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Maybelline New York Expert Eyes Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover, 2.3 Fl. Oz.

Gently removes waterproof mascara and eye makeup. Conditions and moisturizes delicate eye area. Fragrance free.

Key features

  • For waterproof washable eye makeup
  • Moisturizing
  • Fragrance free

Honest reviews


Really like it

It doesn’t bother my eyes like other products and it feels good when applying. Good buy. Would recommend to others.

Yvonne Chesterfield, VA

The best for removing mascara!

I have tried others but this is simply the best and removing mascara. It’s great for also removing MAC paint pot base for the eyes… and for cleaning the brush that comes with it.

Laurel Alston, GA

Far behind the Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

I am not trying to make advertise for the Mary Kay one I was just using it before I bought this Maybelline branded one,this one can do nothing with my waterproof Eye mascara also this bottle is so small,can be only used as a trave sized item!!

Krista Yoder, CO

Maybelline eye products are the greatest!

Maybelline eye products have a long history of producing excellent eye products. Maybelline mascara has always been a favorite of mine. I highly recommend theMaybelline Expert Eyes Mascara Remover, Moisturizing , 2.3 fl oz (68 ml). Try it, you will love it. I ordered this product from Amazon, my favorite place to shop!

Bobbi Gravity, IA

maybelline expert eyes mascara remover

this is the best mascarra remover on the market as far as I am concerned. It immediately removes even water proof mascarra. While it feels really greasy, that is easily removed with a good face wash

Rosanne Sadler, TX

Does what it claims.

Oily, and makes makeup slip off without having to apply pressure on the cotton pad. A little goes a long way. Cuts through heavy duty mascara, liner, shadow, you name it (I’ve used it on stubborn lip stains). You will have to wipe/clean the oil off your lids and lashes if you want to reapply makeup after using this. If you DO need to reapply after using remover, you should consider a water-based makeup remover that will evaporate so you don’t have to worry about oil residue causing your makeup to slip off. Usually I remove my makeup at the end of the day before bathing and don’t reapply makeup until the next day, so the oil doesn’t bother me. Will repurchase.

Teri Collierville, TN


Very good makeup remover, I’d like to use it, not too greasy, but after using the cleansing is very clean.

Kaitlin Edmore, ND

Wouldn’t be without it.

This is the best mascara remover I’ve ever used. It is easy to use, takes off all eye makeup including waterproof mascara and does not burn my eyes.

Lupe Tahoe City, CA

I did not like this one…

Not my favorite eye makeup remover…. It is a bit oily and I was still left with raccoon eyes after using it. I will not purchase this kind again

Adrienne Crestview, FL

work really well.

this gets off those fiber water proof mascaras that you would typically need sand paper to take off. I put it on before I wash my face and it comes right off. I don’t use tissue or cotton to wipe it off because I feel like it will take a lash with it. But that’s just me.

Gloria Upper Fairmount, MD

Good stuff!

I usually use Avon’s make up remover to take off my waterproof mascara and liner, but I find myself unhappy with the results. I was running out of the Avon remover and wanted something different to replace it, so I popped on to Amazon to see what was available. I ended up buying this make up remover based on the price and reviews and I’m actually really happy with my purchase!Here are a few things I’ve found about this make up remover:
• The bottle is about the size of the palm of my hand
• Fragrance-free
• Great price, especially the subscribe and save
• The product is an oil, which can be a little messy
• It is very moisturizing, which I love!
• If you plan on putting make up on after using this make sure to get every trace of oil off of your eyelid and eyelashes or your new/fresh make up won’t stick
• I squirt this remover onto a cotton pad or cotton ball and gentle wiggle it back and forth on my eye to remove my liner and mascara, the make up slips off easily. I tightline my eyes so sometimes that liner doesn’t come off with just wiping the cotton ball downwards, which is why I wiggle the cotton ball around on my eye
• After using this product I wash my face normally, and make sure to rinse around my eye area to remove the remaining make up remover
• A little goes a long way
• Didn’t hurt too bad when I accidentally got it in my eye (I accidentally got Avon’s eye make up remover in my eye and it was awful)I definitely will be repurchasing this product, it’s wonderful. I’ve found my new favorite eye make up remover, sorry Avon!

Doretha Cheltenham, MD


Excellent product. No skin irritation. Easily remove the remains of mask. I highly recommend it. Just saw him I knew it was good buy

Ila Waveland, IN

It’s all right

It does remove most of my eye makeup but not all. When I use it, it seems to remove it all but then I wash my face and see black mascara rings under my eyes. I’m using as directed, so I feel it’s not that effective. Also, it is moisturizing but too ‘oily’ for me. I find myself wiping my eyes on my face towel but still feel a residue around my eyes. I think it’s all right but I wouldn’t purchase again. Almay’s makeup remover pads did a much better job but they were somewhat drying … so I’m still on the lookout for an ideal mascara remover

Juanita Charlotte, MI


Works great to get Cover Girl Waterproof Mascara off and to me that is a great accomplishment

Tracie West Point, NY

Not my first choice

This is an oily formula that doesn’t seem to cause any breakouts. I use it at night, but it doesn’t fully remove the makeup until my shower the next morning (for waterproof mascara).

Rene Thetford, VT

Works very well

Works fast no matter what kind of eye makeup you use. Price is good….. easy to pack…. not eye stinging either.

Kim Jonesville, KY

It Works

A cheap eye makeup remover that works. If you find that your mascara does not go on as well every day, then maybe all the mascara was not removed. This works at night and leaves a little oil around your eyes that washes off without any problems.

Dominique Dougherty, IA

Great for waterproof mascara

This is the best I have found to remove waterproof mascara or any kind of mascara for that matter, & I have been using it for years. It just takes a couple drops & lasts forever (kinda oily & I assume that is why it works so well at removing the mascara & eye makeup). The price is a lot cheaper than most brands.

Lidia Greenup, KY

Pretty good

PRO: It removes make up wellCON: It feels like baby oil is on my eyelids afterwardsI imagine the oil free version (looks the same but in a blue bottle) should be just rightStill alright

Shelly Eudora, MO

It removes all

It can be a little greasy but that doesn’t bother me since I use a glycolic acid cleanser afterwards.I never have to use a lot to remove my mascara. I feel like with the non-oil based ones I waste so much. This is a good consistent product.

Shawna Westville, IN


If you are looking for a makeup remover that removes waterproof mascara this works great. It is oily so you only need a tiny amount on a cotton ball or pad. After wiping off all the mascara I recommend that you wash your face and areas around your eyes with a liquid soap you’d use to clean your face normally. Then splash a lot of water around your eyes especially so there is no oily residue left. If you don’t do this the oil can be slightly irritating and may make your eyes feel itchy. So make sure to remove the remover and you should have less problems.~The Rebecca Review

Lori Rodeo, CA

OK but very Oily

It was only OK because yes, it takes make up off great, but it’s very oily. So when you rub it on your eye lids, and say you don’t completely take all your eye make up off on accident, it will rub off when you try to put a different make up on because it’s oily. I would rather buy a store brand non oily one I think

Jane Jacksonville, OH

Works but other oils works just as well

I read Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover and thought "Hey, I can finally used something other than baby oil, or other house-hold oils," thinking that it wasn’t an oil bases remover. When it arrived I find out that this product is essentially just unscented mineral oil. It works and I’ll use it until it’s gone but I’ll go back to using coconut oil when it’s gone. If, like me, your use an unscented oil for moisturizing (I use coconut oil) then make it work double duty as a makeup remover as well and save a couple bucks and cut down on counter/makeup drawer clutter.

Margret Pierceville, KS