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Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil, Deep Brown, 0.02 Fluid Ounce

Master the shapely brow. So natural, so easy. So now master shape brow pencil’s unique, natural wax formula with subtle color pigments creates hair-like fine lines for the most natural definition, and for the perfect finishing touch, feather through with the soft grooming brush. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for sensitive eyes. Contact lens safe.

Key features

  • Natural color
  • Soft grooming brush
  • Lasting hold

Honest reviews


TOO WAXY…not for semi-oily skin & rubs off when re-applying

-Due to the amount of wax, it doesn’t shade in if you have oily or even semi-oily skin, even if you use translucent powder.-You also can’t re-apply or go over your brow more than twice because it just smudges off the first layer.Any know of an inexpensive ($10 or less) eyebrow pencil that works just as well as the discontinued DARK-BROWN Define-A-Brow pencil by Maybelline?

Jade Dewar, IA

Great color, bad product

I loved the deep brown color, but this ruined my sharpener. I even tried to sharpen it with a knife! After almost cutting myself and completely mangling the pencil, I threw it away. Don’t waste your money!

Abigail Holbrook, NY

Not even wearing it?

This product is the second time I have purchased and I am extremely pleased. I have lost eyebrows from medicine and my eyebrows looked like something from a bad rock video to a photo opt from the 50’s. This pencil doesn’t even look like I have used anything at all (meaning OBVIOUS). I have never been more happy. You LIGHTLY put it to the eyebrow and brush…awesome product please don’t stop manufacturing because I love you! lol

Samantha Brooklyn, IA

Third time buyer

I started with this product when I wanted to start filling in my eyebrows and I’m glad I did! This pencil matches perfectly with my dark eyebrows and fills in very nicely. The first two times I bought this product, I purchased them from the local drugstore. After reading the negative reviews, I was assuming that the product had changed slightly after reading that some were having difficulty sharpening the pencil – I assure you that this pencil sharpens just fine with a standard makeup pencil sharpener. This pencil blends in so well, it doesn’t even look like I used the product. The brush on the other end is an added bonus that I’m sure everyone can appreciate. Overall, I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a brow pencil and will continue to buy the product.

Francisca Beacon, IA

I like the effect on my eyebrows

Price was about the same as other stores. Arrived quick. I like the effect on my eyebrows. It give them shape and fills blank spaces. Easy to use.

Cara Chester, MD


Very nice brown, Very waxy, this brown does not have a reddish tone in it. perfect brown, It is soft enough I even use it as eyeliner.

Marquita Hays, MT

Disappointed with this product

At first I liked this product. But as I used it I couldn’t figure out how to get the pencil to twist up. Apparently, a sharpener is needed. Who sharpens plastic? Maybelline needs to either make it a wood pencil so it can be sharpened or so it can be twisted out of the middle; otherwise, it’s pretty useless after you reach the plastic. If I had known that was the case, I would not have purchased it.

Flora Wauna, WA