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Maybelline New York Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor, Brazen Berry, 0.15 Ounce

Be bright and gorgeous with color sensational lip color’s vivid collection. Brighter color from exclusive vivid pigments. Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar.

Key features

  • Dare to come alive with new color sensational vivid
  • Now bright goes gorgeous, never garish
  • Brighter color from exclusive vivid pigments

Honest reviews


Didn’t work for me

Color is brighter than depicted. Don’t like the consistency on lips when on. I suppose it’s not wise to buy lipsticks online unless you have used or have seen the color in person. Oh well…

Alta Washington Depot, CT

Addicted to this Maybelline line!

Lovely color…slightly less intense but definitively as it looks on the tube. I will order the Vibrant Mandarin shade to check if is the perfect orange for my skin color (i’m dominican, let’s say afro-caribbean with a mostly caramel brown complexion). Anyways, excelent lipstick with lots of pigments and and gorgeous poppy colors!

Velma Summit Station, OH

Finally found my slipstick !!!

I was constantly told my lipstick is too dark. It’s called vulcano something. Anyway, I was looking for a lighter brighter lipstick and this fits the bill. I of course have to purchase a lot of them as manufacturers alway discontinue a good thing. It stays put and is the right color for me. Also, I won’t even consider purchasing a lipstick that I can’t take the top off in the store to see the true color and this one I could. So, I’m going to buy more of these for the future. FYI: The color you see on this website is lighter than the real lipstick by a couple of shades. Highly recommend this lipstick.

Joanne New Buffalo, MI

Ahhh-mayzing color!

If you like the brights, you’ll love Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids Lip Color. I usually go for softer shades, but decided to try something with a little more pop of color, and I sure got it with this lipstick. The taste is inoffensive, the scent is quite nice, and the really great part is that the color does not change after you put it on. That was always the problem with other bright colors I’ve used over the years. I’ll probably try some of the other colors in this new line because I was so happy with Neon Red. It also goes on very nicely and the moisture really seems to soften my lips. Nice stuff and definitely recommended — as long as you are not looking for a subtle shade.

Gale Dennis Port, MA

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor, Shocking Coral, 0.15…

I purchased this for my mother plus like to try something new out.It is a beautiful color and dont smudge and last for hours.Will defienttly purchased again and get one for myself….shipping was greatttt

Arline Fogelsville, PA


I love this lipstick so amazing and bright! I can’t wait for the summer to use shocking coral. I am def considering buying different colors.

Lisa Franklin Springs, GA

Hot Plum. Def worth it on sale, but I’d consider buying again full price for the unique colors.

The hot plum is a great color. It is definitely vivid. I’ve found it doesn’t stay on all day, but I find most drug store lipsticks don’t. I didn’t find it particularly moisturizing, however, I am in FL and at this time of year (Nov) the weather is up and down, so I’m not positive which factor is to blame. I’d buy lipsticks from this line in other colors.

Leeann Lemont Furnace, PA

Exquisite Color!

Maybelline’s lipsticks are the best available. I’ve tried the expensive department store designer brands, and NEVER gotten the wonderful results I do with Maybelline lipsticks. Vivid Rose is a gorgeous shade of reddish pink – not too loud red or Barbie-doll pink for any woman or any time of day. The lipstick itself feels like silk on my mouth, and the moisturizing effect is heavenly in the heat of summer and dry winter wind. I absolutely love this color, and will keep buying this shade when mine runs out.

Tisha Maple Hill, NC

Bright kissers!!

Get noticed with this lipstick! They’ll see you coming for miles, but they’ll be intrigued by those luscious looking lips! My husband hates it when I wear anything on my lips and immediately wipes his lips after kissing me. He gave me an extra long smooch while I was wearing this lipstick and didn’t wipe his lips…he was still wearing it when he got home from work!! Lol!!

Sophia Groton, VT


I love the summer pink. It goes on smooth and the color stays on all day. Totally recommend. They come in a ton of colors

Meghan Wetumpka, AL

Nice color, texture

I like the formula of the Vivids lipsticks. This is a perfect color for me because I don’t care for very dark shades for daytime but I also looked washed out if I wear very pale shades. This one is just right and I will reorder this shade.

Jewel Washington, NE

don’t get too excited, but still really nice

This color looks really pretty from how they take it in the pics but it doesn’t look as good in real life. But it it’s a nice color don’t get me wrong! I’ve gotten a lot of complements even when I thought it wasn’t that good.

Karin Hampden, ME

Very pretty!

The color is more purple in the tube but on the lips there is some reddish/pinkish tint to it. So if you’re not very brave to sport purple lips but would love to try, this color is for you. I have olive skin and this is truly flattering on me. I would imagine anybody and any skin tone can pull this off.

Michaela Plymouth, PA

I like

It was a good price cheaper than stores. The color is pretty and this lipstick goes on smooth. It’s very moisturizing I love how it makes my lips feel

Lesa Youngstown, NY

one of my favorite colors!!

I love Maybelline lipsticks so when the vivid line came out I was excited. This and the (Vivid Rose) are in my collection and they are both hot!!This plum stands out against my dark skin perfectly.The pigment is greatstays on long and looks good against many different of my eyeshadow combinations. I plan to get them all because they are vibrant, bright and attention grabbing. I am always complimented on this color.

Ina Manchester, TN


I have always been a red lip kinda girl, then i saw girls wearing these bright colored pink lips and fell in love! I have every color of these vivid lipsticks and have no regrets. Each one is just as good as the next color, i really cant pick a favorite. They look so georgous on, and even though they become matte over time they dont dry out. That was really important for me because i dont carry around lipgloss to often that i can pop over my lip sticks. These lipsticks are perfect for spring and give you that extra oomph to your look.

Antoinette Conley, GA

very nice

Color is not as orange as I expected. More of a coral color. It stays on fairly well but is kind of drying. Not at all moisturizing.I have used a gloss over it and that worked out ok but I don’t really want to have to do both.

Millie Vega, TX

Stays on all day!!

I totally adore this lipstick! It stayed on most of the day and it did not bled. The Neon Red color is totally gorgeous and I’m definitely recommending this product on my blogs and videos.

Lydia Junior, WV

Wow, this really stays put!

The awesome thing about this lip color is not just the great color, but also the fact that it works just like a lip stain or really good lipstick — the color stays on you, even if you’re eating something, and even if hours have gone by; however, the best thing about it is that it’s also hidrating, unlike most lip colors.I really, really like this. Another success from Maybelline in my book. I’ll definitely repurcahse this baby.

Wilma Sterling, ND

Amazing color that hardly fades!

This has got to be one of my favorite lipsticks!!!The color is gorgeous, it’s very opaque so you don’t have to put a lot on to get a good color, and it lasts!Of course you will always get some fade, or rubbing off from any lipstick you buy, but this one stays on for a very long time. it almost acts as a lip stain as well. It’s got a creamy consistency which makes putting it on a snap. It is also not too drying, though you may still want to put lip balm under or on top of it.I would definitely recommend this lipstick for anyone! Great price for an awesome product.

Emily Washta, IA

Very nice lipstick color!

It’s a pretty color. I bought it because I already had three more colors of the same collection that I love, which are “fuchsia flash”, “Brazen Berry” and “electric orange”. They’re very nice lipsticks and also very pigmented, and not as expensive as high end ones. So they’re a good buy!

Claudia Kempton, IN


Wasnt too sure about this color at first but I am glad I purchased this color. It is a nice, bright enough purple color.

Denise Cooleemee, NC

This Lipstick Pops

Bought this Pink Pop shade to wear with a purple dress for my son’s May wedding. It’s a light, smooth lipstick which lasts. The color is vibrant and vivid. You don’t need to put on a lot as the color is pretty radiant. Great spring or summer color especially. It is not a pale pink, but neither is it a dark pink.

Michell Newborn, GA

Great color

arrived quickly and is a gorgeous shade! Perfect for summer! Definitely going to wear this out more in summer! Love it

Jaime Pedro, OH

Durable and lovely color

This lipstick are very durable and vivid love it and much. Rose pink like cotton candy .It is the color a want it

Wilda Stockton, CA


I love this lipstick! The color is very pigmented and last a very long time! The color is a very true red! This lipstick is hydrating as well! A++

Kasey Brandon, MS

Beautiful & Smooth

This is a beautiful shade of lipstick. I absolutely love it. Goes on very smooth and just looks great overall. I had blend it with lip liner to get that extra pop I was looking for, but otherwise it’s great!

Shirley Modoc, IL

Vivid Indeed

I have a serious obsession with the Maybelline Vivids lipsticks. I own these in Pink Pop, Shocking Coral, Electric Fuchsia (LE), Vivid Rose, Hot Plum, and Brazen Berry. These are the best drugstore lipsticks that I have ever used. They are longwearing, and are very creamy, with an almost balm-like feel. I have extremely dry lips, but these are so moisturizing that I can wear them with no problems. All of the shades have a shiny, cream finish, with no shimmer.The shades are as follows:Pink Pop: A very opaque and white-based bubblegum pink. I don’t find that it goes on streaky, however, in spite of the color. For a light shade, this has a considerable amount of punch to it. This color is my second favorite.Shocking Coral: This is an almost day-glo coral that leans more pink than orange. This shade is just one step away from neon, but I think that it’s still a very pretty spring color.Electric Fuchsia (LE): I actually ordered the shade Fuchsia Flash, but I received the limited edition shade Electric Fuchsia. The difference between the two colors is almost imperceptible, so I kept it. Electric Fuchsia is perhaps a tiny bit darker and more blue-based than Fuchsia Flash. This is a very bright, what some call “Barbie,” pink.Vivid Rose: This is a true, bright, pink-red, akin to the petals of a red rose. I find this shade to be cooler, with a blue base that causes it to lean towards more of a rich, deep pink than red. When I use the word deep, don’t mistake that to mean dark. This is still a saturated, bright, knock-your-socks-off kind of color. As much as I love this color though, it does tend to bleed in the Cupid’s bow of my upper lip. I’m 28, and have no visible fine lines around my lips, but the color does migrate. However, I think a good clear liner might remedy this problem.Hot Plum: This is a really pretty purple that is slightly warmer than the other purple in this collection. It is more of a pink-purple. This is a very nice shade, and because of its pink lean, it would perhaps be less scary to those that are hesitant to try a purple lip.Brazen Berry: The only word I have for this is LOVE. This is my favorite color of the collection, and it is a true, blue-based purple. It has a formulation that is a little sheerer than the other colors, but it is very buildable. In daylight, this color is stunning. This is a statement-lip kind of shade, and not for the faint of heart.

Allyson Crystal Hill, VA


Medium orange color. Good saturation. Stays on pretty well. Feels nice on the lips. Very good quality for the price.

Ida Monarch, CO

Love the Brazen Berry

I love Maybelline color sensational lipsticks and have some ,but I wanted a bright violet shade and I found it in the New vivids color sensational -Brazen Berry – It’s a bright violet,not a deep purple that glides on smoothly like all Maybelline lipsticks.It looks very nice on me,I have a light to medium skin tone.I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try a new color.

Caryn Lemont, PA