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Maybelline New York Colorsensational Lipstain, Bit of Brown, 0.1 Fluid Ounce

Sheer wash of color from water based pigments. Fresh, barely there feel from vitamin enriched berry nectar. Lipstain so bare, so light as air, it’s sensational.

Key features

  • Sheer wash of color
  • Fresh, barely there feel
  • Made with vitamin enriched berry nectar

Honest reviews



First of all, why don’t lip colors ever actually look like the color on the outside of the tube. I bought this in the buff color and the touch of toffee. They are the palest colors in the line and I was hoping for a natural looking touch of color. Both colors turn my lips bright red. Now all I see when I look in the mirror are big huge red lips. No buff, no touch of toffee. Red.Secondly, these don’t go on evenly. I can run it over my lip and it will stain parts and kind of run off of areas. Think of writing with a rollerball pen on a piece of plastic. It just kind of runs right off and doesn’t stay. So then I keep going over the area trying to get it to stick and trying to make it even. So inevitably the other parts of my lips become increasingly red. People will see just big red lips walking toward them 5 minutes before the rest of my face becomes visible.One thing is good though. These really do stain. Try as I might, I could not get off the color. After eating, using napkins, and drinking coffee my lips stay bright red.

Gwendolyn Trout, LA


the color is MUCH darker than it is suppose to be. i have two colors and they are both way darker than the cap color. i let this dry for all different amounts of times. even up to an hour! it doesnt matter, it goes away fast and looks like I used a lip liner on the outside of my lips and didn’t fill in. I was so embarrassed. waste of money! it did that when i had chapstick on or the same color lipstick on over it.

Melanie Charlton, MA

Nice color, nasty “lip stain”

Bought this because I loved the idea of precisely lining my lips, which I did do.But “brush” is inflexible, and you sorta roll it, stroke it to apply full coverage.Lip stain is see-through,very dry, and has a very chemical taste and stings slightly. Last insult was it doesn’t last any longer than than regular lipstick.The only nice thing I can say is I liked the color.Tossing this and going back to Maybelline ColorStay, which truly lasts all day.

Effie Crivitz, WI


I bought the color, “in the buff” which should be nude/very light pink. I took it out of the wrapper when I got home, put it on, and it is RED! BRIGHT red…….very misleading. Never been so disappointed with a lip product.

Michell Greenville, ME



Robin Ronceverte, WV

Another pretty color, but…

dislike that this stain makes my lips feel tacky and peel once it has dried. Probably works for other folks quite well, however. Very uncomfortable when worn- will not re-order this stain but other Maybelline products I ordered are fine with usage.

Jerry Bucyrus, MO

pretty nice

It is convenient and does stay on longer than lipstick. It doesn’t stain my lips as well as I would like for it to, but I would still use it over lipstick. The shade is a bit more pigmented than one would think by judging the lid color. It smells nice and has a tiny bit of sparkle to it. May buy again when I use this one up. Also, a tip: apply this after foundation and powder, but before doing your eyes so that it can set pretty well before you apply your balm over it. It seems to stay a bit better this way.

Shelby Burdette, AR

Just okay

Really didn’t use much – it dried out my lips. I guess if you used a gloss overit it would work better.

Jana Ratliff City, OK

i really do like it, alot, but hard to dispense…

I love the color, I imagine it would work for anybody, and it does stay on , however it does dry my lips out just a little bit after a while, no other complaints, other than the fact that it is hard to dispense, you have to do quit a few swips of it to get the color on good, however, the pen tip is perfect, I wish all pen tips was like this, for all glosses, ect, because it is very very precise, which is my fav thing about this! I will buy it again, I can see why some people may not like this, it is not expensive, so I say give it a go, theres not much to loose, and I do like it a lot, everything has pro’s and con’s, so for the price, to me the pro’s outweigh the con’s enough that I will recommend it to you all to try out, and I figure that most of you will like, however like I said, not everything is for everybody…

Sherry Leasburg, MO

Love It

Never used this product before but I love the effect it has when yo put it on. It doesn’t seem to matter which color I use they have all looked great.

Candice Kenton, KY

Nice Lipstain

I have tried lipstain before when they 1st came out and did not like it as there was no color payout. After trying Maybelline’s Lipstain I was pleasantly surprised it provides a nice stain of color that lasts a long time and also makes your lips feel super soft. If I put this on around 7:30 am I usually don’t have to reapply until after lunch. This color is on the darker side it kind of looks like you where eating a red popsicle and stained your lips ( I like it). The only down side is the tube is not squeezable so you have to push on the top to get the color to come out. I find if I store it with the tip facing down it works better. I would like to try this in another shade.

Morgan Fort Ann, NY

ohh myy…

Gosh I luv this lip stain. Its looks like I had eaten sum juicy raspberries. Its gorgeous. And I wish I could give a 5 star on the shipping. I placed my order Thursday morning and I was sitting in my mail box Saturday morning! It was in perfect condition still sealed. I will reorder from this seller 🙂

Anastasia Dodge, NE

My Favorite.

It really stays on for hours. I never liked using lipstains because they always would rub off in clumps. This brand by far is the best. I does not rub off and stays on for Hours.

Sherri Centerbrook, CT

lip stain

a poor item. wont buy again. lipstains dont work for me obviously. A waist of money for me. Had a funky smell about it too. Wont use again.

Sylvia Long Island, KS


It is very difficult for me to get pink lips. Most products I buy look like the lipsticks of 50 years ago (yes I know). But this give your lips a very natural look that doesn’t stand out like barn paint. I looking for other colors now.

Diann Gaysville, VT

never again!

not only was the toffee color bright flat red, it leached out around my lipline before it could dry despite the precision tip.the by far worst part was it stung so bad I think it took a layer of skin off my lips. I can taste that they are actually injured, and will keep applying medicated bag balm for I dont know how long!had to give the stain a try, but I am going back to the regular long-lasting stuff as soon as my lips heal.the one point I gave is for fast, free shipping.

Rosemary Mount Sterling, IL

Good color poor delivery

I purchased a couple of these stains and found that they are pretty colors on my lips. But I don’t like the feeling as they dry the lips quite a bit. I had to use a honey balm over mine just to stop my lips from feeling ashy. I didn’t feel that they lasted longer or shorter than lipstick but re-applying isn’t as nice as this feels like you are painting your lips with a sharpie.

Bonnie Rumsey, CA

Maybelline New York Colorsensational Lipstain, Blushing, 0.1 Fluid Ounce

DO NOT BUY ITMaybelline New York Colorsensational Lipstain, Blushing, 0.1 Fluid OunceMy lips hurts and the color do not stay

Olivia Cushing, TX

Be careful choosing color

I purchased this lip stain to practice my wedding makeup and needed something long lasting. This is long lasting but rubs off if your drinking anything a lot and like other stains is very dry so I had to put on balm over it. Also like other lip stains it’s really hard to tell what it will look like upon your lips. I am very fair skinned and my lips aren’t very pigmented. I purchased bitten berry expecting something like a hot pink but on my lips it looked more plum. Regardless it was very very pretty just not the color I was expecting.

Lesley Princeton, ME


Not very long lasting – leaves pieces of the marker on you after awhile.Could be designed better I think.

Mayra Rome, NY

NOT “in the buff” by any means

I bought this thinking it was something close to nude, but enough color to look "done" up. No. Its fricken mauve/pink. Not at all a light pastel pink as the outside of the packaging appears. Other than the fact that I hate the color, it’s a good product if applied the way a stain should be.

Della Grand Forks Afb, ND

stiff liner

The tip of this lip liner is so stiff that it is hard to put on. I don’t know if it will get softer with use or not.

Aimee Elmendorf Afb, AK

Wink of Pink

I bought this in Wink of Pink because I thought it would be a nice shade of light pink. I was definetly surprised when I opened it up and it was a dark fuscia color. I applied it in the morning and it felt like I was coloring on my mouth with a marker. I have bad luck with most lip stains because they all tend to dry out my lips. I don’t know if it is just the nature of a stain but this product was no different. It helped to apply a light lip balm to make my lips a little bit more moist but still they were dry the whole day. The color of the cap is not the color of the stain at all. It is a true lip stain but the color is way off.

Suzette Solen, ND

Weird product

This is a very strange product. Its like a crayola marker buts is a makeup product—WEIRD! I could not get into it and the color was just not the neutral color I was looking for.

Tina Eastaboga, AL

This lasted all day.

This does look like a marker with the way it’s made and can be hard to apply around the rim of the lips. It was extremely drying on my lips. However, once I applied a think coat of Chap-stick it was fine. The Chap-stick also added a little shine to my lips. It does go on a little darker on my lips but it lighten to the cap color as the day goes on. I have light pink lips look very different of anybody with darker lips. It has a light kool-aid powder like fruit scent to this product.

Joni Gary, SD

I love this stuff.

This is the only lip makeup I’ve ever tried that actually lasts a long time and doesn’t dry my lips out.It goes on pretty evenly for a lip stain, which are all basically felt-tip markers. If I’m careful I can get it perfectly covered and even, unlike Revlon’s lip stain where it seems to be spotty no matter what I do.It is very slightly drying when it first goes on, but after giving the stain a minute to dry and putting on my regular lip balm I can’t feel it at all. No dry tight feeling. No grittiness. No sticky residue. No chemical flavor.The best part is that it really does last. I put it on at 7am and usually don’t have to touch it up until after dinner. The stain itself isn’t shiny at all, so for shine you’ve got to put on a layer of lip gloss periodically. But a quick swipe of gloss over still perfect color is far easier than the usually lip liner/lip stick routine.One thing to keep in mind with these is that as a stain the color is going to be transparent. If you’re going darker than your natural lip color, it’ll probably be pretty close to the color pictured. But, there is no way to go lighter. Your natural lip tone does show through and affect the final result. That makes picking the right color a little tricky because I’m never sure what it’s going to be until I’ve tried it. I’m still happy with the colors they’ve turned out, even if they weren’t exactly what I was expecting. (I got Cherry Pop which came out slightly brighter red than the color on the package, but very close and Touch of Toffee which came out a lot pinker than expected.)

Madeleine Jane Lew, WV

Doesn’t last.

It smells great, doesn’t taste bad, and is a very nice color. With a name like color stain I thought it would last longer than an hour.

Laverne Floresville, TX

Delicious scent, and stays on, but the color not as pretty in person

The color is not exactly like in the picture when I put it on. It’s much darker when applied. I do love the lasting power and the scent of it though. I can now say that lipstains are not for me though. At least it did not cost me too much to find that out.

Debra Bridgeton, NJ


doesnt stain very evenly, have to put 2 or 3 coats on to get it even. and it only stays on for a couple of hours. disppointed

Stacie Bedias, TX

nice color

This is nice and stays in place for a long time, I would purchase this product in the future, it also came in record time.

Meghan Wainwright, AK