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Maybelline New York Dream Mousse Blush, 10 Pink Frosting, 0.2 Ounce

Air soft formula provides luminous, long lasting color to cheeks. Glides on smoothly and blends easily for seamless color and a natural, radiant finish. Air whipped mousse delivers a satin soft feel on skin. Long wearing formula will not clog pores.

Key features

  • Air soft formula
  • Luminous color
  • Blends easily

Honest reviews


Wonderful Light Sheer Tints

I have every kind of blush as I love to use different products depending on the time of year or my skin conditiion. I’ve used this for a year and it’s a beautiful sheer blush. It blends easily and can be layered for more color. I think it’s a great blush for a teen or young girl. It has a very slight sheen but that lends a fresh look to the cheeks. You can also dust powder over it if you like. It’s worth adding it to your makeup collection as an alternative to powder or cream blush.

Janis Columbia, LA

Great mousse blush maybelline all ways come though with great products.

Iam so happy I found this for some reason lately I have not been able to find the mousse blush any where it’s not like they are not stocking this item where I live but I found it on here I got the pink frosting one I have two others that are half empty but different shades I like this blush cause it last all day and I don’t have to retouch at all very fast shipping from web’s best deals shipping was free will deal with this seller again cause they have this blush and what a great price as well could it beat it.

Denice Stoneham, CO

Great blush!

This blush is a beautiful rose color that I can imagine would look great on pretty much anyone as long as their skin is somewhat pale. My complexion is more to the light/medium range, so it doesn’t show up so much. Yet, I like it since it looks extremely natural. It’s very sheer as well, so you may need to reapply to get a good color depth. I liked everything about it (it didn’t sink into my large pores to create blush colored blackheads!) except the size. I’ll probably blow through this blush in less than 6 months, since it takes a fair amount to get a result. My powder blushes last much longer than this…so I won’t be using this every day. I’m saving this for winter when my skin is paler & hope it will last longer.

Concetta Brigantine, NJ

Love love love it! Great blush!!!!!

I can’t believe Maybelline discontinued this! I find these blushes to be really good quality at an affordable price! Why do they discontinue all good products?! The Maybelline dream collection I find it to be the BEST they have come out with, I have both; the liquid and mousse foundation and love them (prefer the mousse over the liquid though), the concealer (which is also discontinued) is amazing, these are much better than the new replacement bouncy blushes!! (don’t like those)The dream mousse blushes come in beautiful colors and awesome quality, blend well, great pigmentation, beautiful finish! Thanks to amazon I found them again, hopefully they don’t run out!I have them in peach satin, rose petal, and soft plum. (my personal favorite is the soft plum, is sooo beautiful)

Pauline Nellysford, VA

Perfect for fair skin

I have extremely fair skin and I’m not a fan of powder blushes. I had actually been using a cream lip stain before trying this blush.Well, I love it. I’ve had one pot of Peach Satin for almost two years, and I’m just now having to replace it. In fact, I’m only replacing it because it’s a bit dry, not because it’s lacking product.If you’re a medium or darker skin tone, I would get a darker shade or you might be disappointed with the amount of product needed per application. For light light skin, you can use a really soft touch and still get gorgeous color.

Elba Manchester, OH

Best Blush!

From Mac to Sephora- I have done it all. I decided to go for something that is a little in my budget right now. I came across this and I am now inlove! I wouldn’t exactly call it a “cream” blush, as the cream blushes I have tried before resemble a glue stick packaging. I have super pale skin and it is hard for me to find a color that does me justice! This blush doesnt washout my face at all and makes my cheek color perfect! The blush has a shimmery tint which I believe makes it just a little bit better. It turns into more of a powder once placed on your cheeks- where other cream blushes are more sticky. I find this blush more original and worth it!

Carey Polo, IL

Goes in nice and easy

I am not a makeup wearer, but when I do, this goes on very easy and smooth and it lasts all work day.

Lara Lignite, ND

i love this stuff!!!

I really love this blush! I know that a cream blush is not for everybody, some people don’t like it, or it doesn’t go well with whatever foundation/powder they use, but for me, this works better than any blush I have! I LOVE THE COLOR! it goes on very smooth, doesn’t streak, or streak my makeup, it doesn’t mess with my makeup (foundation/powder) at all!!!!!!!! and I use MANY different powders and foundations, in different combos, all the time, I have many, and depending on what im doing that day, I wear different ones, but I always wear this blush with all of them, and I have not had a problem with any of them mixing wrong or it causing a streaking or any other type of problem with any of my different makeup combos. this shows up just right, it only takes a little bit, a little will go a long way, so this will last a little while, even though I use it pretty much every day! it stays on all day, on occasion I may do a touch up, if I am touching up my make up from wearing all day and plan to go out at night as well, but other than that I don’t have to normally touch it up. it is the perfect blush for me, and I love how it goes on, how smooth it is, how little it takes, how it doesn’t fade away throughout the day, and last all day, couldn’t ask for more from a blush, this is beyond perfect! and it does not break out my sensitive skin, which is very important and a huge plus!! so is the price, it is a great deal, and its gonna last a little while, so you cant beat it!!! perfect 5 stars!

Bernice Mascot, VA

Hard to apply evenly

I love the color, and that it is very sheer and natural looking, but the cream formula is taking some practice for me. I can’t quite figure out how much to use. Too much and I have a clown face.

Rachelle Matlock, IA

no way

I don’t understand what type of skin the glowing reviewersa have but mine certainly isn’t compatible with this. I have visible pores, combination skin. This light as air mousse went on and I could not get even coverage nor was it visible enough. The color was not vivid and for me to achieve, I had to sweep powder blush on top. If you have skin like mine, skip this and stick to powder or blush sticks.

Tracy Dove Creek, CO

Not all that

I think there are good colors with this mousse blush, but I have a hard time putting it on, I have to apply several times before I get anything and then it kind of blends into my face rather than defining my cheeks or whatever. So it’s ok, but not all that. Definitely not a miracle wonder.

Jennifer East Springfield, PA

Cute Color

I really like this shade of color and it adds simmer to my face without over doing it. I also like that it’s a mousse instead of a powder so it doesn’t have a blowout in my makeup bag.

Latanya Rhome, TX


I thought it would be darker but its a little too light for me and its very glittery. Not a natural look, but its cute for those who like glitter and shimmer. super fast shipping which was awesome!

Pat New Baltimore, MI

It’s Peachy! I Love It!

This had a strange texture but not in a bad way, almost like jello. Perhaps a bit aged or has gone through some extreme temp changes at a warehouse, but still is very nice, smooth and has a fresh smell, not at all like it’s too old. The color is fabulous. It’s a soft warm peach with no sheen or shimmer. It is a true peach. I love it and hope I’ll still be able to find it here on Amazon in the future.

Angela Alba, TX


a bit more golden shimmer to it than i would like but what can i say, i like this blush. it has a great texture and can look natural and fresh if applied the right way

Alexandria Bakersville, OH

This is one of the best blushes you will ever use!!

Snag this product on Amazon, because it seems to have disappeared from the stores where I always purchased it. It’s sooo much better than Maybelline’s newer formula — Bouncy Blush. Ehh. Nowhere near as good as Dream Mousse Blush. The Peach Satin is one of the nicest colors I’ve used, and it’s so nice that people have actually commented on how nice I look when I use it — people who never really say anything about cosmetics.If you give it a try, you will probably go back to it again and again!

Mary Royal, IL

Way too sparkly

I was hoping that this would be a good formula to get my skin through the dry winter air. It is super creamy and blends easily. Unfortunately, the color is terrible. It’s a very cotton candy pink, rather than the soft natural pink I wanted. It might work better on someone with a dark complexion – I’m very fair and it just looked costumey on me. Also, there’s SO MUCH SPARKLE. It looks like I’ve splashed glitter all over my face. It might work for a middle school dance, but it’s certainly not office appropriate.

Selena Nipton, CA

I love this color

The only negative thing I would say is that is really small I should had read how big was the blush, other then that is a beautiful color and it last the whole day!

Tiffany Tustin, CA

great blush

Goes on smooth and is easy to blend. Has a nice color and glow to look very natural. The color was as pictured and can be applied light or dark (day to evening) depending on amount used.

Myrtle Coalmont, IN

Love this blush!!!

I have used this blush since it first came out..and I love it!! I have pretty dry skin and most blush makes me look either cakey or it makes my skin feel tight and dry..not fun! But with this mousee blush, it looks so natural and beautiful. I only put on the slightest bit and the color lasts all day. I thought at first the container was too small, but it lasts FOREVER because you hardly need any besides a little dab. This is the only blush I use now and everyone should give it a try…you won’t buy any other blush after!

Karen Galesburg, MI


I just hate it when stores stop carrying a product I use often. Very pleased to find it on here. It arrived very fast! The product was wrapped with extreme care and came new, unused, and with original product seal. Used it today and it works like a dream.

Karen Westfield, NY

Yes!!! Finally I have the best blush again!!

I think this might be the best blush ever made!! The texture makes it so beautiful on the skin. I was so upset when I couldn’t find it in stores anymore so when I saw it on here I got 3 containers of it. It’s just a wow product

Octavia Helotes, TX

Great Blush

I was looking for a creamy mousse type blush and this was perfect. The peach satin color gives a nice, natural glow to the cheeks. Definitely one of the best blushes I’ve ever had!

Tonia Ringgold, GA

Loved the Color

Really looks nice and goes on smoothly. My skin tends to get a little dry with power blush, but this worked well.

Joann Lewisville, AR

Could have been better

When I received this, I was surprised how small the container was. I was hoping the product would be great soon I was disappointed. The brush was way too creamy, I think it got melted and the color was way too soft(I got it in pink frosting) and it doesn’t show on my skin, just some shimmer.

Flossie Arvin, CA

best blush

i think this is the best blush ever! It is very blendable and smooth! Cant find it at walmart anymore though, so i will buy it here!

Renae Buck Creek, IN


I like it, I was obsessing over it till I finally bought it. It’s exacly the same substance as the "Dream Matt Moose". If you are looking for a really nice bright pink color, this is deffinatly the blush for you.

Gertrude Paoli, CO