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Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara/eyeliner, 973 Very Black

Lash stiletto Voluptuous washable mascara: removes easily with soap and water or Maybelline New York expert eyes 100% oil-free eye makeup remover. Ophthalmologist tested. Contact lens safe. Unstoppable smudge-proof, waterproof eyeliner: stays put all day; holds your look in place until you remove it. Glides on smoothly; easily lines & defines eyes. Self-sharpening; swivels up and down so point stays sharp. Safe for sensitive eyes. Contact lens safe. Ophthalmologist tested. Dramatic length Impactful volume Plump & stretch brush

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I recently bought the Falsies Waterproof Mascara from Maybelline looking for an amazing look of my lashes but was dissapointed. I was hoping this macara (THE LASH STILETTO) would add volume and make my eyes look great, and I must say it does. The tip is not the most confortable, it makes it hard to apply, but the product is ok, and I would buy it again. I do recommend this a lot!

Lucy Kingston, MA

Does the job..

I mean mascara is mascara…as long as it goes on well without clumping and looks natural with staying power. I comes off well without tearing out you lashes which is important for me also. I have used better but it works well 4 out of 5.

Caryn Doland, SD


Like tha picture BUT the mascara its bad, i hate it ( El rimel no funciona bien, no suben las pestañas con el muy desepcionada )

Winnie Blackburn, MO

Great eye makeup at a great price!

Maybelline has some great eye makeup! This stuff goes on nicely, lasts, and looks great! The price was really good too!

Marsha Chestertown, MD

New in package

Perfect in package.Just doesn’t work for me as far as volume- wanted larger volume in lashes, and it does a good job for just plain ole mascara

Margarita Mooresville, IN


i didn’t even have to curl my eye lashes with this mascara! it made them look full and super long,, the eyeliner is really black i really like it it feels like it’s gel, liked this duo

Elsa Dibble, OK

Lots to like on this lash lengthening mascara

There’s a lot to like about this inexpensive mascara:1. This is a lengthening formula (makes lashes look longer) but also has a brush with dense bristles to add some volume.2. The color is very dark black3. You can control the end of the brush to hit the little lashes at the ends of your eyelids.4. comes with an eyeliner.5. At this price, if you like this formula, you can stock up and throw out your mascara on a monthly basis. Mascara gets contaminated with bacteria from the air and from touching your eyelid, and even though there is preservative in it, eventually you should toss it.I do toss my mascara monthly and I don’t like spending a lot–even drugstores now charge over five a pop. This is a very good value. Not the best mascara I’ve used (for the price, that would be L’Oreal Voluminous) but this is quite acceptable. Bottom line: if you want an inexpensive mascara that lengthens and is a dark black, this is a good choice.

Lynn La Joya, NM

I love it!

This mascara creates a dramatic but not overly dramtic look. It makes my eyelases appear false in a good way. The eyeliner is also great. It is waterproof like advertised.

Therese Oregonia, OH

Nice and a great value

This is what I love a great product which everybody knows and likes at a perfect low price! Use it everyday! love it!

Janell Steinhatchee, FL


Clumpy, dry, doesn’t go on well, etc…do not buy this mascara. It really wasa disappointment since I do like Maybellineproducts.

Alyce Barrington, IL

Not happy

I received the product way earlier than the estimated shipping date, which was great! However, the package was damaged and not sealed ( the mascara and eyeliner were not just in the envelope with the back paper in there looking like it was ripped open). I worried that the product may have been used but when I opened the mascara it didn’t have any of the liquid all over the top so I decided that it probably wasn’t used and chose to keep it. However, the brush was very dry, there isn’t a lot of liquid in the mascara tube. Moreover, no matter how many coats I applied, the mascara does not lengthe. It simply coats your eyelashes with black liquid. Over applying it won’t give add any length or volume to your eyelashes, it will just keep coating them and end up clumping. I am very disappointed.

Adrienne Union Church, MS