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Maybelline New York Dream Bouncy Blush, Fresh Pink, 0.19 Ounce

Dream bouncy blush’s unique bouncy texture gives you the freshest flush ever the revolutionary powder-gel formula is lightweight like a powder, yet it melts seamlessly into skin like a cream, for a sheer wash of bouncy fresh color that lasts.

Key features

  • Powder-Gel blush
  • Feels lightweight like a powder, melts into skin like a cream
  • Bouncy fresh color that lasts

Honest reviews


Stick to powder

I bought this from Riteaid and returned it the next day. It is a pain to apply, you have to use your finger since I doubt a blush brush will pick it up and it feels heavy and sticky once applied.

Florine East Orleans, MA

I don’t get why so much hate!

I picked this up after one of my favorite YouTubers used it. I love the bouncy blushes!! If you use your fingers, you won’t get too much on your cheeks, but you just have to keep applying. I actually love that, because you really control how much you put on, and for me that’s big because sometimes I get carried away with powder blushes! I love how this is bouncy and soft, and the colors are just gorgeous! I highly reccommend these.

Marla Sanford, FL

Its more like a dough !!

This is by far the cheapest so called cream-blush ever !!!!!!!!!!It’s more like a children play dough , the color is almost “Transparent” and the texture is the hardest one to apply , DON’T WASTE UR BUCKS

Gail Ranburne, AL

Weird Consistency

I bought this in a few different shades because I was so intrigued with the advertisement. I opened up the package for the first time and found that it is the weirdest consistency ever. It is squishy and kind of feels like a powder mixed with a gel mixed with clay. I have tried just patting it on my finger and almost scooping it out of the container and I still never get much product out. Once I finally got enought on my finger to be able to blend it on my cheeks, it almost looked too fake and bright to even wear out of the house. The only time I wear this is when I feel like being bright and noticeable since the colors are so bright.I have come across some that are too faint to even see on the skin and others that are very bold and flashy and do not look natural not matter how small of an amount you put on. Overall, it is a very difficult product to work with and once you finally get the hang of it, it is not even really worth it.

Paulette North Tonawanda, NY

Attn haters, USE A BRUSH!!!

There is NOTHING that says you can’t use a brush with this product. I started using it (like another reviewer) because of MaskCara. I have never been a blush person, but using this with a standard kabuki brush, it goes on very easily and with a beautiful finish. It gives me just enough color to look alive, which is what I want. Ignore all the stuff that says rub it on with your fingers (that has never worked for ANY make up product I have ever used: seriously buy a set of eco tools brushes from amazon, you will be GLAD you did. Foundation, concealer, and blush ALL look 100% better applied with a brush, even the stuff that comes with a wand- dab it on and blend with a brush).I love it. I use either the pink plum or fresh pink, I can never remember have to check the color. I’m now on my 2nd or 3rd container of it and have no plans to switch any time soon!

Jeanette Blakeslee, PA

dream bouncy blush

looks like a dome and the minute you use it, it goes flat. It is hard to get on your finger to apply because it is like a sponge. Terrible stuff!

Jenifer Auburn, CA

Five Stars

Great texture and the color is gorgeous. Love this product, and item arrived just as described.

Kaye Driscoll, ND

I was very pleased with the quality and color

I bought this based on a review from a website. I was very pleased with the quality and color. It goes on light and does not streak.

Lilly Blackburn, MO

Weird texture with packaging?

I like the color A LOT. It has decent staying power too. I just find the texture a little odd… and it’s kind of a mess now in it’s compact. It was a cute little bubble when I got it but now it’s a flat smeared mess. lol. Different….

Erica Alma, IL

Beautiful, creamy – dewey finish! My favorite!!

I don’t understand the reviews that talk about how the blush doesn’t look good IN THE CASE after you use it a while. I don’t care HOW it looks in the case after many uses. Like another reviewer noted, I care how it looks on ME. It is the easiest blush to APPLY! I use my middle finger, it provides a dewey, FRESH look. SUPER EASY to apply! You can absolutely control how it looks, how much coverage you want.It looks so fresh and clean and healthy, with fairly sheer coverage. but yet enough to be able to have a sun-kissed look, and quite natural.LOVE this blush more than any of the powders I’ve been using over the years. It looks GREAT! And I don’t understand how people find this in any way “difficult” to apply. It’s simple, quick and looks fantastic. You can have it fairly sheer, or you can so easily build coverage, depending on the look you want. GREAT BLUSH and fresh, clean look!! It’s the only blush I’ll use now.

Millicent Cedar Creek, NE

Cute color…

Cute color, only bad thing about this blush it’s the stickiness, my usual blush brush doesn’t work well with it, I wish it was pinker too..

Louisa Leola, SD

very soft!

I didnt realize it was like a soft cream.. I prefer actual powder, but if you have the time to rub onto your cheeks, than rub away! It cam in time and was packaged well.

Tanya Escondido, CA

Very nice color

This is the first time I use creamy blush. I bought this blush for daily uses, so I am not so picky about it. I use brush to apply it gently on my face, not with my fingers. It goes on smooth, sheer and pretty nature color. I am Asian with bright skin and I think this color would look the best on bright skin rather than dark skin.

Tiffany Scotland, AR

Please bring back the original formula!

Maybelline Dream Matte Blush is fabulous. Why they discontinued it to make this particular formula is a mystery to me. The color saturation is poor. Applying it is a mess. It’s streaky. Layering it is almost impossible. I ended up “scrubbing away” my foundation in order to smooth it out. The result: streaky! Make no mistake, the original formula was FABULOUS! WHY this nasty product instead?Maybelline… if you are listening, please give us back the original blush that was so great!

Alba Granada Hills, CA

Use fingers, does not seem too pink

I have medium to fair "cool" toned skin. This product does not seem too pink and has been excellent as a long-wear option, lasting through summer heat and workouts much better than anything else I’ve used.I apply it with my fingers, so the blush + rubbing means that if I look in the mirror things do look way way too pink. However (!!) this is because I just rubbed it in, which makes your skin flush, give things a minute and it turns into a wonderful natural flush.

Alana Port Hueneme, CA

GREAT color

This color is beautiful – it looks quite bright in the package but when applied with a stippling brush (check out the ELF one, I think it was a buck at Target) it results in a very natural, soft flush.

Elise Great Mills, MD

It Didn’t Work Well

I thought I would try it because I was working in a place where I sold and stocked cosmetics all the time and it was a new item. I really didn’t like it. It feels odd because it is creme, but not totally a creme. It isn’t not easy to put on, and when you rub it on your face you sometimes get blots of color instead of a smooth feeling. It was almost the same feeling as when I was a kid and drew on my face with lipstick, it was that kind of consistency and color spread.I will not use it again, nor suggest it to my in store customers.

Marylou Sabana Seca, PR

My New Favorite Blush!

I love how light and creamy this blush is. I can add more color if I want, or just put a tiny bit on. It lasts all day and this is the cutest color! I’m medium blonde with bluish/green eyes and fair skin. Love this color!

Betsy Vaughnsville, OH

Must use a LOT to get a little pink shade 🙁

Honestly this is not the best blush out there. I bought this shade and another one in peachy shady (which I like better). The main reason I don’t like this blush much is because the pigmentation is very weak. Yes it does give airbrushed look but you have to put a lot of it to be able to show the pink. Hands down it’s better than pressed powder blushes because it does not cake and gives airbrushed finish but again for this particular shade the color is way too light. I am a medium beige skin and maybe my skin tone is dark for this shade? Not so sure since the dream mousse blush in the same shade is much more pigmented and looks nicer. I like pink blush because it gives a fresh and young look to the face but If i have to build it up with several layers, I am not happy with it. The peach shade on the other hand need VERY little and gives a beautiful coral blush.

Brandi Falcon, KY

Nice bur gooey consistency

Nice but gooey. It acts like it’s melting. Easy enough to apply and it stays on. But the gooey nature is I appealing.

Gayla Watertown, WI

It’s Ok

I would give this product an average rating. It is available at a good price and wide variety of color. It’s very blendable and gives a natural flush to the cheeks.It doesn’t last long at all, I woulod say around 30 mins. This is not good enough for me as I have neither the tme nor the patient to keep reapplying….

Greta Essex, MO

Didn’t know it was a cream blush/but good

I wouldn’t have bought it if I’d known it was a cream blush. But having bought it, I think it applies nicely, and if pigmented enough. I do enjoy it on occasion. I do not use it often because I do not care for cream blushes. Overall, nice product

Deena East Meadow, NY

It’s an okay product, can be better

These blushes are of a nice color. I have the Fresh Pink, Coffee Cake, Hot Tamale and Candid Coral, but it doesn’t last very long. I like the old ones before these came out. They were much better and lasted longer.

Vanessa Harristown, IL