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Maybelline New York Expert Wear Twin Brow and Eye Pencils, 101 Velvet Black, 0.03 Ounce

Dual purpose pencils work as defining brow filler and a precision eyeliner. Two pencils per pack.Waterproof formula lasts all day.

Key features

  • 2 dual purpose pencils per pack
  • Defining brow filler
  • Precision eyeliner

Honest reviews


You can find cheaper

These eyebrow pencils are alright if you’re not very heavy handed when it comes to applying makeup. The color does fade throughout the day and lasted me about six hours before I noticed that I had to "retouch" my eyebrows. If you do your eyebrows everyday, these will not last very long.

Christy Readstown, WI

good, but they are both the same thing

the quality is good, and the color is strong enough, but both pencils are the same. so I don’t get why they advertise the package as a twin brow and eye pencils. one of the would be enough for those who want to use it on both eye and eyebrows, and for those who are looking for more specific products, it’s useless to pay for a twin package. you will get two of the exact same thing.

Felecia Fancy Gap, VA


These are great eyebrow pencils. It’s good quality and not too soft. It holds up really well. I highly recommend these over eyeshadow shaders.

Christa Scranton, AR

Can’t go without

Love this as an eyeliner. Have tried many and this is the only one the I found that doesnt completely smudge. You do have to reapply to waterlines through out the day but it’s worth it. I like to burn it for a second with a lighter… Let it cool off and then apply. love it!

Cara Ashland, ME

I’m never using another eyeliner again

I was about to go out one day and couldn’t find my cheap eyeliner- so I ended up grabbing one of these babies, and after my mother’s directions on using my lighter to soften the tip(taking an astonishing 15 seconds to do), I was transformed into a beauty queen. No lie, every time I wear this stuff I get a compliment on it. It’s smooth, it’s a solid black, and I love it.Don’t hesitate. Buy in bulk. Give it to friends. Spread the beauty!

Eula Palmyra, NE

Nothing to complain about!

These brow pencils are cheap and last long. They are excellent on my brows. I Will be ordering again soon

Jesse Stone Lake, WI


this eyeliner is a bit harsh to apply. you have to really press hard to get a good amount of black on your lid. when you do get the thickness of eyeliner you desire, it tends to smudge and wear away within the hour. Ive had hot topic eyeliner that has worked better than this eyeliner.

Robbie Big Indian, NY

Maybelline Eye Brow Pencil

I love this product. It helps me do my eyebrows with my eye shadow. It also helps me with my eyeliner, too.

Edwina Munford, AL

I wish it would be more pigmented

I wish it would be more pigmented, i was looking for a pigmented pencil, when i read the reviews i tought that was what i’ve been looking for. I wasn’t. I don’t really use them. I’m gonna give them to someone else.

Marci Tuppers Plains, OH

Great brow pencil!

My friend showed me these and they work great. I got ’em in Velvet Black. It’s such a great steal! You get two for such a great price. It came on time and in great condition. Definitely will buy again.

Deana Bremen, IN


These pencils are the best product for filling in eyebrows. They’re just firm enough to draw in hairs where you need them and the black color is muted enough not to look harsh. Much better, and more natural looking, than the powder shadows that quickly wear off.

Cornelia Arcata, CA

MY OLD STANDBY, out performs the rest!

These are all you need. Black, basic, easy to use. My favorite for many years as an eyeliner. Priced right too!

Nelly Kenton, DE


Well, this wont work as a gel eyeliner, but definetely wont melt or leaving a raccoon eyes at the end of the day.I recommend this.

Tamra Mount Zion, WV

Rediscovery of the BEST eyeliner for inner lower lid/waterline!

First off, I’m one of those women that needs to line inside the lower lid/waterline. I just look foolish if I only try to line the lash line. I look very raccoon-like no matter how thin the line. Lining the waterline brings my whole look together. Anyway, this was one of the very first eyeliners that I’d ever used. I’m a teen of the 80s, so Wet&Wild was big as well. For awhile, my mom only bought me Wet&Wild products because that is all she could afford on our poor budget. Like many eyeliners, Wet&Wild would smudge by the end of the day. Then, the cholas (look it up on urbandictionary dot com) introduced me to this awesome product. I always admired their rich, smudge-free lined eyes. Yes, they wore a lot of makeup but it was fierce! I was in awe of their technique and results as I’d watch them reapplying their eyeliner on lunch break in the bathroom. So I finally bought my own Maybelline eyeliner and applied their techniques at home. It worked, and I got the desired results! This is a very dry stick, so using it to line inside the lower lid/waterline is impossible without some modification. The trick is to make sure the stick is sharpened. Then get a lighter and light the tip for one second and let cool of for about 5-10 seconds. This cooling time is essential (test on your hand if you’re unsure prior to applying to waterline). If you don’t let it cool just a little, you might end up with melted crayon-like liner in your eye. This stuff stays pretty well and does not smudge. Because it is in the waterline, you will have to reapply a few hours later if you still desire the rich pigmented look. But you’d have to do that with other liners, too, AND deal with the bad smudge around the lash line after a few hours of wear. If you wish to line the lash line, you can do that with a liquid liner or use an angled brush and apply black eye shadow, which does not smudge. I only recommend this for the waterline. I can’t speak to it’s effectiveness on the brows because I used eye shadow for my brows. After trying to keep up with the Joneses and purchase expensive, trendy makeup throughout the years, I finally came back to my trusty rusty Maybelline liner. I’ve spent lots of money on all sorts of products, and while not all were bad, I always dealt with smudging. Then, one day I remembered how I used to use this and decided to try it now that I’m in my 40s. Low and behold, it is still a effective as it was in the 80s. I’m so glad I’ve given this a try again.

Lee Northridge, CA

Withstood the test of time

I’ve used this product since the 80’s and no other eyeliner can match it. It goes on as smooth and dark as velvet and last the whole day.

Kasey Pendleton, IN


I use these to fill in my eyebrows and sometimes for eye liner. It isn’t too dark or too heavy and actually works better than my liquid liner.

Nanette Dedham, IA

Legendary Eye Pencil

I’ve been using this brand of eye brow pencil since the 70s. I’ve tried just about every brand and always come back to this original brand. I’ve been using this maybelline eye pencil and the maybelline great lash mascara since for ever. I use the Stills liquid eyeliner and Revlon eye shadow and my eye makeup is complete. I’ve never had any issues with these eye pencils at all and the price is outstanding online and in most retail locations.

Samantha Meherrin, VA



Ruthie Ottertail, MN

Glides On

I am very satisfied with this product. It is an easy application and creamy. It is also at a reasonable price.

Jeri Nemo, TX

Decent for the price.

They’re decent. I normally use Wet n Wild eyeliner and take a lighter to the pencil tips to get a creamy consistency. These ones I do that to as well to get a thick, dark line. But they’re not as hard as the super cheap brands–so if you’re looking for a normal line, you’ll probably be fine with this product. It’s a good middle brand for a decent price. I long for the days of the super dark Sephora eyeliner I got for Christmas one year…but spending $18 on a pencil gives me conniptions. This one is more acceptable for my super thrifty (cheap) ways.

Benita Gaysville, VT