! The price here seems to be comparable to other places. I am buying extras now, in case it ever gets discontinued. By the way, on the rare occasion I get a blemish, this covers that well too. I am so pleased with this and recommend it to anyone with thin skin, fines lines, and dry skin who normally experiences the caking or settling of concealer around the eyes!

Pearl Lucernemines, PA

It works, but it isn’t the greatest product out there

I have very sensitive skin, that is also a difficult to match color (I have very fair skin, but it has a warm quality to it as well, rather than having the white or pinkish shade like a lot of fair skin seems to have). I was using a really expensive department store brand concealer that I really liked, but wasn’t able to afford to pay that much for a new tube, so I tried to find something a little less expensive. This is something that works fine, but I probably wouldn’t buy again at the same time. I like to dab on concealer with my finger and then finish blending with a sponge and I found that this concealer has sort of a strange waxy texture to it. When I put it on it blended in well…the color matched nicely and it concealed blemishes and dark spots very nicely, but to the touch, it didn’t really blend in, it just sat on the top of my skin. You couldn’t tell by looking that it was there, but it does rub off if you touch it or transfer very easily. So that being said, it was just ok. It’s a good enough product that I’m not disappointed that I tried it and I will use it until it is gone, but I don’t think I would buy it again.

Esmeralda Webster, PA

COlor matches perfectly

I really love this concealer. I am dark skinned, kinda like Tyra Banks-y and the caramel 35 Deep matches my skin tone pretty well, and blends PERFECTLY. Stays on all day, and doesn’t get all greasy. I must say, I’m impressed ^_^. Also, a little goes a loooong way. I can make a bottle of this stuff last months, even after using on differet spots of my face every day.

Lizzie Rehoboth Beach, DE

Nice for Asian and pimple-prone skin

I’m an asian and this product blends well with my skin. I’m not brown or fair, just… mmm… yellow-ish. hehe. I got the 25 medium first but then it was darker than how it appears on the picture so I asked a customer service agent who kindly gave me 20 sand without me having to send the first one back. It’s always great to buy products shipped and sold by Amazon. The 20 Sand works perfect. I’m prone to pimples too and Maybelline concealers never affects a fresh pimple that I’m trying to cover up nor does it cause any new pimple.

Norma Biola, CA

Wonderful concealer!

This is such a great concealer, especially for the price. It goes on smooth and does not look cakey. The coverage is a light to medium coverage but does a great job at hiding redness from my acne and acne scaring. It also works great under my eyes and covers the blueness. I would buy this again!

Wendy Garrett, KY

Good concealer

I like this concealer in medium as it closely matches my skin tone and has medium coverage. It lasted all day but doesn’t last as long as Maybelline’s super stay 24-hour concealer.

Antonia Chignik Lake, AK

Like it

Very good concealer. Light coverage. For the price, this concealer works surprisingly well and is comparable to more expensive brands I’ve tried.

Rachael Milnesand, NM

Love the color, hate the consistency

I am a 40 something woman and anything that accentuates fine lines or wrinkles is a no go. It goes on smooth, but then takes on sort of a powdery consistency that highlights fine lines. I’m sure this would be perfect for a 20 something, but not for me.

Lula Little Rock, IA

I’m Impressed!

I have very dark circles due to my fair skin and heredity. This is the best concealer I’ve found thus far. It goes on smooth and the fair color matches my skin tone well.

Jody Dix, IL


This concealer matches my skintone and covers fairly well. However, it doesn’t cover nearly as well as many concealers and it burns the skin under my eyes when I apply. Basically it works just okay, but is nothing spectacular.

Elizabeth Chester, OK

Lighter than it looks.

I’m very pale and freckled. My skin has pink undertones, so when I use orange it looks awful. This has pink undertones as well and is a perfect match for me.

Deloris Council Grove, KS

good concealer..

this concealer is good…covers my dark circles as good as any I have tried..and the price isn’t bad at all…

Casandra Ringgold, LA

love it!

i have heaaavy under eye circles, its always a problem to hide them, i use tarte bb corrector which is a salmon shade and then i use this concealer on top of it and it works wonders!!! i also use it to conceal blemishes and dark spots, most of the times i just use this some powder and blush and i am ready to go.

Gertrude Fontana, KS

Good Concealer… But Orange?

Great overall quality of this concealer… It covers dark circles well, isn’t too thick, has lasting coverage, etc. It’s an efficient and cheap concealer and I was really pleased with it the first time I wore it.HOWEVER, I was shocked when I looked in the mirror at the end of the day and saw that the color had oxidized and turned bright orange! I was happy with the original color (20 Sand), but it definitely did not stay the same shade after long-time wear. Needless to say, I am returning this product. I know some people swear by this concealer, but the color (for me at least) was not a good "fit." I hope anyone else who tries this has better luck.

Jimmie Sutherland, IA

Didn’t really work at all

To clarify, I have hooded lids and I usually just use concealer sticks to prime my eyes. I decided to try my hand at a liquid primer since I never tried one before. The ones I purchased were kind of dry and did not blend well into the color of my skin (and I used a concealer brush at that). It just looked like I ran a miniature paint roller over my eyelids. At that point I didn’t bother with shadow, I just wiped it off. And it’s not easy to get off, either. I guess I shouldn’t have expected much from the beginning, given the price. I’m aware that these work for some people but it most definitely did not work for me.

Marva Jewett, IL

good product

i like this concealer so far it does the job. the only dislike about the product is that i don’t see a lot of product in it

Beverly Ostrander, MN

Fabulous! ~//~ Fabuloso!

I think this product is just as good as the expensive MAC Prolongwear concealer for half the price. Highly recommended! ~//~ Eu acho que este produto é to bom quanto o caro corretivo Prolongwear da MAC pela metade do preo. Altamente recomendado!

Janet Hampton, NE

Hasn’t creased

I use this for under eye concealing and it wears for 14 hour days (I’m a nurse). I haven’t seen any creasing and doesn’t dry out the area! Love it! Hasn’t aggravated my sensitive skin either with is also a plus!

Crystal Elkhorn City, KY

It works

Conceals well, not much to say. haven’t used to much lately! I like how light it feels on my skin.

Doreen Pine Knot, KY

worth my precious $

I was looking for beauty products that work well for me without break my bank account and apparently this is doing the work. I recommend, I have a olive skin complexion and the 25 medium is perfect for me.xo

Sheena Cassel, CA

really creamy concealer!

I bought this in a slightly lighter color to brighten as well as concealer under my eyes. It’s great. I love the doe-foot applicator and the creamy feeling. It covers really well, and remains creamy during the day (as opposed to drying out). I love it! The packaging reminds me of the Nars concealer, I’m planning to buy that one and compare (will follow up).

Marcella Fairlawn, OH

Good concealer

I use it to conceal my eyebrow to get a perfect finish, and it does it perfecly. I needed a concealer, easy to handle, because i have a concealer palette already, and it doesn’t work for my everyday make up, when i’m in a hurry. This one does work in this purpose.

Margaret Saltillo, MS

Just what I wanted

I need a small concealer to hide some blemishes and didn’t want to use a face cover. This works perfectly.

Mae Brandon, WI

Full coverage

I have really bad scars on my face that are purplish brown. This covers exceptionally well, very thick and solid.

Ladonna Wrightstown, WI

Doesnt work.:(

I ordered this concealer due to reading the GREAT review on it.However, I was very disappointed at how this concealer worked for me! My undereye circles are BADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! It gives very light coverage for me

Simone Lynch, KY


When I first tried this I did not like it, I finally gave it another shot and its amazing. Great for highlighting

Sheri Hills, MN

Covers well

I was excited to receive this product because of the rave it got on makeup review sites. I got #15 fair and it is a little bit too pink undertone for me. To cover red zits, I don’t want a pink toned concealer – it just makes it more pink and not necessarily similar to my skin color. If it were more yellow, it would be easier to blend and hide blemishes and dark circles. However, it does cover up these things very well. I do not have to reapply it throughout the day or 2 minutes after I put foundation on top of it. I am pleased with the coverage. I may repurchase this product.

Leonor Sparta, MO


perfect color just what I wanted. Goes on nice and easy. Smooths on skin nice to hide imperfections. Good for either using under foundations or on top I have used it both ways and its great

Jenna Gapland, MD

love love love this!!!

Its so thick so all you need is a tiny bit to put under your eyes. Really does the job. I will buy MORE when I run out 🙂

Jillian Eatontown, NJ