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Maybelline New York Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation, Caramel, 1.6 Ounce

Introducing Maybelline’s most lightweight foundation on earth, for 100% nude perfection. The weightless wonder of foam revolutionizes foundation. Dream nude airfoam’s ultra-refined pigments are lightly dispersed in air to create a nude perfect finish with a lightweight feel. SPF 16 helps protect skin from future sun damage.

Key features

  • Lightweight air-infused foundation
  • Nude perfect finish
  • SPF 16 sunscreen

Honest reviews


Very light and delicate

This stuff is great for light cover up. I can’t stand heavy foundations and sometimes I do use Garnier’s BB Creme (BB Creme is a foundation made famous by Koreans) but when I want something light, I use this airy foam. Evens out the skin tones and it’s not heavy.

Margery East Chicago, IN

Great coverage

I sadly got a color that was too dark, but I did not hesitate to re-order. This product has great, weightless coverage. It didn’t make me break out like most foundations do. The only thing I did notice is after a long day of use it started to get a little oily, but I didn’t put a top powder coat on that day so it could have been my fault as well. Either way, it’s definitely worth trying out! Just pay close attention to the color you’re ordering.

Mildred Accord, MA

Starting to lose faith in this brand of make-up

This is the worst foundation i’ve ever used. i bought this at cvs when the maybelline face products where 30% off and so i’d figured i’d give this a shot and ended up not liking it for these reasons: the foam was watery and messy and the coverage was way too sheer (never been a fan of sheer coverage foundations). i wish i could get my money on this horrible foundation. from now on, i’m sticking with foundations in either the liquid, mousse, and mineral format.

Yvette Rensselaer Falls, NY

I have a love / hate relationship with this stuff…

I want to like this product. I really do, but the cons definitely outweigh the pros.Pros:- The foundation is very light and airy. I have combination skin, and this doesn’t feel heavy and greasy on my face the way other foundations do.- It matches my skin tone perfectly, which is pretty rare for me. I have found that Maybelline foundations match my skin tone more closely than any other comparable brand (Covergirl, Revlon, etc.)Cons:- This dispenses WAY too much product. It doesn’t matter how gently I press down on the nozzle – a ton comes out every single time. I end up rinsing half of it down the sink. What a waste of my money.- The product also goes everywhere. I end up wiping down the mirror, counter, and sometimes the floor because it just explodes when you press on the nozzle. Super annoying, and again, a waste of money.- It takes a lot of blending to get the foundation to look natural on my skin. It kind of smears around and looks streaky before it finally evens out.I’ll continue to use what I have, but I won’t be buying this again.

Bonita Pelsor, AR

It doesn’t cover everything.

The product was good overall. Although the one I ordered was too dark, so I think I will try the caramel. It is very light, and not cakey.

Karen Cloverdale, OH

Starting to lose faith in this brand of make-up

This is the worst foundation i’ve ever used. i bought this at cvs when the maybelline face products where 30% off and so i’d figured i’d give this a shot and ended up not liking it for these reasons: the foam was watery and messy and the coverage was way too sheer (never been a fan of sheer coverage foundations). i wish i could get my money on this horrible foundation. from now on, i’m sticking with foundations in either the liquid, mousse, and mineral format.

Cathy Kure Beach, NC

nice legs

I use this product for my legs so I dont have to wear pantyhose. It is alot cheaper than buying self tanner. It stays on and does not streak.

Elsie Cogswell, ND

I must be in the minority here…

I never wanted a foundation to make me look caked up or super covered. I really appreciate the fact that this foundation is super lightweight but also buildable and has never broken me out. It matches my skin tone perfectly, even better than Clinique and Mac which I’ve tried and hated.I think people aren’t realizing that the NUDE aspect of the foundation is why it is so light- Maybelline has other foundations that are heavier and maybe those could work for those who need more coverage. I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a foundation that can make their skin even and glowy without the extra heavy coverage.

Ethel Causey, NM

Not much coverage

This was the first time I’ve used this product and I liked the color and application but it doesn’t seem to have very much coverage. I ended up using this with another foundation that I already owned.

Fanny Shellsburg, IA

My favorite foundation

I love this foundation. It’s light, airy, and makes my skin look soft and flawless. It lasts all day even in the hot Arizona summer and works beautifully over my moisturizer. I never break out with this product, and I have really sensitive skin. I hope Maybelline continues to make this foundation because it is perfect for my skin and is a very reasonable price on Amazon.

Erin Butner, NC

Very Light Coverage

I saw this product on super sale and decided to pick it up and try something new. I certainly wont be picking another up. I picked the lightest shade and it is very orange tinted on my fair skin. (I’m usually the 1st or 2nd lightest shade in all foundations). If you arent much of a foundation girl, this may work for you but I enjoy a nice full coverage with less work.Lets talk about how it works:Its messy. First you shake it, then you spray it out (it suggests on the back of your hand and then rubbing it in with your fingers). Why am i doing so many steps and why are my hands covered in base? It is incredibly sticky until it dries. There is some drying time… I use this time to wipe my hands down.Coverage: sheer to light. I can get this to build up a little, but once I get too much it starts settling into my pores and looking a mess. You will not be covering any face demons with this guy. It does, however, cover my redness.Does it last? No. By itself I dont make it even close to my 9 hour days end. With a concealer and powder added i get closer to the end, but where I havent concealed i look red and blotchy.How I use it: This is my "Im just running to the store but cant look hungover" base. It gives a barely there help that lasts long enough to get through some short errands.Will I buy again? Absolutely not. It was great to try new things, but I am certainly going back to liquids and brushes!

Helene Cambridge, NE


It hardly cover anything, I hate how hard it was to get the foundation out and the application was difficult.

Bertha Cookeville, TN


This product did not look like the advertised picture. It did not match and was lighter than the picture. Awful

Allene Oakland City, IN


About the only positive thing I have to say about this foundation, is the fact that you get 50 ml of product, rather than the usual 30 ml. But I’m not even sure where to begin regarding the things I dislike about this product.Packaging-Pretty much awful. Getting a reasonable amount to come out is pretty much impossible. The nozzle isn’t easy to press. When you do press it, a big glob comes out.Consistency-I was expect it to be almost like shaving cream. But it’s not even close. I shook it really well. It did foam, but it deflated really quickly and turned into a thin, runny, liquid. It was literally dripping down the sides of my hand. It was nasty.Coverage-This foundation provides VERY minimal coverage. Imagine taking a glass, filling it with water, squirting in some liquid foundation, stirring it up, and applying it to your face. That is about how much coverage this foundation gives you. I applied 3 very thin layers, and achieved only sheer coverage. If you want anything other than sheer coverage, you can pretty much forget it. It just isn’t going to happen with this foundation. It doesn’t cover any type of blemish or even redness.Color-I purchased this in Natural Beige. I am not extremely fair, but I am light-medium. I usually use the lightest medium shade. Natural Beige has been a good match for me in other foundations. But that was not in the case with this foundation. I could tell as soon as I squirted it out, it was going to be way too dark. The really sad thing is that Natural Beige is actually one of the lighter shades. When I tried applying it, which wasn’t easy, it looked absolutely awful. It could see that it was obviously way too dark. It was a really funky kind of brown-orange color. Definitely not attractive. This foundation is pretty much a hassle around around. I paid almost $13 for this, and it definitely is not worth it. Even with the extra 20 ml of product. I wiped it off and ended up returning it to the store for a refund.If you have perfect skin and only need minimal coverage, then this foundation is for you. But otherwise, I don’t recommend this foundation and will not repurchase.

Gena Hazel Green, WI


I didn’t like it. It come’s out to much. They Classic Ivory is not at all the right color I thought it’s a LOT darker then I thought. I am not impressed with it.

Jacquelyn Lloyd, MT

I didn’t like this as much as I had hoped…

This foundation tends to go on runny, and looks very streaky once applied. The color of the makeup also is a bit too orange for my taste, but that might just be a personal preference. I usually like most Maybelline products, but this one was something of a disappointment.

Leann Parrish, FL

its perfect

but dont forget to shaike it before use , when you applay it on your skeen its so soft as if you didnt put any make up

Flossie Bellvale, NY

It’s ok…

I love that this foundation is super light weight, it feels like you’re wearing absolutely no makeup but after trying several of the light colors I still haven’t found the right shade. I’m pale & it makes me look orange. I believe it’s the same problems other have had with this foundation but I’m hoping I will be able to use this over the summer when I’m tan.

Lea Hamilton, GA

Not for dry or aging skin

I bought this foundation because I thought it might be a less expensive version of Olay Definity Color Recapture, Light/Medium, 1.7 Ounce, a product that I like, but the color is sometimes inconsistent from one bottle to the next. From the description, I thought this foundation would feel light and a give my skin a "glow" like the Oil of Olay product, and this one had a lot more color choices. But it was the opposite. It was light, but made my skin feel dry once the product dried on my face. I say "dried" because it didn’t feel like it soaked in and moisturized at all and the Natural Beige was a yellow color rather than what I’ve come to expect as beige. I could really see this when I wiped it off with a tissue. It was a sickly color.It has a very matte finish and even on the underside of my arm where I first tested it, it looked dry and dull. This might be a good product for someone with really oily skin, but for me it was awful. I normally like Maybelline products and have purchased their eye make up for years, but this foundation was disappointing.

Jasmine Navarre, MN


Umm I mean for $3 what did I expect? It really just doesn’t cover anything like I’m so disappointed. Very

Kim Taft, TX

Cakey and thick, no matter how little you try to use.

It’s fine… I mean it’s kind of cakey even if you only use a little, and it makes my face feel all gross and sticky for a while… I just ended up wiping it off because it felt so unnatural.

Michaela Maplewood, WI


perfect color and it last! i still have mines and i love how it is smooth and feels like you have nothing on

Mandy Tishomingo, MS

Like a mousse you can’t see

This review is NOT about the seller-the seller sent this on time with no problems. Im writing this for the product itself. I am here to tell you now that you will barely be able to even see that you have any foundation on. The coverage is extremely light even though the color is sun beige. It is more like a mousse when it comes out. I will probably give it away.

Trina Middleton, MA

Too dark for me and when you try to use a little, instead you get a whole lot more

The color was not the right color for me. I honestly didn’t like the whole airfoam thing and when I pressed the pump for just a little dab, instead I got 10x more. Really annoying so I stopped using it. You’re better off with a different foundation.

Willie Nubieber, CA