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Maybelline New York Cover Stick Concealer, Ivory, Light 2, 0.16 Ounce

Completely conceals blemishes, dark circles and other imperfections. Waterproof formula lasts for hours. Glides on smoothly and blends in perfectly for natural coverage. Hypoallergenic. Won’t clog pores, dermatologist tested. Match your skin tone or choose from color corrective shades: yellow corrects dark circles, green corrects redness.

Key features

  • Conceals imperfections
  • Available in color corrective shades
  • Waterproof

Honest reviews


Very satisfied with my purchase

My Maybelline Coverstick Corrector/Concealer arrived early and in good condition. It is a product I have used before and I am very satisfied with it.

Rosemarie Brant, NY

Must Have Been Made for the Wicked Witch of the West…

I picked up this concealer to cover up acne, blemishes, pimples, the works. I was trying to decided between this one and the light one but decided to go with this one as the green is supposed to cancel out the redness. This stick concealer is near impossible to blend to a nice finish and it leaves a sticky and waxy residue on your skin. As to no surprise, the packaging is just as flawed as the product itself. Within a week of using this product the concealer stuck to the top of the tube and I couldn’t get it out. Ick!

Monique Wonalancet, NH

Cover stick…

So i was pretty excited that i got this in the mail, but seriously…..i think its just the color of mine, i don’t know, not good cover stick… Received it sticking to the top…so basically it was broken when i opened it because of the air mail looks very pasty…very white i shall say…im never buying this product ever..

Jenifer Madera, CA

Not good

I bought this product at local drug store… It is a disappointment…Cheap and does not cover my under eye circle or any other spot. It is so dry… very difficult to blend with skin…

Sonya Remus, MI

Doesn’t seem to work

This is not doing the job I thought it would. Should an emergency occur I may try it again, but to date it has fallen below my expectations.It is hard to apply to the actual area where it is needed and seems only to want to cover (and stick to) unblemished skin… which is kind of useless.

Lakisha Paulding, OH

Not for me!

I’m no expert at beauty, so this is just one regular user’s experience. However, I put it on and it stayed green, which had me worried. I blended it, and could see the blemish (red) peeking through, while the green remained stubbornly green. Given that it’s a stick of concealer, it’s a little insulting to think I did it wrong. Nevertheless, I removed it and tried again. Same result.So I went ahead and did my usual powder foundation/settling veil powder routine, and lo and behold – I could still see the blemish AND the green through my makeup.I’m not really sure what’s going on. Perhaps I’m using the wrong color concealer? Either way, it really didn’t behave or perform the way I expected or hoped it would. Good thing it was cheap because it has been sitting, unused in a drawer since day 1.

Staci Scotland, AR

Not impressed.

I had been usingSheer Cover SHEERCOVER duo concealer LIGHT/MEDIUM 3gthat was gifted to me but when I ran out a couple of months ago, and didn’t want to shell a load of money, I decided to try OTC versions.Overall, this version provides ‘okay’ coverage but it’s not as dark as I’d consider ‘Medium Beige’. It’s more like Fair or light Beige. The product is creamy and blends well enough and it lasted for most of the day but I do have dry spots and it could end up looking flaky. I use a mineral or loose power over my foundation and concealed spots but it was a nightmare on any delicate areas where my fine lines exist, such as around the eyes, mouth, nose and even the chin area, made for a scary end result when using loose or mineral powder over it. In other words, the lines become more prominent and it looked really caky, especially under my eyes to cover the circles. It was obvious I was wearing concealer no matter where I was using it. It did best on the smoother planes of my face, just not in the spots I needed the coverage.The lipstick tube shape makes for an easy application and control, but that’s all I really liked about it. Waterproof? Meh. For the price and results, I wasn’t impressed and will throw out this one and try something new.

Betsy Mc Clure, OH

Not a fan

This doesn’t blend into the skin well and it don’t seem to cover my redness any better than a regular concealer. If you use too much it also leaves a green hue to your face so you have to be very careful. I wouldn’t recommend for large areas.

Candace Glenwood, NY


I have a lot of redness on my face, so I thought I would try this concealer. It is so hard and dry that you pull your skin applying it, especially around the tender eye area. It needs to be a bit creamer to be able to spread. Maybe I got an old one?? Anyway, won’t bother to buy this again.

Tabitha Enigma, GA


Ok but am not using it. Doesn’t seem to cover the scar on my face like I thought it would. Possibly my skin is to fair for it. Just not satisfied.

James Sedan, NM

Not bad

I have absolutely horrible dark circles, far beyond the point of being concealed with any type or amount of makeup, but this product significantly reduces their discolored appearance.This looks pretty good and almost unnoticeable once blended out with my ring fingers. However, I really need a primer or something with this or it creases horribly. It feels sort of greasy and heavy when applied, but if you go easy with it and just make it last by spreading and blending, it works. It looks even better if applied under flesh-tone concealer or foundation.My main problem is that the packaging isn’t entirely hygienic, at least if you put the stick right on your skin. It could spread bacteria and cause breakouts, so maybe use a small brush or something with it.

Rosalie Greenough, MT


I got he right color and can just use it when im in a hurry instead of doing the full process my make up routine.

Nelda Glencoe, CA

not enough

It’s okay however it’s very light coverage, so if your looking for medium or full coverage look elsewhere. They don’t give very much product, I’ve had mine for a month and it’s almost gone. I only do my makeup 2-3 times a week, so it’s a good product if you don’t plan on using it very often.

Ella Bend, TX

hard to find

I can’t find this in the stores. My skin is so fair, I use white for conceler and highlights. This is perfect

Marilyn Mardela Springs, MD

Magic Stick for Upper Lip Shadow

This product met my needs for Upper Lip shadow. I found it to be non oily, easy to smooth over skin and light on skin. You will need to use a press power for your skin tone after applying the concealer. Very please with the results.

Alissa Emigsville, PA

Really covers.

I have tried lots of cover/concealer products, some costing 20x (seriously) more. I keep coming back to Maybelline cover sticks because they really cover and coneal without settling into wrinkles.

Loraine Johnson City, NY

It’s okay

I wanted to be blown away by this concealer, but sadly I wasn’t; don’t get me wrong this concealer is good, I gave it 3 stars because first and foremost it’s real sticky creamy consistency, after I applied it, it kept this wet sticky texture, I like the ones that don’t stay wet like and sticky, plus it made me have a few pimples, if your looking for a concealer that stays kinda damp then you will love this one, because all of us girls like different things, and one thing may work perfect for one of us may not work at all for someone else, ya know!

Adele Beloit, KS

maybelline cover stick

I have been using this product for years. It covers under eyes and makes your eyes look a lot bigger. It also is great for covering up little imperfections on your face. I could not live without it…..

Clara Covington, OH


This really does cover under eye circles and redness but a little goes a long way. Since it’s a thick cream stick you should mix in some moisture cream on your hand and smooth it on sparingly. Too much will look cakey and get into wrinkles. Just a very thin layer is best.

Jannie Winnebago, IL


I use this to cover up my red marks left after minor breakouts. It really does make it possible to cover up the red marks. I have very pale skin, and this green stick works great. Awesome product!

Isabella Solo, MO

A must have in my makeup kit

I have been using this brand for over 10 years now and consider it a necessary part of my makeup routine. I use it for highlighting my nose bridge, under my eyes to even out the skin color, and around my lips as a base to set liner. I blend it in with a colored liquid foundation and it blends well. The stick holds up for months and months – I usually go through 1 a year.

Gabrielle Saint Paul, NE

Five Stars

Love this product. Using for several years.

Alexandra Garards Fort, PA


Its kinda cakey under my foundation and doesn’t blend well… its water proof to a point. i am not a fan. i gave it to my mom. she likes it.

Leticia Venus, FL

love it

this is my second time getting this i use it on my problem areas before i put on my foundation then i put on a different concealer afterwards, very close to my skin tone it is a bit to dark but once i blend it it looks fine. if you have dry skin this will accentuate that area. i used this when i had no primer and when i did have primer. i would say use primer, it will go on smoother and be easier to blend, with out it it did kind of look chalky. if you leave this in the heat it will break! happened to me with both of mine because my bathroom heater is on 24/7.

Ashley Zoe, KY

Does not spread in very well

It is very hard to blend in to your skin. I have to add moisturizer to it in order to blend it in. Will not buy again.

Robbie Centerville, IN


I love this product. Have used this for years. Thank you Maybelline. And yes, I have used Maybelline for years.

Jill Clarington, OH

Great highlighter for under eyes and other ‘highlighting’ areas

I have had one tube of this for a couple of years now and JUST ran out. I am feeling very yucky without it.I only gave it 4 stars because the consistency could be a SMIDGE more creamy, but it has decent staying power.For those who say that it doesn’t cover the dark circles under the eyes, you will need to 1st use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your face’s skin color first (or closer to a salmon color) and then lightly add this to the top. Watch some videos on YouTube about ‘highlighting’ and you will find that this color is perfect for those highlighting areas on top of your base/ foundation and normal concealer.Maybe there are better versions of this in the ‘fancier’ brands, but I am returning to buy this one because I know it works and takes off 10 years when used under my eyes.

Natalie Marble, MN

Not sure how it i supposed to do what it’s meant to do

Tried it light, tried to spread it well, tried to cover it with foundation. My nose is still red. I am a Rudolf this Christmas (and every Christmas before that)

Jeanne Middlebury, VT

Maybe for Halloween?

I purchased this product to conceal redness. Unfortunately, it cakes so much that it can’t be blended. On any area where there is not a spot of redness, this product actually makes you look green. Just try to blend it — if you can imagine trying to budge a layer of crayon mixed with cake frosting smoothly over your skin. Not happening. Also, the scent is a bit unattractive, almost like some kind of clay. Not for me.

Margret Fort Ashby, WV

great product

This cover stick is very useful to set the makeup, but does not completely cover blemishes, imperfections understand that it takes another kind and color of concealer according to the problem, but are very good products Maybelline

Lorna Fort Sheridan, IL