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MAYBELLINE Lash Stylist Comb Waterproof Mascara,Very Black #611

Maybelline Lash Stylish Mascara – Sculpts extra-thickness lifts up to 40%

Key features

  • Waterproof mascara with volume plus lift
  • Sculpts extra thickness, Contact lens safe
  • Ophthalmologist tested, Made in the USA
  • Lifts up to 65%, .22 oz

Honest reviews


For luscious lashes, this is the best

Hands down my favorite mascara , and it’s cheap, man it makes me happy that it’s not some fancy shmancy brand. I don’t mind spending more on something like an eye shadow that really shows the pigment and quality, but I’m not a fan of overpriced mascaras, and this one rocks! The comb will look scary to anyone who has never used once before, but it paints the ink onto the lashes with so much power and precision that they look extremely dark and coated from root to tip. I like to wiggle it back and forth and deposit more at the base and let it thin out at the top, no lumps at the tips, no one wants that. I also pinch the tops of the lashes with my fingers if theres any clumps.The only Lash Stylist mascara that I recommend is the Waterproof formula in Very Black. The regular formula sucks, or at least I don’t like it, it’s not as dark and feels totally different, I made the mistake a few times getting different colors but only the waterproof one works the best. It comes off quite easy with baby oil or makeup remover, and never feels dry or stiff.- Kasia S.

Leslie Kevil, KY


I love this mascara!! I have really britle lashes and this mascara makes the long and makes them seperate perfect. When I first tryed this mascara i couldn’t believe it, Im so happy that i found this mascara i use it on all my special occasions. They make my lashes like false ones,that’s why i don’t even buy fake lashes because I have this mascara!!! Thanks Maybelline!!!

Carmella Morgantown, KY

My favorite mascara!

This mascara has been discontinued for 5 few years now & still being sold with outrageous prices. I saw one thats priced for $70+. I know the product is sealed but what is the guarantee that the formula is still good inside, considering its 5 years old in the tube. It’s dried up inside the tube. I myself bought a whole bunch of these when I first heard its being discontinued.I wish all the ladies like me who loves this mascara would all go to Maybelline website & request them to bring this mascara back in the market. There is strength in numbers girls, lets all do it!

Patricia Bemidji, MN

Don’t judge the product!

I purchased this mascara based only on the high amount of good reviews. I tried it, and didn’t like it. It’s not that this product doesn’t work, because clearly it does for a lot of people, but this mascara has a different wand, so you have to know how to use it right. In my case, I didn’t. Each mascara has different ingredients, and a different wand, and each person uses each one differently because they have different techniques for applying it. You just have to find the one you work best with. My personal favorite that I recently bought, is Maybelline volum’ express one by one.

Monika Yanceyville, NC

Love the comb applicator

I prefer tubing mascaras, but when this was locally available in drugstores I loved buying & using it. It didn’t make my eyes sting like many other mascaras do & what I love best about it is the comb applicator – more mascara companies should incorporate a comb version into their line. I absolutely hate those clunky rubber/plastic brushes many companies use these days. It’s too bad Maybelline discontinued this mascara – the comb wand alone makes it entirely worth it. Washes off easily & doesn’t leave panda-eye residue.

Sasha Uniondale, IN

The best

I could no longer find this mascara in stores and was tickled to find it on Amazon. It’s my favorite because the comb separates and coats lashes fully.

Casandra Brownstown, IN

Love this Mascara

Yes, it’s not available anymore and I did LOVE it…but is anyone SERIOUSLY buying this stuff at the gauging prices these and other folks are selling it for? Sorry…not me!Instead I’d love for all you to go to the Maybelline site and send a note asking for it back….it’s so unique a product…I can’t believe they got rid of it!Go here to voice your opinion: […]

Shelley Montville, NJ