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Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil, Soft Brown, 0.02 Fluid Ounce

Master the shapely brow. So natural, so easy. So now master shape brow pencil’s unique, natural wax formula with subtle color pigments creates hair-like fine lines for the most natural definition, and for the perfect finishing touch, feather through with the soft grooming brush. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for sensitive eyes. Contact lens safe.

Key features

  • Natural color
  • Soft grooming brush
  • Lasting hold

Honest reviews


Exceptional product*

The soft brown is the true color of my natural eyebrows. Have tried many expensive pencils, liners ranging fr $19-$39 and this one is the only one that matches my eyebrows. The only *drawbacks:1) the pencil tip cannot be advanced (once you use what’s exposed)2) there is no information on the package on how to SHARPEN the pencil — it’s plastic, so one would assume it must be thrown away. Over the year, I have thrown away many pencils before I researched on line and found existing customers comments that it can be sharpened.Maybelline SHOULD place some statements on the packaging to educate their customers! Otherwise great product!

Pamala Hunnewell, MO

Great product

I love this brow pencil. The color itself is very neutral and stays put. Every time I use this the look is very natural. It doesn’t need any brow gel to keep the color in place. PLUS it comes with that nice mascara wand at the end to help keep the hairs of your brows in place. LOVE IT

Millicent Hartford, TN


I don’t understand why so many bad reviews, I love this product. It’s so easy to apply and the other end is perfect to fix and make you eye brows look natural. I sharpened with an eye pencil sharpener (not a regular school sharpener) and I have had no problem with it. The color is gorgeous!

Georgia Orange Beach, AL

Nice pencil

I really like how it glides.I had bought the brown and thought this would be a shade lighter but to me its the same shade.It was too dark for me.Overall Nice item.

Jasmine Bridgewater, IA


Okay. First of all, I did like the color. I had an Estée Lauder soft blond pencil that I have had for years and years and can just refill but I wanted something just a little darker. I liked this color because it did look like it was just a little darker than the blond and it was. It went on okay but it’s waxy and rubs right off. When I first looked at it it thought it would just turn to get more pencil like the Estée Lauder I have. It wasn’t till I read here that you could sharpen it that I realized that was how you were supposed to get more from this pencil. Well I tried it. On 2 different pencil sharpeners. The first sharpener, which had worked fine on regular pencils previously, is not gummed up with waxy eyebrow pencil and plastic and will no long per sharpen a regular pencil. Tried it on a sturdier sharpener, metal, attached to the wall, and while it sharpens regular pencils fine, this pencil comes out thick and blunt and you end up wasting a lot of the pencil trying to sharpen it. I see some have had success sharpening it. Well, more power to you. It certainly didn’t work with either of my sharpeners. Ruining one and coming out less than useful after using the second one. I have ordered an Estée Lauder pencil in soft brown and expect it to last me for years and years like the blond one has. This is nothing but a waste of money and a piece of garbage. And I can’t believe they don’t let you know you can sharpen it (which you can’t) on the packaging. Has the IQ of the Maybelline company significantly declined recently? Even if it could be easily and successfully sharpened it still rubs off right away. So what’s the point?

Alana Pompeys Pillar, MT

Horrible. Awful. Junk.

I just called Maybelline & let them know how very, very unhappy I am.I had been using Maybelline’s "Define A Brow" for years, which I lalways bought at WalMart (for about half the price of this worthless junk). I only purchased the "Master Shape" because there were no Define A Brow pencils on the pegs at WalMart. All the pegs were full of this product, so I assumed Maybelline had discontinued the Define A Brow, that this replaced it & also that it would would work just as well.Well, it does NOT. My eyebrows are not at all thin, but they’re not the size of caterpillars…which is about the only size brows this would be satisfactory for! Also, I don’t draw brows in, I use a pencil to fill in spots.Finally today, I couldn’t stand it any longer & found just 2 Define A Brow pencils at Walgreens in the right color, so I bought them both & figured I’d need to find some other brand to use, once I’d used them both up.,I did learn, when speaking with the Maybelline c.s. rep, that the co. still makes the Define A Brow, so apparently WalMart decided not to carry it anymore.Again, if you don’t have enormous, thick eyebrows, or don’t mind getting color all over, above and below your brows, which you have to clean off with a Q-Tip & then reapply your foundation around your brows, don’t buy this. IMO, it is very, very poorly designed & I don’t think there are many women who have brows thick and bushy enough to use this.I’ve never been so disgusted with any cosmetic product in my life & I’ve been wearing makeup for over 40 years!

Summer Modeste, LA

Very natural, soft color

I initially only picked this eyebrow pencil because of its ranking on the EWG Skin Deep database and the Maybelline brand. I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality and the soft, subtle look this pencil gives. The pencil glides well and itsn’t overly heavy.

Maryellen Waverly, NE