Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quads, Chai Latte 22q, 0.17 Ounce

Easy to use. lots to choose. Just sweep the brush x4. Four coordinating shades with step by step application guide makes shadow easier than ever. All day crease proof wear. Glides on effortlessly with superior smoothness. Velvet tip applicator blends without tugging or pulling. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, ophthalmologist tested.

Key features

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer
  • Four coordinating shades with step by step application guide
  • All day crease proof wear
  • Velvet tip applicator

Honest reviews


My new favorite shadow.

I am so glad I found this product because it has become my new favorite I just wish there were more color palettes to chose from.Pros-easy to use-if you are unsure of how to apply the product detailed instructions are available on the back-the palette really looks nice once you get the hang of itCons-I wish there were more colors to chose fromPlease be aware there are sparkles in the highlighting color so if you don’t want sparkles don’t buy it. It is not overly sparkly like a stripper but they are noticeable.

Theresa Fairfield, VA

Chai Latte or Sunlit Bronze

* For an everyday summer look try the Maybelline New York Chai Latte or Sunlit Bronze quad shadows* I like to use these at work or for traveling light* A great find for the price

Rosalyn Methuen, MA

Sparkly and sexy!

I love these colors together. The eye shadow blends on my skin well and looks great. It has a nice shimmer to it as well. I’ve received several compliments when wearing this eye shadow.

Alissa Wickatunk, NJ

Pretty good

Gorgeous colours :)Great every day make up. :)Cannot blend with the brushes given though.Great for every skin tone.

Goldie Lorimor, IA

Very natural

Amazing for a natural look!!!! All colors suit my skin tone. Maybelline has fantastic palettes. Will definitely purchase Again!!!!! Cheap beginners make up alternative

Ma Mount Carmel, SC

Nice neutrals

Great everyday quad. Need a good eye primmer to make colors pop. There’s a bit of fall out, but that was expected for the price.

Lena Aurora, IL

Great colors!

Love the colors and the subtle hints of shimmer. This is a great color combo and I use them all the time!

Lela Halifax, MA

good nude colors

I like to wear shades of brown eye shadow. This is a great little compact, especially for the price.I love the gold shade, but it is too sparkly to wear during the day — although it’s great for date night!! Even the liner portion has a bit of sparkle, so it’s not good for daytime wear. But again, wonderful for night.I’m not sure how long wearing this is, because I tend to wear it only in the evening.

Gwendolyn Arkansas City, KS

Maybelline Eye shadow Chai Latte

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this eye shadow. I recently purchased Urban Decay’s wildly popular Naked 2 pallet and while I love that product, it is expensive. This little set looks great at a fraction of the price. The colors are highly pigmented and gorgeous. This is an especially nice set of colors for blue eyes. Also good for the makeup novice as it comes with suggestions on where to place each shade. So to summarize, not quite up to par with Urban Decay, but surprisingly comparable.

Ruthie Fairmount, ND

Great eyeshadow

I love the colors and it is a great price. It is marked also to show you where each color should go.

Jessie Piney Creek, NC

good quad for the price

I think this quad is a good quality, not great. I find that there isn’t much pigment and it takes quite a bit of layering for it to show up on the eyes. I love the neutral colors though.

Chelsea Elkhorn, NE

I Love it

Love the colors and they stay on well. Great price and lasts a long time. The color did not smear and stayed on all day.

Dana Henryton, MD


i love the colors the only thing is that the makeup was opened & it didnt come with any little brush it looked a bit used

Rosella Thomas, OK

Great Neutral Colors

My friend who has a lot of makeup (including department store brands) highly recommended this one to me. She uses it a lot. It’s not only a good price but also good quality, highly pigmented, and a good color combination. It even has a photo on the back with directions on where to apply the crease, lid, corner, and base colors. The applicators are not very good though. Should use a good eyeshadow brush to blend the colors.

Jasmin Somerville, MA

Fantastic colors!

I originally ordered this product and it arrived in poor condition: busted up container, missing one application wand, broken shadows. I did however LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!!! I asked if I could just get a replacement and Amazon sent me a replacement SUPER FAST!!! This one arrived in perfect condition and the colors are just perfecto. Happy neutral eyes! 😉 Amazon made the correction easy and the representative I chatted w was professional and super helpful. Me=Happy Amazon shopper w good looking eyeshadow! 🙂

Alyssa Plantersville, AL

Good eyeshadow. Applicator is not good.

I dont like the applicator that comes with the eyeshadow, but its your standard sponge applicator. The eyeshadow itself is great, and long wearing. The gold is a very bronzey gold and super shimmery. The dark brown looks great for a smoky effect and you can very easily go for a more neutral or bold look depending on the combination and how many layers you use. overall, a great product.

Emilia Herington, KS

Good color

Easy to apply and achieve great color/ shading with the four panels. I like the little bit of sparkle in the color.

Arlene Humphreys, MO

Easy to use, looks great

I love this stuff. My eyes are really sensitive – I have had reactions numerous times to different eye shadows–from the super cheap stuff at the grocery store to department store brands that blow my budget. This one has yet to bother me. The pigment in this shadow is good–not as good as Smashbox or LARS, but it’s far better than any of the other brands I find in the makeup aisle at Walmart or Target. The instructions are helpful too–they walk you right through the first application. As would be expected, the little sponge brushes that are included are totally useless, but I use shadow brushes anyway. I really like the colors!

Kaitlyn Northfield, NJ

perfect shades

love these shades… did both my eyes and my roommates eyes yesterday, got numerous compliments. best if you do thick black eyeliner for a dramatic look.

Angelina West Newton, MA

Best browns ever

There is nothing about this pallet I do not like. Makes a fantastic neutral smokey eye and I love the brown shadow for my eyeliner as well.

Camille Marathon, NY

Great staying power!

I knew that I loved this make-up as soon as I put it on. The colors were vibrant, complimented my hazel/brown eyes and looked dynamite with my kohl black eye liner. However, when I came home from work more than nine hours later and caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror, I was really sold. The colors were just as beautiful as when it was first applied. A humid day that usually encourages the oil on my skin to flow didn’t even budge it!I am so excited by my purchase of Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow Chai Latte, that I absolutely will try other colors. Ladies, this is really good stuff, and I highly recommend it. For the price, this is totally amazing! Give it a try, and I guarantee you will go back for more.

Ingrid Lihue, HI

I really like this palette

I have greener than browner eyes and I would prefer a natural color palette to something pastel or neon any day. This one is pretty darn perfect. It’s super easy to switch up which one would be your base or liner, depending on what look you like. It’s been dropped several times and stays together and strong.

Gwendolyn Smyrna, MI


Eye shadow does not last throughout the day and clumps in creases. Good for a few hours wear perhaps at night, goes on smoothly.

Elena Covington, TN

Pigmentation varies

With maybelline eyeshadows, you never know what you’ll get in terms of pigmentation. But typically, lighter colors barely show up. With this quad, this is the case with the lightest "base" shadow. Also, the sparkly brown one isn’t that pigmented either. The "crease" and "lid" colors are very pigmented though and CAN give you a dramatic look if you desire.

Kari Milford, NJ

love this

Such an affordable price for a lovely little kit. Love these colors for everyday looks and even for smoky night out looks. Happily grateful. 🙂

Pam Somes Bar, CA

Amazing set of colors!

I’ve always loved Maybelline. From their mascaras, to their lipsticks, and of course, their eye shadows! I was super excited about this set of colors because I adore nude/natural colors but also like dark browns and beige’s. Well, this set fit my expectation perfectly. The colors stay on for a long time and I hardly had any fall out. Love love love this!

Joanna Santa Barbara, CA

Fabulous Color Matching

Not only does this product nicely match the hues within the color selection, but it also highlights the right color eyes perfectly! I highly recommend all eye colors to try this product, as the natural, beige, and latte mix tend to hit every skin tone and eye color naturally.One of Maybelline’s greatest assets in amplifying this product is the fact that there is a clear distinction and description of where to place the make-up on the eyelid. Not only does the color scheme fit nicely, but blended together, the shades dramatically illustrate the eyelid and eye.However, even though it is nice to have each square labeled, my compact was labeled by being written in the actual make-up. I saw subsequent versions have the descriptions on the lid, but every time the customer would go to use it, you would have to open and close the lid to see what shadow went where. I liked having the descriptions in the make-up, but after a few uses the writing was blended away. I know that some labels ended up with the descriptions on the back, and hopefully Maybelline caught on that this was the best way to go for those who had trouble applying the make-up to different areas of the eyelid.Overall, the make-up itself, when blended correctly and applied generously, last a very long time, with a high quality look. Done right, this make-up can look as if the most priciest eye shadow is on your eyelid. I very much recommend this product, not only because of the beautiful hues within the make-up, but for the long lasting shades, and the high quality of make-up for the low cost of the total compact.

Janna Alden, MI

I don’t like the lid color.

I think this eyeshadow pallet is pretty good, and it stays on well. However, I don’t really like the lid color (color 2), it appears really orange on my skin. I’m Asian, so it could be my skin tone that makes it seem this way. I do like the other 3 colors though, so I don’t think it’s a complete waste. Too bad the lid color is just too orange and makes me look funny.

Judi Fairfax, CA


The colors are quite a bit darker than anticipated, I had to wipe most of it off to get the soft color I was going for.

Brittany Akron, IN

For everyday use

Chai latte is a very good everyday eyeshadow for work or school. It has very neutral colors which can be used lightly and are still build-able. The base color kind of gets lost on my skin tone but I really like the shimmer on top. My favorite is still the urban decay naked palette but this would be an inexpensive option.Feel free to ask any questions regarding the product or my review and leave me feedback !Thanks

Mellisa Gibbonsville, ID