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Maybelline New York Expert Tools, Eyelash Curler

This eyelash curler gently lifts and curls lashes for a dramatic, wide eyed look.

Key features

  • Gently lifts curls lashes
  • The perfect partner to your favorite maybelline mascara
  • Curler pad refills available

Honest reviews


Maybelline New York…

I liked this product because it really does make your eyelashes look more beautiful. It might be similar to other eyelash curlers, but I’ve only used this one. I’ve never used this product but I’ve seen it being used. The curled eyelashes will last a long time which makes this product even more worth buying.

Wendi Frankville, AL

store brands are better

I usually buy the cheap eyelash curlers in the stores and I am fine using them, but I thought this product was priced great and it was Maybelline also so I bought it. First of all it doesn’t come with refills and there are no pads on the finger holes so it hurts your fingers because for some reason you have to really squeeze hard for it to work. I am throwing it away.

Lisa La Moille, IL

Not great for curling eye lashes

I bought this thinking it would work better than my old one. I was wrong. It is really hard to get it to curl your eyelashes.

Latasha Star City, IN


This is one of those extremely cheaply-made eyelash curlers on the market that you have to squeeze so hard to curl your lashes. It doesn’t even work…doesn’t curl my lashes! It doesn’t feel sturdy. It doesn’t come with any replacements. This is the kind of curler that always seems to painfully pull a few lashes on the outside of your eye. Sorry I purchased it at any price.

Marcy Madison, AR


This product seems to have been re-tooled somehow. Although it looks the same, it just doesn’t seem to produce quite the same results as the old version. The refills have also changed from the soft rubber to a more updated silicone or gel-type product, which seems to make it necessary to hold the curler longer and with more pressure to get the desired curl. Sometimes when you have a product that really works (and has for years), updates are more detrimental than helpful.

Desiree Leesburg, OH