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Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Drama Cream Pencil Liner, Midnight Master 400, 0.01 Ounce, 1 Count

The new generation of liner has arrived with eye studio master drama cream pencil. Master delivery applying corner to corner with a skip-proof, creamy glide. Master intensity creating dramatic eyes with rich color payoff. Master wear–lasts for 24 hours of smudge-resistant wear. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for sensitive eyes. Contact lens safe.

Key features

  • Creamy glide for master delivery
  • Bold color for master drama
  • 24 hour wear

Honest reviews


Does not budge

This is for the Bold Brown color which is a dark brown not a weak brown that’s barely there.Its a stay-put formula, glides easily yet does not smudge as my Urban Decay’s does ,which is so annoying!This one has faint specs of shimmer like my Urban Decay does yet this liner costs 50% less.I’d recommend you buy

Dianne Wellsburg, NY

Did not like it

Ok so first of all the pen would come out more than a tiny bit. Second problem is that it does not “glide” on like it’s supposed to . It tugs at the lid. The upside is that the color (vibrant violet) is pretty and it stays on for hours.

Georgette Haworth, OK

It is pretty good

Stays on a little bit longer than regular pencil, but the tube doesn’t last as long. I will buy it again.

Millie Rarden, OH

Really Impressed!

I am always a little skeptical about buying eyeliner since I have had such a hard time finding one that doesn’t smear and smudge after a few seconds of wearing it. I was very surprised at how well this actually stays in place. I wanted to test it out so I put it on at night before I went to bed and slept with it on. I was stunned when I woke up in the morning and it was still perfectly intact! It did not smear or anything. I added another coat over it for my work day and I checked at lunch and it was still as perfect as before I left my house. The only thing is that the grey color looks kind of blueish on my skin, maybe it is just how it blended with my under eye concealer. Otherwise, I am really impressed with how well this product actually works. I would definetly recommend it to everyone!

Kelly Fulton, MD

Way overrated

Bought this because of a write up in some magazine and how perfect the colour is for your eyes and how easy it is to go on blah blah blah. It lived up to NONE of my expectations. I get cheaper and better pencils from the Jordanna line.

Sheena Burbank, IL

don’t like it

i don’t like this eyeliner. it’s not pointy & it smudges all over my eyes and whenever i check my make up bag, the covers are not on it. it’s not tight and just messed up my bag. don’t buy this.

Desiree Roslindale, MA


Clumpy, not easy to blend. If you are looking to coat the rims of your eyes in a super thick coating of liner, this is for you.

Irma Monticello, AR

Favorite by far

You barely have to press to get vivid eyeliner color. I like the dark gray. I add dark gray eye shadow on top to keep it on all day long. I use a special small brush for this application. I hate the eye liner pencil where you have to press hard to get a line. This is soft with a great deal of pigment.

Elizabeth Tecumseh, MI

Love it

I normally use black eyeliner, but I wanted to try something different. I have tried a lot of other brown eyeliners and they just had no color. THIS eyeliner has great color and I love how it looks on me. I’m actually going to use this brown liner instead of black from now on. Love it!

Gwendolyn Brownville Junction, ME

Finally found it!

I have looked for a dark, easy glide eye pencil for YEARS..I cannot begin to mention the brands or the different countries that I went to to find the perfect liner (I shopped for a liner no matter where I went on vacation)My search has finally led me to this beauty. Glides on easily. Very dark. Doesn’t smudge easily (unless you put on an oily facial cream). WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT!! Best eyeliner, ever!

Mabel Colo, IA

My New Go-To Eyeliner

I would like to start off by stating I am not a makeup artist or even an avid makeup user. I am an everyday woman who chooses natural a lot more often than not. When I do wear makeup, eyeliner is a staple for me.I have been a long time user of CoverGirl eyeliner, but not because I am a long time fan. I just couldn’t find anything I liked better. I decided to try Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Drama Cream Pencil Liner because I thought I might be able to achieve a liquid eyeliner look without actually using liquid eyeliner.So…lets start out with the color. I purchased coal commander. I am not exactly sure what color this is suppose to be. When I purchased it I was figuring on a greyish color. I think it is much closer to black than it is grey. With that being said, I still enjoy the color.The product itself goes on relatively smooth. If you are looking for an extremely smooth application this is probably not the product for you. I think the smooth application factor is in the middle, somewhere in between not smooth and smooth. It certainly goes on smoother than my previous eyeliner. It will get the job done, so don’t completely count it out.As previously stated, I purchased it for its cream liner aspect in hopes of achieving a similar look to liquid eyeliner. I don’t believe it does this. However, even though I didn’t achieve a liquid eyeliner look, it still has a very nice look to it. I would just suggest if you want a liquid eyeliner look, buy liquid eyeliner.The most important aspect of this product for me is smudge factor and staying power. In both these respects this product rocks. This product does not smudge easily and once I put it on it stays in place all day. I no longer have to be concerned with my eyeliner magically disappearing {to who knows where} an hour after I put it on or that it is going to smudge and run all over my face.The biggest downfall to this product is 100% the packaging, and is why I didn’t give this product a higher star rating. You need to twist the package to push the eyeliner up. This sounds simple enough but I was twisting my heart out and nothing was happening. I did some research and found a lot of other people had this problem and it was suggested to push the bottom up while twisting…this did the trick. Others found this still didn’t help. We’ll have to see how future purchases of this product go in this respect.Lastly, I purchased this product from Amazon. At the time of purchase I did find the price to be quite reasonably and competitive to my local stores. Obviously with Amazon and its vendors this could change.I would recommend this product to others and do think this eyeliner holds its own.

Monique Middlefield, CT