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Maybelline New York Expert Wear Twin Brow and Eye Pencils, 107 Blonde, 0.03 Ounce

Dual purpose pencils work as defining brow filler and a precision eyeliner. Two pencils per pack.Waterproof formula lasts all day.

Key features

  • 2 pencils per dual purpose pencils per pack
  • Defining brow filler
  • Precision eyeliner

Honest reviews


Love these brow pencils

Previously I was using Clinique brow liner. I liked that it was an auto-sharpening pencil, but I didn’t like the price or how quickly I went through the product. It was hard to find an equivalent at the drugstore. These pencils are great. I have them in blonde which is perfect for me. My hair is bleached platinum. Also a benefit of not having the auto-sharpening is that they are much sharper when I sharpen so I can be more precise. The other thing is that though these are pencils that need sharpening the product is not at all hard, which I had feared. It is a softer consistency just like my auto-sharpening pencil was. Overall this is a great product and a great value! I will definitely be repurchasing.

Patty Climax, NY

The Only One That Works

I have tried many other blond eyebrow pencils and they have been either too dark, too hard and dry, and too thick. These "old-timers" are the best I have used because they are the correct color and they sharpen into a nice point without breaking. The price is also reasonable so keeping them sharp doesn’t seem wasteful.

Jenna Blackburn, MO

Perfect color for any blonde

Not gona lie, im picky to the CORE about brow pencils. Finally one made for blondes that doesnt make you look like a clown! Thank you maybelline and thank you to the company for getting it shipped to me so quickly!

Sharron Gilmanton Iron Works, NH

I agree with Kailey D. about the reddish tint!

My boyfriend just bought me these eyebrow pencils from my wishlist and I feel bad that I have yet been able to use them for more than the test run. I like to go very light on the eyebrow in order to keep from having a very harsh looking brow. I don’t want my brows to be the focal point of my face. If I draw light with these pencils it looks like a red-brown. If I go nuts and draw on some scouse brows then the color seems to look more brown, but honestly I do not favor the intense brow look. I am genuinely surprised by the amount of 5 star votes. That is the only reason I decided on this pencil. Getting it now, I’m wondering what hair color these 5 star voters have or if they just favor very severe brows!

Liza Pleasant Plains, IL

Too dark…

Too dark for light blondes, does not look natural. The description should of been dark blonde or taupe, this way I would not have wasted my money.

Julie Stephenson, VA

Just Right

I have black eyebrows and fair skin and reddish brown hair. These fill-in the sparse areas of my brows with just the right color. Great price and great service from UrBargain.

Patrica Bremen, AL

Just the right color of neutral brown

The color “blond” adds a light shade of neutral brown to my eyebrows, which are sparse and very light. I tried “light brown” but that color is reddish and more suitable for a redhead. These pencils last a very long time and are easy to sharpen with an ordinary hand held pencils sharpener of the one that sometimes accompanies Maybelline’s packaging. The price on Amazon was almost $1.00 less than at my local chain pharmacy.

Martha Durham, MO

Not Just For Blondes!

It took me awhile to finally figure out a blonde eyebrow pencil works best for me. My eyebrows are light brown but they’re becoming more sparse as I age. Using light brown shades always give a fake look and still appear too dark. I falsely assumed (from just looking at) Maybelline’s blonde pencil color that it would be too light. Until I actually tried it–this one is perfect. It applies easily, stays put, and looks very natural with light brown eyebrows.Don’t let the color of this pencil fool you. Obviously from the good reviews here, Maybelline blonde pencil works great for blondes, but it also works well for light brown eyebrows too. I was worried I’d never find anything to complement aging eyebrows, but this works wonderfully. I’m so glad Amazon made this hard to find item available through their add-on program at such a reasonable price.

Angelia Allston, MA


I recently became a blonde and my brows were too dark. These pencils are great quality and lasted me for quite some time considering their size. I just wish they were standard size like eyeliner pencils.

Avis Boqueron, PR

Maybelline eyebrow pencil

I’ve been using this for at least twenty years and it’s still wonderful. The price is also great. Try it. You’ll really like it.

Magdalena Catlett, VA


I’m very light blonde, and although I have eyebrows, they’re not visible. This pencil has enough pigment for both light lines and thick, full eyebrows – and the color still stays natural. The tone is like gray-blonde, but I found it perfect if your want prominent eyebrows. The pack comes in 4. I’ll be using these for while, that’s for sure.

Ernestine Newport, NE

These are great.

Will never change brands from Maybelline. They stopped making Charcoal Grey but the closed alternative is Blonde. Fantastic price and works quite well for my purposes.

Lina Nancy, KY

Perfect color!!

My hair is light ash blonde & these pencils are perfect! They are neither soft nor hard. They’re perfect so you are able to fill in your brows as light or dark as you need.Definitely recommend these for light blondes!!!

Monica Burt, IA

Nice eyebrow prncil

This is a nice eyebrow pencil that comes in nice colors and works fairly well on my eyebrows I would purchase this again.

Letitia Piedmont, OK

Smooth and affordable

These are great. They go on easy, stay on, and look great. Also, the twin pack is affordable. I recommend.

Berta Arctic Village, AK

Maybelline new york expert wear twin brow and eye pencils, 107 blonde

Nice pencils, easy to apply and don’t wear off easily. They last a long time, and don’t seem to dry out.

Estela Pine Village, IN

Exactly what I needed!

I have blonde hair and dirty blonde eyebrows. My eyebrows are not dark enough to use a brown eyeliner/eyebrow pencil but not extremely light either. I’ve been comparison shopping for a while, reading reviews to see which blonde eyebrow pencils people had the most success with, and the Maybelline pencils seemed to have the most positive reaction from customers. I ordered the Maybelline eyebrow pencils in 107 Blonde and even after reading the raving reviews, I was still a little skeptical that the pencil would be so great. But for practically a dollar a piece, I was willing to try it.I only have one word to say about them: EXCELLENT!!These are probably the best eyebrow pencils that I have ever used, they match my natural dirty blonde eyebrow color almost perfectly. My eyebrows now look sculpted yet natural and all I did was brush on a little bit of the pencil, blend, and then highlight underneath.This was a fantastic investment and getting two of these babies for two dollars and quick shipping, it’s a steal! I will definitely be repurchasing, but hopefully these last a while.

Frances Orleans, CA

Madeline brow pencils

Only product I use for my eyebrows in blonde color of course have tried others and go back to these every time thanks

Gretchen Saint Paul, KY

Best blonde color I’ve been able to find

The blonde shade is the lightest I’ve been able to find. Most brands call their color “blonde,” but it’s too dark for my brow/hair color. This color is super natural for lighter blondes.

Leann Waxahachie, TX


I’ve never used an eyebrow pencil before, but my experience with this product is great. I love it! It goes on well and lasts all day, not to mention it was a perfect match to my hair. I’m glad it came with two. It was a great deal.

Kerri Marine, IL