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Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow, Legendary Lilac 110, 0.09 Ounce

Silk makes shadow new again. The exclusive eye studio color plush silk eyeshadow formula with silk pigments creates the ultimate shadow texture and luminosity. Rich color glides over lids with a smooth feel. Find 4 expertly coordinated shades in every compact.

Key features

  • Silk pigments for rich color
  • Smooth texture feel
  • 4 expertly coordinated shades in every compact

Honest reviews


Terrible Packaging!

I ordered this quad with 2 others and when I opened the package It was eyeshadow everywhere because this one had busted open. The eyeshadows were not individually wrapped up in bubble wrap or anything to prevent them from doing that. But luckily that was the only one out of the three that busted. But it was highly disappointing.

Tiffany Thayer, IL

Completely broken

Not happy, was really looking forward to using this product on my eyes because of the goldtones, and the beautiful color, but couldn’t even try to use it because it was broken and everywhere inside the package, not one color is salvagable. disappointed and unsatisfied. Wishes I could use this product :”( so sad

Miriam Guatay, CA

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow, Green with Envy…

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow, Green with Envy…I was broken when I got it. I like the colors but was not able to enjoy it.

Flossie Catharpin, VA

Wife loves make-up

Great product and wife will order more in future. Loves to try many different products and this one she will buy again. Purple her favorite color.

Verna Iuka, MS

Shiny and pretty

I love how these colors blend on my skin. The colors all compliment each other too. I received several compliments from people when I used this eyeshadow. I have blue eyes and these copper tones enhanced them like crazy.

Dolores Mansfield, LA

Vibrant but fallout and not incredibly long-lasting

The shades are gorgeous and I’m extremely pleased with the pigmentation of the shades. It’s also fairly easy to get this quad specifically (Irrestibly Ivy) for much cheaper than the other quads. I wore these over a drugstore primer and found that these didn’t hold up so well, the turquoise in particular started looking very dirty by the fifth hour of wearing this. It’s probably essential for those with oil eyelids that you use a good primer with this quad if you want the shadows lasting.I will probably switch primers to see if this changes. Despite the colors not lasting particularly long, I do think it’s worth the $2.20 you can pay for it. The metallic gold and burgundy is enough to fall in love with (maybe even the turquoise too when I find what primer is best for the quad). There is fallout (the little glitters were visible on my cheeks in certain lighting), but it’s not that big of a deal for me.

Simone Columbus, GA

Perfect for my skin tone!

I am an African-American woman with medium brown skin and I thought this might bring out the yellowish undertones in my skin. It really does! The colors blend nicely and are bright. It is my go to palette for a night out and I’ve gotten many compliments on my makeup! Overall this palette is easy to work with and looks great.

Patrice Catharine, KS

Sunset Seduction + Brown Eyes = AWESOME

I really like to play around with colors to make my eyes standout more. And I really like the way this color palette looks with my darker brown eye – it gives the illusion of them being lighter – adds an almost honey tone to my eyes. I get tons of compliments when I am wearing it, which is always a good sign of a great purchase.I did not have any problems with blending the colors or issue with its staying powers. Please keep in mind that this was with Sunset Seduction – so I cannot attest to how the others blend. The color palettes all seem complimentary so I imagine they should bend great as well.

Rene Rule, TX


Best drug store eye shadow out there hands down. It is richly pigmented and lasts the whole day (primer added on before use of course)Love these products, have many different shades and they last forever. The only thing I am not a fan of are the brush that it comes with but that is no big deal at all!

Jessica Perry, IA

can’t beat the price

definitely worth the price. In stores they run from $7.00 – $10+ so it was a bargain and it came perfectly. I would recommend

Brigitte Lizton, IN

i just love this

this is so pigmented, the best yellow gold. its really great, i love all these quads, you cant go wrong

Goldie Reserve, NM

Sunset Seduction

I actually bought this at Target a few weeks ago and I am very impressed. The colors are kind of peachy and shimmery and look absolutely beautiful when all blended together. It has just the right amount of shimmer and has great consistency. The only downfall is that the colors are a little light for my taste but the product itself is amazing.

Chelsey North Canton, CT

nice eyeshadow combo

I usually purchase individual eye shadow from NYX but needed something compact to take on a cruise. This has the teal color I frequently wear as well as a very light cream for under eyebrow brightening and a good taupe for a smokey eye. The little applicator is useless but I have eye shadow brushes I like and took one of them.Good and light weight, quick shipping and wonderfully priced.

Selena Baconton, GA

Great eyeshadow

The basic browns in this eyeshadow quad are an essential for every woman’s wardrobe. The four shades blend and complement each other regardless of which combination you choose. If they have a flaw, it’s that the colors faded somewhat and had to be replenished midday. Some creaminess might help with this. Otherwise, it’s great.

Rene Foley, AL

my favorite eyeshadow

I used this for New Years and for christmas I got so many compliments and I just love these colors together

Meredith Batesville, IN

Good pigmentation, lots of fall out

This product arrived broken, which sucks. I loved the colors, but they have quite a bit of dust. I put a towel down when using these, and use my foundation after doing my eyes if I use this product. Very good product for the price. I would recommend it for sure!

Mara Monetta, SC


I have 50, 70, and 100. I have used them for a year, and simply adore them! I suggest you use a primer, but they’re alright without.I really wish there were only the first three colors, as the last one is too dark to use for anything but the liner and I already use black liner, so the last color in each set is pretty much untouched. I would love more of the second color, as it’s the one I use most on my eyes every morning. The first one only needs a tiny bit every day, as does the third. But the second runs out twice as fast for me. Ooh well.Also, you can buy them for about $7 in Krogers or Target. So if you live near Krogers or Target, I suggest you buy it there on your next shopping trip.Anyway, I love the shimmer on 50 and 70, 100 is a little bit… dull (but still pretty! perfect for work).Remember, the different color sets may look very similar in the package, but they look very different on your eyes!

Yvonne Lititz, PA

Use to create special looks!

This is a nice line of Maybelline shadows, and I especially recommend Give Me Gold and Copper Chic. These “metallic” shades are not only great on their own, they are fabulous as added touches with all your other shades of eyeshadow, no matter what brand. These are certainly worth giving a try, and I recommend you check them out in person, so you can closely examine the colors yourself. Nice stuff!

Robin Kittery, ME

Love these shadows.

These have got to be one of the best drugstore eyeshadows. The consistency is very smooth and allows for smooth blending. Also, the colors in the compacts go well together. Will be purchasing more of these!

Caitlin Freeman, WA

LOVE the colors and the price!

I love this pallette! The colors are so beautiful. I usually use just the browns together and then blue when I wear blue and all the colors are gorgeous. I use eye primer which makes the pigment even stronger! And it was so cheap! These pallettes at the store are at least $5+ after taxes, it was only $2 on Amazon! Would buy again. Will probably stock up while it’s so cheap! (;

Valerie Tuskahoma, OK

Love It!!!

Great little quad! 😀 I think that these colors would make any eye color pop! I have green eyes that fade into a yellowish color in the center, and with the copper and the gold, my eyes look beautiful. 🙂 The shadows are smooth as silk to and creamy feeling too. But me being my clumsy self dropped it and broke the first two shadows. But I will be purchasing it again because I honestly love these shadows!

Reyna Saint James City, FL

great combination

I am light skinned and want some natural looking color for my eyes. This combination worked quite well. It has a peachy over tone which works with my skin tone. the "dark" color on the end isn’t overpowering but I still use a light hand with it. the peachy color 2nd one in, is very nice with my lighter complexion. i use it on the lid. The first on from the left works well as a base and under the eye.

Maura Holualoa, HI


The browns are more like a copper color the blue is pretty but I got it for ythe Brown’s colors for the price its ok

Mai Mosby, MO

Arrived broken

The highlight color was smashed when this palette arrived, I was very disappointed since the color was so beautiful for all over my lid, I am NC45 in MAC so it would have been gorgeous! It made a huge mess in the box it arrived in…..oh well!

Ashley Butler, PA

NOT as pink as it looks in picture…JUST purples.

Picture made this look more PINK than purples…in person..too much purple for my PINK self. I bought this expecting it to look like pictures even though it says lilac it looked pink. WRONG.

Janice Lake Fork, IL

nice eyeshadow

I’m glad I purchased the Spirited Seas, the first color is a little bit powdery (base), the second one is a little bit frosted and metallic (light blue), and the other two are dark and silky. It depends on how you apply them, I like how they turned out on my lids. They also have a subtle shimmer on them (which I really like)

Lizzie Glen Ellyn, IL

Maybelline eyestudio quad iIrresistibly ivy

These are some of my favorite drugstore eyeshadows. I don’t really care for the other quads and singles from maybelline but the eyestudio ones are wonderful. I particularly love irresistibly ivy. I like to wear all the shades but the teal as an everyday look and sometimes I will put a little of the teal in my crease or my lash line. I love the gold in this palette. It can be hard for me to wear golds but this is a bronze orange gold that is so pretty

Kaitlyn Plevna, MT


loved this color and actually bot quite a few cuz they make good presents for the price that I paid for them. sometimes amazon has the items I need for the price i want to pay even with shipping it can be cheaper that driving and going into a very busy store

Gladys South Deerfield, MA


I just got it cuz its unlimited the colors are pretty .too bad its kind if expensive but was worth it.

Chris Pine Apple, AL

I LOVE these!

I bought the Give Me Gold and I ADORE it. The colors are so gorgeous, and are definitely the most pigmented drugstore eyeshadows I’ve ever used. They are easy to apply with the applicator that comes with it, which is not always the case with drugstore makeup. I own a set of makeup brushes, but I didn’t really feel the need to use them with this set. The color is long-lasting, and I am in LOVE with the bronze color that comes in the pack! The reason I didn’t give it five stars is because the glitter gets everywhere. It is easily wiped away, but it is still a little irritating. You also don’t get very much eyeshadow for the price. Regardless, I’m going to keep buying this and I hope that it never gets discontinued. I can’t wait to try out the other colors, but I have a feeling that the Give Me Gold is still going to be my favorite.

Elma Clarks, LA