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Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse Foundation, Light Beige, 0.64 Ounce

Revolutionary whipped formula provides air soft, perfect matte coverage, with a weightless feel. Blends effortlessly for a soft, natural looking, even toned result.

Key features

  • Whipped mousse texture
  • Matte perfect coverage
  • Weightless, air soft feel

Honest reviews


Not recommended

The only thing this works well for is if you are just trying to even skin tone. If you are trying to cover blemishes or if your skin is dry in the least this foundation is terrible. If your skin is dry it just dries it out more and makes your skin look like cracked desert sand and flakes off. You pretty much have to have soft flawless skin to begin with..but then you shouldn’t need foundation at all.

Adrian Moravia, NY

Awesome coverage, but made me break out

This foundation was SO easy to apply. I just dabbed it with the pads of my fingers and then blended it on my face. It was like magic – such even, flawless looking coverage! I was absolutely in love with this mousse foundation! That is, until I started getting extreme pimples (the large painful cysts) from it after about a week of all-day wear. I was so disappointed, because otherwise this was the perfect foundation. I have acne-prone and sensitive skin, though, so it may work for those girls who are blessed with non-temperamental skin. I’ll stick with my Maybelline mineral powder foundation.

Marquita Shiloh, TN

A very good drug store brand

I have used this makeup for over a year now and it is absolutely the best foundation I have ever used. It does not make my skin oily and I have been able to find a shade identical to my skin tone which is difficult to do with many brands of foundation, even the more expensive brands you buy in upscale stores. I have had many compliments from people while wearing this makeup who have told me how “perfect” my skin looks. Believe me when I tell you this, I do not have perfect skin! I have some red blotches and have developed some dark spots since I have gotten older – I am now 47. I highly recommend this product if you don’t like an oily makeup and have problems finding the right shade and/or need something that covers well without looking over done.

Tara Comptche, CA

love it

I have used this before, and wanted it again, I couldn’t find my color at the store, so I found it on here, and it was even cheaper on here than at the store! I will order it on here from now on because of that, plus it is just easier for me, I prefer to get stuff like this (and a lot of other stuff online and delivered because it is easier than going and searching the big store for it)…anyway, this makup is great, it makes my skin feel good, I cant even tell im wearing it, and it is not clacky, it does not cake up throughout the day, it last all day, mabey a few touch up here and there on the oily spots, but that’s it! it is very creamy, and goes on very smooth, no problems there, I really like the way it feels…it blends in good with your skin tone, isn’t splotchy, and doesn’t break out my skin… I cant say enough good stuff about this! I just love it and it is one of my favorites now… I recommend this to everyone!

Vonda West Fargo, ND

Creates a smooth appearance

Mabeline Matte Mousse Foundation is a favorite of mine. I am African-American, with a milk- chocolate complexion, and this foundation is the perfect shade. First, it creates a flawless look and it doesn’t take a lot to create this smoothness. The foundation is light, not heavy, and it lasts for many hours. I did not give 5 stars because oily skinned individuals will have to do touch-ups througout the day because it can make you appear like you have been sweating. However, a good toner to rid oil from your face before applying the make-up can help solve this problem.

Carol Marion, VA

Not worth the money!

I tried this matte mousse foundation and was so disappointed! My skin felt dry all day and I don’t like the coverage at all. I am surprised to see so many positive reviews about this product – I will definitely not buy it again.

Sarah Idabel, OK

Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse

I looked like Pennywise with this foundation on, but perhaps my color wasn’t right. Either way, I probably wouldn’t purchase again until I knew my exact shade.

Katina Seal Cove, ME

Its nice

It stays on longer than a mineral foundation and longer than some liquid foundations. I like the fact that a very tiny bit goes a long long way! Proper blending is required though. So you have to take you time to make sure you are completely even.

Gabrielle Frenchboro, ME

One of the best out there

This was for my sister. She tries all kinds of products, even though she doesn’t need it and her skin-doctor told her that, from the major companies this was one of the best out there.She just loved it and keeps using whenever needed and wouldn’t change even for MAC or Y

Debbie Baring, WA


I have bought 100.00 foundation and I can honestly say I only use this one. Makes me feel good andI love the smooth feel. thanks for this..

Leila Sidney, OH

Leaves a Soft & Satin Appearance – What more could you want?

The Maybelline dream matte mousse is not your typical foundation. It is whipped and is so light on your skin, that you barely notice it is on. However, the look is phenomenal. I never thought I could get a satin air brushed look outside of the modeling makeup, but sure enough this product delivers. It is now my favorite foundation and will be perfect for the spring & summer months. However, I probably will use this year round just to get the soft glow that the foundation gives my face.

Debra Ossineke, MI

causes breakouts

I brought this product and soon afterwrards severe breakouts appeared all over my checks. After that, I brought a higher end foundation, and my cheeks soon cleared up. Would not recommend this product.

Nadia Elgin, SC

Bad colors, good foundation.

I like this foundation because it applies smoothly and its matte. My main issue with this is that the colors are VERY off! I’m usually a medium shade in every single foundation I have ever used. I bought the this shade b/c it was one of the lightest medium shades and I figured it would be perfect. Wrong! Its very very dark and on the orange side. I was so surprised. I had to go to CVS and buy a shade that was 3 shades lighter! I honestly have no idea how fair skinned people could ever use this foundation b/c I’m a medium skin tone and I have to end up buying down into the ivory/light category. Very weird colors. If you can find the correct color, the foundation works well. Just be prepared to buy 3 pots to get the right shade or return them.

Ester National Park, NJ


The color is very rich and smooth. I love that it gives me nice, heavy coverage, without making my face look overly caked.

Lela Webb, MS

Great foundation

When I was considering this purchase, I read all the four star reviews (there were ONLY four star reviews) and just knew I had to try it . This foundation is so light and airy, it’s like I’m not wearing anything on my face, and I love that. Great, great product and I will buy this again. I got the porcelain ivory and the classic ivory shades. I’m fair skinned and both of these work. I recommend whole heartedly!

Bridget Mears, VA

Great Product

This is a wonderful foundation. It goes on light and doesn’t streak, even when I perspire on a hot day. It feels light on the skin and not heavy like some others I’ve tried.

Gayle Highmore, SD



Lottie Mulhall, OK

I’m in love!

I love this foundation. I have TERRIBLE skin. Oily, dry, acne prone. I never thought I could wear foundations, all others always caused bad things to happen to my skin. Not this one. I use my bare fingers to apply–a little goes a long way! So glad Amazon carries this–Porcelain Ivory color is hard to find in stores.

Jerri Imperial, MO

I like It !!

I’ve been using this foundation off & on for probably 4-5 years. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but it grew on me. I find that for the summer months, its actually a bit too powdery! Which I liked because its more matte but it can come off when you sweat from the humidity. ( I like in Florida & believe me it gets humid & sticky hot!) I prefer to use this more in the winter months. Just beware if you have problematic skin! It can amplify dry patches. I actually wish it lasted longer so I could use it all the time. This has light to medium coverage & is buildable which I like a lot! If I’m just going out for a night out, I use this stuff. It lasts long enough for me & I love the matte finish. 🙂 I doubt I’ll be buying again but I do like this stuff!

Rhonda Woodruff, SC


I have really oily skin. I used this with the powder and it kept my face matte for the majority of the time compared to other foundations that I use to use. I would need to blot maybe twice or three times throughout the day. My friends all noticed a difference. Now, I mix the foundation with my BB cream and it has been doing very well! I don’t need to do touch ups and blot only once a day.

Terri Castaic, CA

Don’t Like!

I’ve bought Matte Mousse before and LOVED IT! But this… I do not like it, the color looks real light in the jar, but when you put it on it looks orange.

Leanne Dixon, CA

Great foundation

Love the velvety feel! Classic ivory matches me PERFECTLY. I’ve never had a foundation that matched so well before. It’s great for oily skin. Will buy again.

Rachelle Kenton, DE

It’s okay.

This product looks nice on parts of my face which aren’t dry, but makes the dry part worse. I put moisturizer to make it better but I guess I would use this make up in the summer when my skin becomes oily.

Silvia Lagrange, ME

How did I not find this sooner?

After using my first skin79 BB cream, I swore I would never go back to foundation. After a few years, I got a little fed up with how long shipping took to get my beloved BB cream to me, and as the summer months came my skin tone would change. Therefore; I began to mix foundations into my BB cream to slightly change the color. Many of the ones I’ve tried broke me out like crazy, but then I started reading reviews for this and decided to buy it. Im so glad I decided to! Its one of the only porcelain foundations I’ve found that mixes well with my BB cream, doesnt break me out, and has a GREAT finish to it. I add a small amount of clinique gel moisturizer and BB cream to a dollop of this, and voila! Perfection. Love this product.

Allison Denio, NV


I like this product because I don’t like powder foundations. It goes on smoothly at first and blends well, but as time goes on, the mousse seems to get dryer and harder to apply/smooth out. I’ve noticed that finger tapping the tiniest bit of lotion into it in the jar seems to help a little with that problem.

Mable Sadler, TX

Maybelline NY Dream Matte Mousee Foundation

After several uses, it starts to dry out and cake in the jar so I am not impressed with it.

Miranda Fall Rock, KY


I love this stuff, perfect price smooth, feels like nothing is on my skin. Applys evenly no smears, darker spots like to much on. I have an extremely blotchy face and this covers it, and i don’t pack it on or anything I LOVE THIS STUFF

Mai Minerva, OH

its ok

i like how the consistency of this foundation is creamy but when applied it dries and looks flawless. the one complaint i have about this product is that it made me break out like crazy if i have it on all night, the next day i will wake up with pimples and i rarely get breakouts. other than the pimples its a nice foundation 🙂

Whitney Cataldo, ID

I reach for this everyday

Its just great. And you get FULL coverage when you apply with your finger. Its just a great product. One of my favs

Trina Cobleskill, NY

More than i expected

I wanted to try something different and i came across this product. It was very hard to pick a color that would match my skin tone seeing that i was ordering online. But this color is a really good match, it looks like nothing is on. I’ve only use it twice but so far i like it.

Hester Linden, TN