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Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, Ivory, 0.05 Fluid Ounce

Maybelline® DreamLumi™ Touch Highlighting Concealer 320 Ivory. New. Illuminates hides imperfections. New York.

Key features

  • Gel-Infused concealer
  • Illuminates as it covers
  • Skin looks instantly brighter

Honest reviews


Too thick for my under eye

It is like a pen . Brush is along with the product.But you never know how much product is in the brush.You will have to rub lots off on your hand and then apply on under the eye.Still it feels like there is lots of product under the eye.But this is the problem i faced with all Pen concealers.Probably i would like a more liquidy , easily blendable, add as you want more, kind of product

Cheryl Avawam, KY

Surprised Me!

I was super unsure if this was going to work for me since a lot of concealers cake up under my eyes.This stuff is amazing. I have pale skin with pink undertones and this just eliminated my dark circles completely! If you have the same tone skin I recommend this, don’t be scared by how it looks very pink. It goes on at the pinky color and then blends out to your pale skin tone. It’s light but has some great coverage. Like I said it eliminated my dark circles completely. It even made them look less noticeable with my glasses.So as I ramble, it’s a great product. It’s great for pinky undertone skin. Definitely brightens and covers well. You don’t need a lot of it so be careful when you use it for the first time while twisting the bottom. I had way too much come out and I only needed a pea sized amount.I will for sure be buying this again.

Alyssa Port Bolivar, TX


Fantastic product.I have very fair skin with peachy undertones, and acne prone.In addition to this being a wonderful highlighter, for me it also served well asan blemish concealer. It matched my skintone perfectly, where I had never found adrugstore foundation/concealer/highlighter that has matched my skintone as well.Can’t rave enough about it.

June Turtletown, TN

Good Stuff–it’s a Touche Eclat Copy.

It doesn’t make my eyes itch, and it works really well. It’s like a Touche Eclat knockoff, and it does a pretty impressive job of being a Touche Eclat knockoff.(Touche Eclat is a cult Yves Saint Lauren concealer/highlighter.)It is a highlighter, though, so I wouldn’t use it to cover bumps or acne–it’s a highlighter.

Virgie Taft, TX

only 0.05 ounces!

I can understand why the reviews here are so high, the coverage is good and the color is pretty flattering. Those pink/salmon colors are corrective and brightening in the under-eye area. My problem with this concealer is the price, and the amount of product you get. On amazon, as I write this, it’s listed at 5-6 dollars which is reasonable. But the concealer only comes with 0.05 ounces. That’s a TINY TINY amount. When you consider that this retails at around 11-12 dollars?! That’s just CRAZY. I wish more product came in the tube, but at such a low amount, I will not repurchase this product.

Johnnie Winifred, MT

Best under eye concealer I have ever purchased.

I absolutely love this concealer.You have to make sure you buy it in the RADIANT. cause the very pink look actually makes your under eye’s look flawless and completely perfect. I have purchased almost every under eye concealer you can and I love this one so much. I had been using Makeup Forever and MAC and thought the combo I would never change but decided to try something new for fun and I am so glad I did. However my eyes are and what they need this product does wonders. It covers so naturally and I look like my eyes are 1an 18 year old and I am 35. I do use a great under eye cream. But even though I saw a huge difference the first time I used this. I will never buy anything again. I might use this and put Almays WAKE UP concealer which is so nice and brightning but I really don’t feel like I need a brightning cause my eyes looks so amazing after… LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Elaine Roland, OK

Dream lumi touch (ivory)

Very light, looks good as an undereye brightener. Staying power not so great but its easy to chuck in your handbag to reapply.

Dina Emmet, AR

Does Significantly Improve Dark Circles

This is fairly easy to apply. I swab it on in a half moon shape under my eyes then I take a makeup sponge and blend it into the inner corner of my eyes and over my dark undereye circles. I can still see my circles but they look very faint and my eyes seem like they look brighter without looking "raccoon-y".I have a reddish age spot on the bridge of my nose and unfortunately this doesn’t work there. No matter how I try to blend it, I just have a glaringly obvious cover up going on. A flesh toned cover works much better for that.I like this enough that I would buy again.

Liza Hebron, CT

Better Than Expected…

Just purchased this at a drugstore and I have to say it has grown on me. I really love the way this concealer goes on smooth, thanks to the brush applicator. I still use my finger tip to dab it into my skin but the results are pretty great. A little goes a long way. I also end up with a nice, healthy glow (highlighting effect indeed!) and about medium coverage where my dark circles are concerned, which is a plus. After about 20-30 mins, I do a quick take in the mirror and dab under my eyes again – it has staying power but I personally have oilier skin under my eyes so I have to dab the fine lines with my finger tip once more. But I do that without the need for more concealer, which is another plus in my book! This stuff has actually brightened my face up (I like to use it around the nose area too) and it does a decent job covering up zits when the occasion arises. It may not have have a HEAVY coverage that some are looking for but you’ll find your skin looks much better just using it to perk up specific areas of the face. For the price, I would buy this again!

Viola Hollywood, AL

easy to apply

This concealer is lightweight and easy to apply. finishes soft and keeps almost 6-8 hours. Hides dirk cycles very good!

Connie Ruleville, MS

Does the job

It is very decent drug store concealer. It covers under eye circles and other problematic areas, blends well and does not settle into wrinkles.

Rhonda Anacoco, LA


For the price it’s awesome. BC normally it’s like 12 at a drugstore or online perfect color. Perfect coverage it looks amazing I use it for highlight n contouring the bridge of my nose I recommend it I’m like an olive skin tone n this color is perfect!

Harriet Aydlett, NC

Ivory color very pale, goes on dry not creamy

If you are looking for a sheer but dry concealer (rather than creamy) this is a good fit. I tried it as my mascara had been rubbing into my creamier old concealer as the day went on. I did not experience this problem with this product, but I found it too sheer and dry. The search continues.

Juliette Grover, PA

Nice highlighter

So I tried this out as an under eye concealer but the shade is too light of me. I like the the product, it glides on and blends nicely. I probably just picked the wrong shade so it’s too light. I’ll just use it more of a highlighter for my nose and cheek bones.

Erin Vashon, WA

It’s a good concealer

The shade isn’t perfect for me but it does help to conceal the dark sunken areas of my undereye bags. I also use it along the slight "11" above my brows which does a good job to conceal. I do wish the formula would be heavier in consistency but for a drugstore product, I’d say it would fit the bill for most people and especially for younger skin. Since buying this, I have found (2) concealers (higher end) that I like better but everyone has different issues and different skin. If you have very dark circles, this product probably won’t conceal it perfectly. You may have to go with Dermablend or Bye Bye Undereye. I’ve also learned through trial and error that you don’t want to go with too light of a shade than the rest of your face or else you get a reversed raccoon look with the concealer drawing attention to the area you want to hide. Now my concealers match up closely with my foundation and I use this Maybelle New York Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer for the receding areas of my under eyes.

Joanne Eagle, NE

Perfect highlighter

I use this on my cheekbones and blend with a beauty blender. Gives the best glow. I have med-fair skin.

Helene Sinai, SD

Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, Radiant, 0.05 Fluid Ounce

I’m a big fan of this concealer. I have really dark circles, and this is the best concealer for under the eyes that I have discovered yet. I like the little brush/wand because I can apply it right to my face and it comes out smoothly. It really brightens up the eyes and conceals well, and it stays on all day.It does not double well as a concealer for acne; the highlighter only draws attention to redness or spots. However, I only bought it for dark circles, so I’m happy with that.The reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the size. This is around 6 dollars for 0.05 ounces. I use a little bit everyday, and it’s gone in 4 to 6 weeks. I started using this maybe three months ago and I’ve almost used up my second one.If you occasionally get dark circles and want a little concealer to cover up, I would recommend this one, but if you have consistent dark circles, you might want to find a little more bang for your buck. I will definitely continue using this, but I am on the lookout for another dark circle concealer with more product or at a better price.

Whitney Leipsic, OH

Skip it and try something else

When I first used it, it really stung under my eyes, but me being stubborn (and super cheap – I don’t like to waste money), I sucked it up. After about a week or two of consistent use, the stinging went away. I found it to be cakey and it was not easy to blend. Also, I don’t think you get very much product. I don’t think I’d buy this again.

Marissa Rainier, WA


I saw an article in a magazine about this…& since I am older & need all the help I can get..thought I would try it! LOVE it….makes under my eyes so bright & dewey looking…BUT…you have to use a tiny amount..or at least i did..which means it will last longer…love it!

Helena Gackle, ND

Very high-quality highlighter

This is my favorite undereye concealer that I’ve ever tried. I got the recommendation from the blog Maskcara and quickly went through two tubes. I have very dark circles, so I apply it in a large triangle under my eyes. The highlighting formula works wonders, and it blends easily. You instantly look more awake. It doesn’t have a lot of staying power for covering blemishes, but for highlighting and contouring, it’s one of my favorite drugstore products.

Karen Polk City, IA

Hides dark circles

This helps so much hiding my very dark under eyes. I have tried regular light concealer, yellow concealer, then this. I will be trying a darker orange soon but this did work well.I dab a little coconut oil around eye, apply this concealer, dab with sponge, apply foundation as usual, then put a couple dots of regular concealer if needed.There isn’t a lot of product in the tube but it’s lasted a month or so.

Bessie Monticello, ME


Not thick at all, very brightening and kind of dewy..not a ton of coverage, but does the job under my eyes.! Don’t expect it to cover up acne.

Lakisha Jamaica, VA

Have re-purchased this several times

I love this product. I’m super translucent pale and it’s a great match, and very light both in color and consistency. I use it to cover undereye circles and imperfections, and it’s perfect. The brush at the end is perfect for dabbing/brushing on product. Only thing is it runs out fairly quickly and there’s not a lot of product in it, but it’s not too expensive and it’s really handy on-the-go so I keep buying it.

Evangeline Adin, CA

A great replacement for the Touche Eclat by YSL

I get kind of tired of paying over 20 bucks a pop for the YSL Touche Eclat (which this product is trying to compete with). I use it all the time, so it can get pricey. So I decided to try this out, because at a fourth of the price, you can hardly go wrong.It isn’t as good as the YSL version, so let’s just get that out of the way. The formula isn’t as creamy, the coverage isn’t quite as smooth and opaque and the packaging definitely feels cheaper. But since I am looking for a bargain replacement, I certainly don’t expect it to be AS good, just good enough. And that, the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer definitely lives up to. The formula covers nicely (I use it under my eyes) to cover red or dark spots. As a highlighter it is great – it doesn’t have the sort of glow that YSL does, but it is close – bringing lightness to areas that I want to highlight, like the bridge of my nose, center of my chin and forehead.So for the real test: does it look the same as YSL once it is on your skin? The answer is yes. I couldn’t tell the two apart once they had been applied, and I like the color variety of Maybelline better. I chose the ivory at first and it works for me in the winter (nc25, fair white skin) but I have to go a shade darker in the summer. It lasts about 4 or 5 hours (an hour less than YSL) and does the job. If you want to save a few bucks and get the same amazing results, this is a great alternative to the YSL.

Ursula Croghan, NY

Great for highlighting, but goes fast!

I love this stuff for highlighting my face when doing makeup! I just seem to go through it really fast and it’s not super cheap 🙁

Janelle Ochlocknee, GA


Can’t beat the price. Pair this highlighting concealer with a primer and it looks flawless! Really brightens up your eyes.

Wilda Wyoming, MN


I have dark circles no matter what (love genetics, right?) This really helped with covering them up and not making me look ghostly.

Jillian Vacherie, LA

Good highlighter

I use it for highlighting. It is a little annoying how you have to twist the cap a ton of times before you get any product out but it works very well.

Octavia Oak Ridge, PA

It just sits there!

I used this as a highlighter and color was great. I have used this several times to contour my face. However, immediately after application concealer was hard to manipulate. Product is not pliable and sits on my face- have to be forceful to blend it in properly. Overall product is thick, cakey, and not worth it.

Madeline Dickson, TN

Covers dark circles well but delivers a matte finish

I have always used YSL Touché éclat #3 but it is outrageously expensive so I am continually on the hunt for something less expensive. This is pretty good but not great for me personally. It covers dark circles nicely but is a little dry and more matte than I like (I have "mature" dry skin with some fine lines). Happily it doesn’t seem to accentuate fine lines. A little goes a long way. The color is a little light for me (medium tone Asian skin) but is close enough to be usable and it doesn’t cause raccoon eyes. I might try again with a darker tone and maybe with primer first. For someone with younger skin, this would probably be great, especially for the price.

Jannie Fraser, CO