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Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer Makeup, Beige 975 .18 fl oz

Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Concealer Micro-minerals fully conceal imperfections and under-eye darkness leaving you with naturally flawless, healthy looking skin. •All-day natural coverage •Won’t clog pores •Ophthalmologist tested •Contains 0% oil, 0% talc and 0% fragrance

Key features

  • Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer Makeup, Beige 975 .18 fl oz (5.5 ml)
  • •All-day natural coverage
  • •Won’t clog pores
  • •Ophthalmologist tested
  • •Contains 0% oil, 0% talc and 0% fragrance

Honest reviews


Love it

I love this concealer. It is the only concealer that I have ever tried that actually conceals. I got it to use for my eyes. I have permanent dark circles all year ’round and the inside corner is always blue/purple for some reason, and my eyelids are so thin that you can see the veins so they look blueish, too. Anyway this concealer works really well to even all that out and make it like the rest of my pale skin. And, it doesn’t leave those weird creases under my eyes that the other concealers do. I also use it sometimes on other parts of my skin for redness ( I have a lot of redness on my face), and it works pretty well for that, too. Not perfectly, but well enough considering that’s not what it’s even made for. I definitely reccomend this if you have weird puffy eyes like me or those annoying see-through eyelids. I also have a lot of other Maybelline mineral power products and I love all of them!

Ines East Tawas, MI

provides minimal coverage for my dark circles

this formula of concealer is to light and runny for my preference provides very minimal coverage for dark circles and even when applied it creases into fine lines and disappears throughout the day even when set with a powderI prefer a opaque cream concealer for my under eye areaWhat I would recommend this for is to do spot coverage for acne blemishes its very light so it wont clog or irate the area but at the same time it hides the redness discoloration you get with out caking up and flaking the skin

Viola Whick, KY

Very good canceler for RAKUN eyes 🙂

I like it I got the cheap sand color to find out it was the perfect match for my skin tone , it dry quick and is flawless .. love itmost of the canceler dry out 2 tones darker and on the end of the day you looks like rakun or worse hehemost beauty specialist will tell you to use 2 shades lighter for under your eyes if you wearing over make up , but if you don’t the perfect match is important , the trick here is to use just the right shade

Colleen Goodwine, IL


I was disappointed in this product. The tip on the applicator brush just completely fell apart and the felt stuff was all inside the bottle. As for the concealer itself, it was okay. Seemed a little greasy at first then once it set it was good

Leigh West Willow, PA

Don’t Buy, unless you are really sure.

I bought this because it was cheap, and I shouldn’t have. I thought cafe would be dark because it was the darkest color on there, but it is really light. It also seems to have shimmer in it. I don’t use it, but it’s okay since I paid loess than $4. I really would not recommend this.

Lelia Halbur, IA

It’s okay

This is a good product, it just wasn’t for me.Reasons:1. Very light coverage. If you’re a person that doesn’t have many imperfections or just need a couple of things to cover this is you. But this doesn’t help much with redness.2. Doesn’t match skin tone very well. In order to use this product and have it match your skin tone, you must be a pale person. I am very white but it just didn’t match.

Ophelia Dudley, MA

I got the wrong color and it still works great! 😀

Haha, i ended up getting the wrong color. This concealer is about one or two shades lighter than my skin tone, but it still works great. After i apply a little dot of this concealer under my eyes, and then apply foundation and loose powder, my face looks great, brighter, and dark circle free. The very best.

Alison Ludlow, PA

Love it

This is the second time i buy this item, and it did its job perfectly every time i use it.

Laverne Cameron, MO

This is the best.

This product is awesome. It works great. The service was quick and the price is right. I would reccommend it to anyone. Thanks!

Colleen Hesperus, CO

Not bad for a liquid concealer

I like the consistence of the product it’s not to thick or to light it’s just right I will recommend this to a girlfriend.

Marietta Wedderburn, OR

not like the ones i get in the

seems really watery. not like the ones i get in the drugstore

Robyn Kotzebue, AK


Used it for about a year and covers up really well. Comes off easily, in ways you do or don’t want, but it does its job so long as you keep your hands off you face. Doesn’t work well on scabs, but works well for about everything else. There’s a lot of content in that little bottle! Mine has lasted almost six months!

Candace Ray, OH

good concealer

I had originally got the light shade which was 1-2 but it was too light. I found this at a great price and this is better. It’s a pretty good concealer as well.

Rosario Perkins, GA


But applicator tip broke within a few months. Still decently-priced and covers acne so I would buy it again. Cheap.

Manuela Carbon Hill, AL

I love it

I am hesitant to order make up online but I really like this concealer it brightens my eyes and goes on smoothand I really like the fact that they do not charge shipping. I will be ordering this prodduct again, hard to find a concealer that I really like without spending tons of money. The price is definately right.Please continue to carry this product.

Suzanne Tillatoba, MS


this color was perfect for me..its nice and creamy and covers very can barely see my dark circles I have under my eyes. I love this product and will be buying from them again!

Corine Randolph, NE

works good

I really like this product, it covers well. Maybe too well, it took a few scrubs to get it off.

Adela Beardstown, IL


I love this concealer. This is the only one that I can find that blends well and lasts without irritating my skin. I wish they didn’t discontinue this.But Im glad I found it online. Fast shipping too!

Mellisa Skipwith, VA

Great Concealer

I am hesitant to order make up online but I really like this concealer it brightens my eyes and goes on smoothand I really like the fact that they do not charge shipping. I will be ordering this prodduct again, hard to find a concealer that I really like without spending tons of money. The price is definately right.Please continue to carry this product.

Bobbi Fresh Meadows, NY


i dont really see the point in this product i didnt notice a difference when i aplied this on my face

Lorene Kersey, PA

Good stuff

Discontinued by Maybelline, shame on them, this was one of the best concealers around. I mean, for dark circles, it covered, and it dried, and it isn’t sticky or creamy, it has no scent to irritate the eyes. I have two of these stored away now, I think that will be it since there is a shelf life for these things, but no doubt about it, this is a good concealer.

Geneva Jermyn, TX

Great buy

I like this concealer and think it works very well! It doesnt clump up and blends very well with my skin

Patsy Puposky, MN


Conceals perfectly, just what I was looking for.This works for me as does the dream mousse.Maybelline just has the best products.

Lorena Switchback, WV

Had a greenish hue

I bought the wrong color.. Lol. It was a tad too light, so ill be mixing some darker foundation in to blend it out.

Meagan Highland, IN

Ivory 01- Opaque without being too orange or yellow

I mainly use concealer for my greyish undereye area. I am a very pale cool-complexion redhead, so I do not do well with the yellow and orange base colors in almost all concealers. Even the pink ones are too much color for my under-eyes. When you have dark grey to cover, you go 2 shades lighter than your skin, and this is the only brand I’ve found that makes an invisible opaque color *that* pale.Texture: Goes on smoothly even after it dries, but isn’t so think or oily that it leaves bare spots every time you touch it. It doesnt cling grossly to those peach-fuzz hairs on the face, so it looks like my natural skin, only better.Wear: No itching (sensitive skin, so that’s an issue) and no creases or crazing even when I sleep in the stuff.Cons: I think they discontinued it. 🙁

Kristen Meadowlands, MN

jo jo baltimore

Nice, very creamy in a nice shade! I wish there was more color options in shade ranges for all concealers, like this one!

Lisa Tununak, AK

Doesn’t work well

I used it to cover up my pimples and it didn’t do a great job. I like that it talc free, but if the product doesn’t work, then it doesn’t make much of a difference. It did lighten the circles under my eyes, but it wasn’t great for blemishes.

Sarah Burlington, IL


I use this more as a foundation; I mix a tiny bit of it with my lotion, and it makes the absolute most flawless looking face. Better than any real foundation that I have ever used. It is also light enough for my VERY pale face! Truly amazing 🙂

Serena Elwood, KS

Healthy and it works!

It’s hard to find decent products that are not poison. This product rates very well on the cosmetic data base for hazardous cosmetics. It’s one of the best rated ones actually. The great news is, it’s actually a decent concealer. I can’t say that my blemishes totally vanish, but it does blend well, drastically improve my under eye darkness, and doesn’t enhance fine lines and wrinkles like other "all natural" concealers do. I looked for this every where and couldn’t find it. Glad Amazon offered my color. I’m a medium skin tone. I don’t burn easily, but I do freckle some. Hope this helps you!

Diane La Villa, TX

Been using this for years!

Whether you are trying to cover up dark circles under your eyes or are battling with a breakout this concealer works very well to hide imperfections. It seems to work best if you put a little on a finger and then use the finger of your other hand to dab some on the area you are working on. If you use the wand directly on your skin you will find you are using too much. One tube of this product lasts for years. Give it a try!~The Rebecca Review

Helen Lawrence, NY