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Maybelline New York Fit Me! Blush, Light Mauve, 0.16 Ounce

Flawless that lets the real you come through. Lightweight pigments blend easily and wears evenly. Provides a natural, fade proof cheek color that leaves skin the way it was meant to be: fresh, breathing, and natural.

Key features

  • Natural, fade free color
  • Blends easily
  • Leaves skin fresh, breathing, and natural

Honest reviews



i had this blush in light rose and the color was way too sheer and i had to dig my brush in the product to get more pigment. the maybelline fit me products are horrible, don’t waste your money on them. wish maybelline would bring back the expert wear blushes, i really liked those.

Isabel Chinook, MT

A little to light for me

The product feels great, but I think this color is a little too light for me. It would be perfect for someone with very fair skin looking for a very natural blush color.

Bridgette Dalton City, IL


If you don’t apply too much its nice. Start with applying a little and wait a bit to see how it goes on your skin after 15 minutes. It’s not real deep in color but a bit orange-y. Rose maybe would have been a better color for me because I’m fair compleked.

Phyllis Gibson, TN

Easy Blush

My mom bought this blush for her, and I didnt like it because of the color (deep rose) but one day I decided to try it out and i was really shocked about how blendable it was! You can DEFINITELY make a softer look if you want, probably the BEST blush i’ve ever tried, if I put a lot of product I can blend it out easily and not look like a clown 🙂

Ina Aberdeen, KY


The color (light pink) does not show up at all. I have to put like 5 layers on to get any color, and then it starts to look weird. I am very pale, too, so I did not think that would be an issue. I kept it but I ended up buying Maybelline mineral power blush in gentle pink, and that stuff is much better. It goes on better, blends better, and the color actually shows up and is beautiful. Buy the mineral power blush instead.

Roberta Girard, OH

Not well-pigmented

This blush has no pigment at all. I dabbed and dabbed at it, but still couldn’t get much onto my brush. I am all about getting good products for a good price, but I was very disappointed in the product and do not recommend it to anyone.

Velma Tonopah, NV

My favorite blush for years

I have used this blush for more years than I care to admit. The color stays true, does not turn orange, which is important to me because my skin has a yellowish tone. I like the deeper shade of mauve, it’s concentrated color so I just need a light brush of it to achieve the color I want.

Kari Audubon, MN

Kind of Light

I didn’t realize this would be a little too light for my complexion. I still use it once in a while. Priced right

Arlene Glen Spey, NY

great blush

I love this blush, it stays on al l day and the color blends well. I use it everyday and it goes with whatever i wear.

Opal Oxford, IA

Very pretty

This blush is beautiful. I layer it over a cream product and it blends out easily and naturally, with a lovely finish, not too sparkly or shimmery. I find the staying power is good when used in this way, and I usually get at least five hours of wear. For the money, I think that’s a good value, and I enjoy the product. I use a fluffy powder or bronzer brush to apply, but have found the brush included to work well with contouring products. I would repurchase.

Amanda Sterling, NY


Color on amazon is deceiving…it looks darker on amazon and when it came it is much lighter and you have to truly put on a lot to make any color show up. Very disappointed. Will not be ordering from this company again.

Helga Duncombe, IA

Nice effect!

I really like this blush from Maybelline. I most recently used the Dark Rose, and even though it seems dark in the package, the actual effect is soft and light, so you get a touch of color, but it’s kind of see-through. If you wish, you can layer it and make the color more intense. Any way you do it, this product blends very nicely, and it’s fun to play with. The price is right, and I plan to pick up some other colors to use on their own or blend with others. The brush it comes with is pretty good, but I prefer to use my own larger blush brush. However, the original brush is OK as an extra and great for travel.

Angela Menlo, IA

Good blush

I really like that Maybelline made it easy to pick blushes by indicating light, medium, and dark skin tones on their packaging. The blush itself is moderately good. Probably not the very best blush ive tried, but I prefer to use it sometimes. The mauve shade is not too light, yet not too dark either, and perfect for my light skin tone.

Sadie Reliance, WY

Ok but I expected more

The color is lighter than I though. The brush is very useful and quite quality. I’m little disappointed about the streng of the color, it seems to not keep on the skin very well but maybe it’s only a wrong feeling. Color is beautiful but I guess I should take another one maybe darker, not sure, I’ll with time.

Delia Shirley, WV

Just Right

Perfect color for my pale skin. Blends really well, and it’s not too noticeable like some other pinks I’ve used in the past.

Claudine San Pablo, CO

Too light

I have pretty fair skin and this doesn’t even show up. I don’t want a dark blush just a light natural look. This looks natural but that’s because you can’t see it 🙂

Charity Deal Island, MD


I am please with my purchased and I will continue to be loyal to the Maybelline brand of make up products. My big gripe with this blush is that it lacks the wow factor that I was hoping for. In the packing it looks truly pink and feminine but the blush is too late too make any really difference. This color Medium Coral is not build-able either, no matter how much I put on it did not get any darker.

Doris Cashiers, NC

Looooove it!

I’m really pale so I have to be very careful on the amount of color I put on my face, but this shade is perfect natural, elegant, but warm. The pigment doesn’t easily go on the brush, which in my view is good since it decreases the risk of overloading your face with excess. The brush is small, as people have said, but I still managed to use it till I got a bigger blush brush.

Louisa Nicholls, GA

Love the color

It’s a light color — looks very natural and not like you have make-up on. Give it a try! 🙂

Cleo New Orleans, LA

Beautifully True To Color

There is no funny after color or blotchy color! Just a smooth silky true to color blush on your cheek bones or wherever you want this blush to be! I love it and you don’t have to keep applying it! Thank you!

Emilie Huron, IN