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Maybelline Lash Stylist Washable Mascara, Brownish Black 602

Buy Maybelline Mascaras – Maybelline Lash Stylist Comb Mascara 602 Brownish Black (PACK OF 2)

Key features

  • Skin loving mineral

Honest reviews


Not my favorite.

I don’t like the wand on this, it is not the “usual” wand. It has a flat side and then a side that acts like a comb. For me, I prefer the standard mascara brush wand to this type, but I am sure some people prefer this type of wand so I guess it is just a preference thing. The mascara itself is fine. Will probably use a wand from one of my other Maybelline mascaras that should solve the wand issue.

Lavonne Edison, NE

love this Mascara

I have used this Mascara for a few years now and i con’t seem to find anything that is as good .So i will continue with this until they stop selling it .

Marla Marion, MI

Please keep it in stock!!!

This is the only mascara I have found with a comb and like another reviewer said you cant beat the difference in application, Maybeline made the UN-wise decision to discontinue it and Amazon is the only place I can find it, this 2 for one deal is pretty good so I stocked up for now. I recommend this seller and the product.

Joy Queen Anne, MD

Smooth Coverage That Lasts

I just started wearing this mascara a few days ago and I have to agree with other reviewers. It goes on very smoothly and evenly and wears very well. It would be interesting to find out why Maybelline doesn’t sell this in stores any longer but I guess thats the way it goes. The newer flashier packaged mascaras getting shelf space aren’t necessarily better products. When I wore this mascara for the first time I was on a trip to NYC and my lashes looked better than ever. After a full day of walking on windy streets, riding subways and taxis and just being on the go till 1:00 a.m. my lashes still looked fresh and I didn’t have dark smears under my eyes. When I washed my face it was easy to remove and I didn’t lose lashes trying to scrub it off. I will use this till it isn’t available any longer.

Roslyn Center Valley, PA

The best

This is the best mascara I ever tried! And i tried several ones! It makes lashes look so long. Also, the price is really convenient!

Marylou Meeker, CO

I love this stuff & the stock supply is running out, so you shouldn’t buy it!

This stuf is the best mascara that money can buy. It’s really too bad that they discontinued it! I bought 12 tubes here on Amazon. haha, my husband thinks I am insane

Juliana Lyndon Station, WI