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Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation, Creamy Natural Light 5, 1 Fluid Ounce

Liquid mousse texture. Air whipped formula provides skin perfecting coverage. Smooth, 100% poreless finish with natural luminosity. Blends flawlessly to air brushed perfection. Oil free, fragrance free, dermatologist tested, allergy tested, non comedogenic won’t clog pores, and safe for sensitive skin.

Key features

  • 100% poreless finish
  • Air whipped liquid formula
  • Ideal for normal skin

Honest reviews



I tried this one when I couldn’t find my usual foundation at Target. It was awful! It gave me the worst allergic reaction I’d ever experienced from makeup. Usually when I have a reaction to makeup, I just get red and a bit dryer than normal and depending on how heavy the product was, possibly break out. This product did all that except worse! I was redder than when I leave the gym, the dry patches and multiple breakouts took weeks to heal. Did I mention it BURNS?!?! Yes, it was burning on my skin and even made my eyes water and burn. It’s a shame because I really wanted to like this stuff. Maybe others won’t have as bad as an experience, but those with sensitive skin should skip this one. Cover Girl makes one that’s made specifically for sensitive skin.

Jerri Magalia, CA

Unexpected surprise

This product is great! It arrived in the mail earlier than expected, and also had a free lip gloss included. It made my face look fresh and didn’t cause any unwanted breakouts. I would recommend this to anyone who wears foundation :)EDIT: After using this product for a few days it actually did cause several breakouts. When the weather heated up it also made my face very greasy and seemed to melt right off. It’s a shame, I was really impressed for the first few days.

Shelley Harper Woods, MI

Acne Prone Skin BEWARE!!!

This broke me out in the worse way. The coverage is light anyway but what’s worse is that I was covered in acne within a couple days. Not just a little acne but those gigantic cystic acne. The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind is the best in my opinion! .-_-

Tammy Elizabethtown, NC

Leaves my dry skin moist and supple.

Now that I am in my 50s, my once oily skin has become somewhat dry in summer and extremely dry in winter. I have had to progressively move toward a lighter coverage moisturizing foundation. I have tried a number of different brands that did not work. Some are too heavy, leaving my face with a crinkled appearance. Some are too lightweight, basically like not wearing any foundation at all. This Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation seems to have a great balance of good coverage without giving me a “matte” finish.The foundation applies smoothly and evenly. I have medium toned skin and gray hair, and I feel the Creamy Natural matches my skin tone the best. If you have a light skin tone, I would choose one of the ivory colors. One of the things I especially like about this foundation is that my face still feels very moist and supple after application. In the summer heat, I sometimes finish with a very light dusting of face powder. In winter, I omit the powder altogether in order to take advantage of its moisturizing properties.Although it has the name “mousse” in it, it is really more of a liquid foundation in a pump style jar, and the 1 ounce jar seems to go a long way.

Liz Jeffrey City, WY


First off, I had high hopes with this foundation. VERY high. After I applied the foundation I went to school, the lighting in my bathroom has always been a little odd so I didn’t really notice how bad my foundation was. At school, people pulled me aside to tell me how cakey and ORANGE my skin was. Quickly, I ran to the bathroom and noticed that my foundation was EXTREME orange and dry (even though I was using a high end primer and had no problems with any other foundation) When I got home, I looked over the bottle to make sure I hadn’t grabbed one of the darker shades instead, but no it was still porcelain ivory. I applied it to my hand and went into direct sunlight and I looked like a huge pumpkin.Shades need fixed!Also, I am not DEATH pale I am more of a olive pale shade, and porcelain ivory was still to orange and dark for me.Cons:-Orange based-Makes dry skin look even more dry.-Doesn’t even last two hours (I had to keep reapplying it)I think this foundation would be good for someone with a darker oily complexion. For people with light skin and dry skin, I don’t recommend.

Kim Waterloo, IN

Not bad

I have used this product a few times with good results. I think I prefer the dream matte mousse foundation slightly more.

Rosella Locustdale, PA

The best drugstore foundation

I love this foundation! I was spending a lot of money on high end cosmetics because I thought that would be the only way to avoid some of the chemicals I’ve heard bad things about. This is one of the only drugstore foundations I’ve found that is paraben-free, and it works nicely for me.The coverage is buildable. You can go light or go full coverage, it’s up to you. I like to mix equal parts of the foundation, Monistat powder gel(as a primer), and moisturizer, and then apply it with my fingers. I finish it with a mineral finishing powder, and my makeup stays on all day.The only problem I have is that it runs a little dark. I tried the second and third shades and they ended up a little orange-y on me. I had to get the lightest shade, and my skin is definitely not the lightest. I’m typically the second or third shade in other foundations. So if you’re very fair, this probably isn’t going to work for you. Then again, for the price, it’s worth a shot.

Nannie Booth, AL

Fantastic Foundation

I hope they don’t ever discontinue this product. It is very reasonably prices and so easy to apply flawlessly. I have dry skin, moisturize first and use a primer and this goes on effortlessly. Not shiny, not drying and doesn’t sit in the little creases or poors you may have. Just be sure to get the right shade for your skin tone.

Ebony East Setauket, NY

Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation in Cream Natural

Before I ordered this, I was using Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation in Sandy Beige. Before that I used Maybelline New York Fit Me! in I don’t know how many colors I tried. The Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation is definitely better than the Fit Me! in my opinion. Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation is creamier and is thicker, but it does not feel heavy at all on my face. I have a chicken pox scar on my left check and I am able to fully cover it up. Now that I have found the right color (creamy natural), I will keep buying this product. I live in Las Vegas, and the price is about the same on Amazon as it is at any store. It was comparable when I lived in Seattle as well. I like buying it on Amazon because I don’t have a car, and this way I do not have to venture out in the Las Vegas summer heat!

Maryann Crouseville, ME

Good, but not great!

I have use several foundations and mosses. But this foundation makes my skin look greasy. I don’t really like it. It doesn’t cover much.

Tammy Rowena, SD

Great foundation

I really like this foundation. It is inexpensive and provides full coverage without feeling too heavy. It does tend to have a bit of a sticky finish so I always finish it with a dusting of translucent powder. It lasts all day and does not make my sensitive skin break out.

Angela Parnell, IA


This is my favorite foundation so far. It’s very light so your face won’t look caked with makeup. Love the texture. It almost fells like bb creams.Just a heads up, I don’t think this is a good cover up foundation though, so if u want a full coverup like for acne or something, I don’t recommend it because it’s very light and doesn’t do much cover up.It’s great for evening out the skin tone or if you want a healthy looking face.

Julia Mc Clurg, MO

Pretty good foundation

This matches my skin tone well and blends effortlessly. It doesn’t make me look flawless, but it does even out my skin more than just a moisturizer would.

Jacqueline Cowarts, AL

love it

I tried several foundations but i like this one very much.for more than 2 years i m using this foundation of maybelline .

Lucia West Rutland, VT

Great Foundation!

I’ve tried countless foundations and I keep coming back to this one. It goes on easily, doesn’t cake, and covers up what I want to cover up without looking like I’m wearing makeup.

Sheri Corning, KS

Best I’ve Found in a Long Time

I love the light weight of this foundation, yet it covers very well. I will buy more when this bottle is used up.

Hattie Califon, NJ

mousse makeup

This makeup is very nice to apply. It goes on very smooth and stays all day

Clara Sugar Grove, NC

looks great all day

does not set in fine lines and the coverage is great without looking heavy or caked. I use a yellow powder(ybf brand) on top and it stays on all day. will continue to buy this foundation.

Mamie Continental Divide, NM


I’m not a big makeup person. I’ve never used foundation before. Well I tried but the colors were either too white looking or too dark. This foundation was my perfect shade…wellll it was one shade too dark. However, it went on really smoothly and covered a lot. I use it everyday now.

Rena Kirkman, IA

Love it

I am like most women who is looking for the perfect foundation, the perfect mascara…after running out of my usual stuff and not being able to find it 🙁 I went to the web to see what was good, after many, many, products and reviews I decided to give this one a try, and I tell you what, it is worth it! I am so glad I got it! I love this stuff, great coverage, goes on so smooth and my skin feels so soft with it. I really like it!

Muriel Lakeville, MN

good foundation

This foundation has nice coverage. Goes on great and stays on. I would recommend this makeup. Its good for the price

Elma Seminole, FL

I love this foundation

I love this foundation because let your skin very beautiful and natural. The color that I bought perfectly match with my skin color and the price is not that bad!

Loretta North Branch, NY

Starting to become a loyalist!

This is the second time i’ve purchased this foundation. i had to purchase it in a lighter tone this time because it was too dark for me the first time (but i used the entire bottle anyway!) the coverage lasts all day if not most of the day and i really like how it feels light on my skin. I am not sure i will be buying it a third time because i’d like to branch out and try something that will hide my dark circles a little better but overall i think this is my new "go to" foundation!

Claudette Natick, MA

best makeup for price.

I use L’Oreal primer under this and I can tell you it performs BETTER than L’Oreal makeup and The Body shop . for a better price. . I get the best results from primer . and I use 2 shades the darker for the sides and the lighter for the T- zone – BLEND well … sponge and then dust .. I also use the Dream Matte powder — with a light touch do not cake just dust .. and you will have a flawless finish too!

Rosario Bee Branch, AR

Not for me.

It’s okay, but kind of chalky. I have dry skin on my nose and forehead so doesn’t work for me. Gave it to my mom. She uses it daily.

Lisa Holmdel, NJ

Great makeup

This is one of the best cover ups I have ever found for me. I have oily skin with a few blemishes and this works great. It stays on your face through out the day and helps with the shine and covers up good!

Meagan Rio Vista, TX

Over Sunscreen, of Course!

This is a thick liquid foundation that blends beautifully and sets to a satiny, not dewy, finish. I have this on Subscribe & Save in Sandy Beige Medium. Previously, I usedL’Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup, Natural Buff, 1 Fluid Ounce, shade number N3. This shade of Maybelline is a very close match to the L’Oreal. I was perfectly happy with the L’Oreal True Match, and may buy it again, but I wanted to use aSPF 30 moisturizer, so I gave this a shot.It does not disappoint, either. The shades are very skinlike. You get light coverage with one pump, and you can build from there. It’s very forgiving in terms of building coverage and blending.It stays on all day, doesn’t bleed or seep into lines, and cleans off easily with any water-soluble cleanser, or cold cream, if you want to go that way.By the way, I’m in my mid-fifties and have a gorgeous twenty-year-old niece who is quite the makeup artist. We’ve compared notes, and both like the L’Oreal and Maybelline Liquid Mousse. In fact, the day we compared notes, we were both wearing this foundation 🙂 And we looked GOOD!

Juliette Rogersville, AL

Love Maybelline New York!

I try lots of makeup, and Maybelline NY is a strong favorite all-around. The Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation is a fabulous finish, mid-range coverage, and doesn’t make you look like you dipped your face in salad-oil before the day is over. I’m a huge fan of the Dream Matte Mousse, but the Liquid Mousse is wonderful! Definitely worth trying, and if you do I predict you will buy it again. If your skin is very dry, I recommend applying a bit of moisturizer underneath for a really smooth look. Another winner from Maybelline New York!!

Kristy Hot Springs, VA


I love, love, LOVE this product! I have repurchased it 3 times. It gives very full coverage without feeling too, too heavy. It gives you a glowing, flawless look. Great for pictures.

Cecilia Graysville, OH

Can accentuate fine lines

This is an okay foundation. I like that it has a pump but it can be a bit drying and settle in my laugh lines.

Zelda Trussville, AL