Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, Very Black -.43 Fluid Ounce

Great lash mascara’s lash doubling formula glides on smooth to build great looking lashes. The lash building brush makes it easy to get a full lash look. Contact lens safe and hypoallergenic. Washable formula; also available in waterproof formula.

Key features

  • America’s favorite mascara
  • Conditions as it thickens
  • No clumps, no globs
  • Brush won’t cause clumping

Honest reviews


I’ve used this for years

I have used Maybelline’s great lash mascara for years. It lasts all day, and does not smear. The quality is far better than any of the more expense brands I have tried. I think this is the best mascara you can buy.

Patti Stratford, NJ

Caused an Eyelid Infection

A few hours after trying this mascara, my eyelids were swollen and red and my eyes were burning. It got progressively worse before improving. It was supposed to be hypoallergenic! It is horrible. I buy inexpensive mascara all of the time but this one I will stay away from.

Martina Nicholasville, KY

Does the trick

Mascara – I’ve tried them all. Expensive, cheap, special brush, thickening, lengthening…. And what I’ve discovered is mascara is mascara. Maybelline Great Lash does the job as well as any other product. It lasts all day and washes off with soap and water only. It’s not too clumpy, and the price is right. I like this mascara, and it’s a rare occurrence now that I’m ever tempted to buy any other brand.

Ophelia Leon, VA

Confused about other reviews – no allergies here

I have been using Great Lash by Maybelline for a
• long
• time, and I have tried mascaras from Chanel, MAC, Shiseido, and many more. This is actually my favorite of basically everything I have tried so far, and is under $5! It makes my eyes pop, goes on dark and smooth and doesn’t clump at all. This is also the only “non-premium” make-up product that I use on a daily basis. The rest of my cosmetics are from Bare Escentuals, MAC, Chanel, etc.As far as I allergies go, I was surprised to read about all of the allergic reactions on here. I am very sensitive to cosmetics, wear contacts and have
• severe
• allergies, but this mascara has never been a factor. I’ve actually had much more expensive mascaras give me a reaction, but not this one. I guess it just depends on the person. However, I think it is worth a shot for under $5, and if you’re not allergic, you will more than likely make this a life-long product.

Cathleen Meade, KS

One of my favorite mascaras of all time

I’ve used a lot of different mascaras, mainly for price/availability reasons. I’m returning to this one for a couple of reasons.1. It’s cheap!2. Doesn’t irritate my eyes at all (and I wear contacts).3. Makes your eyelashes look good, but not super intense. I’m blonde so I don’t want to go too crazy.The brush is tiny, which is kind of strange at first, but you get used to it. Highly recommend!

Fern Ovid, NY

What’s so great about this mascara?

This has been a beauty staple of makeup artists and mascara fans for years and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I guess if you’re lookin for a mascara to give your lashes a darker color and nothing more, you’d be satisfied with this. But most women buy mascara to lengthen and/or thicken their lashes and this just doesn’t do that. It doesn’t clump, but it also doesn’t do anything else for your lashes. I really tried to give it a chance but it ended up in the garbage. Such a waste. Good thing it’s pretty cheap.

Veronica Round Hill, VA

Same Problem as other reviewers

Only came with 1 mascara not six, very misleading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Therefore, also made the product a bit expensive.

Elva Finland, MN

Great natural-looking mascara

Well, no mascara that I know of looks totally natural (except one by Shiseido that is no longer made, as far as I can tell). I’ve been iso a light-weight mascara in brown that has just enough umph to cover the powder that most shadows make on lashes. This one is the best I’ve found–after trying more expensive department and drugstore brands. I still would like to find one that deposits even less mascara-stuff on the brush, but it helps if I wipe the brush with a tissue before applying to lashes.I’m in my 50s, and most mascaras make me look worse instead of better. Somehow that mascara-y look is severe and accentuates wrinkles and aging, I think. I’m thankful I revisited this one, as I enjoyed it back in the 70s as well.

Rosella Statts Mills, WV

Excellent Product – perfect brush

I like a more natural/understated look for my eyes. I have OK lashes and this product does just what I need it to do — darken and thicken my lashes in a natural look. The brush is perfect. I wear contacts & have sensitive eyes (allergies), but this product did not bother me at all. It comes off nicely.

Ana Kealia, HI


I didn’t want blue, but this is what they sent. The black of this brand is pretty good but blue? I wasn’t looking for Halloween makeup and I’m not going to any raves soon. They wouldn’t take returns so I guess I’m stuck with this.

Autumn Akiachak, AK

Nice Deep Blue

I really like this mascara. I have to admit I was hoping for a brighter blue, but honestly this probably looks better than a really bright blue. It’s subtle enough that you could wear it to the office and only those who were really paying attention would notice. It is what it says it is – a royal blue. But I think it does accentuate my blue eyes. And it’s a lot more fun than plain old black or brown mascara!

Caroline Dewittville, NY

Burned my eyes

I bought this because of all the great reviews in magazines and on t.v., naming this as the best mascara on the market. I have never been allergic to a cosmetic but this product burned my eyes every time I used it and accidentally got a little bit inside the lid. The brush is small (some may like that, some may not) and it is not the slightest bit clumpy (excellent) but the reaction I had to it outweighed the positives and I returned it and got my money back.

Kristie Taylorstown, PA


If you like Great Lash, then you will like this. It’s a pretty, rich shade of blue. It does show up on my brown lashes but doesn’t look silly. It’s subtle, they only people that noticed were ones talking to me face to face. But from a few feet away, no, it’s not noticeable. If you want a bigger pow, try layering a white lash primer underneath. It’s a nice change from everyday black or brown.

Becky Glenshaw, PA


I purchased this mascara for the color… wanted something other than black, but still subtle enough for every day wear. I can see the color clearly on the mascara wand, but not so much on my lashes (which are a dark brown color naturally)…it ended up looking like the same old black mascara, however, maybe in certain lights a difference might be noticed. In terms of a mascara’s purpose- to define, elongate and thicken, I would have to give this mascara a thumbs down. I really don’t like the brush, which is my biggest issue because I prefer a full, fluffy brush and this one is not that. The mascara isn’t clumpy, which is probably the only plus I found, but I needed to apply three or four coats to get my desired result. Overall, if you’re getting this for the color, I would say that its VERY subtle/nearly black, so make sure that is what you are looking for… in terms of a mascara, this is really not something that is going to give you a dramatic look in terms of fullness and length. Will not purchase again.

Tammi Santa Cruz, NM

Love it!

Bought this for my mom. She uses Maybelline Great Lash religiously. Works great. Makes lashes look beautiful. The brownish black formula gives you defined lashes without the drama of a rich black mascara. Great for every day use.

Georgina Hayden, CO

Good Everyday Mascara

A good mascara for everyday use, but not what I choose for a dramatic look. Looks great and lasts all day when used over a lash conditioner (to thicken and lengthen) after lashes have been curled. This is one of the darkest black formulas I’ve ever used, and it looks great. It’s a long lasting formula with minimal clumping and no flaking. The only thing I hate about it is that if it gets in my eyes while washing off, it BURNS so bad! Same if I cry while wearing it! Loreal and Rimmel mascaras do the same thing, but not as bad. This mascara burns more than any other I have tried.

Virginia Mineral Point, WI

All-Time Favorite

Love this isn’t red rather a softer look for mascara than full-on black. I think it lookss more natural than black for daywear. Cheaper on site than the big box stores

Martha Ceylon, MN

love it

I love this works great for lashes either real or false lashes.The product came pretty fast too.thanks again.I will be buying again.

Christa Holcomb, MO

Bad reaction – and I am not alone

I had used this brand years ago and never had a problem. When my most recent tube of another brand ran out, I went back to the soft black great lash but the very first day I used it, my eyes felt dry and itchy – I thought it was odd and as normal, washed off all my makeup that night taking care to remove everything around my eyes. The next morning, my eyes felt worse – crusty red and irritated. Took some visine, thought maybe some soap had gotten in my eyes and that was the problem. Applied makeup as usual including this mascara, same day time issues, same problem the next morning with red irritated eyes. Being stubborn I tried it again day 3 – same problems. Nothing else in my regime changed except this mascara. Now I am reading reviews on this same brand in blackest black that there is something causing the same problems for many other users. Something is up with Maybelline. I would take it back to the store if I kept the receipt. No star.

Nita Helena, AR

Best Mascara at any price

Good product. Used it for years…maybe decades. There is no better mascara at any price. Gentle on eyes too. My favorite.

Socorro Winfred, SD

Just OK

I have thin, blonde lashes and this mascara did nothing to make them fuller or longer. Gave it to a friend, who has nice lases, and she likes it.

Chelsey Smyer, TX

Just okay – disappointing performance

I was surprised to see the other reviews about stinging, because I thought it was just me! I have very sensitive skin and allergies, and was able to wear this mascara, but often experienced stinging and burning. It also flaked off under my contact lenses, and smeared easily.I love Maybelline products, but must give Great Lash Mascara two stars. Try L’Oreal’s Million Lashes or Cover Girl’s Clump Crusher instead.

Liza Lincoln, DE

Good for Young Girl

My daughter is wearing make-up for the first time and this has been a great product for her. I will buy it again.

Shannon Willow City, ND

no smudge

used for a couple of hours, just to test it, it didnt smudge,or cake, i dont like a thick coat anyway,i want to my lashes to look as natural.

Virgie Enderlin, ND


A pretty color. But, it kinda clumps. So, I just use one stroke per eye. Or two. I’m ok with this product.

Amparo Carver, MA

All time Favorite

This is the mascara I always go back to. I try other brands, other formulas, but this oneworks best for me so I’m stickin’ to it.

Ines Southold, NY

Great Lash Mascara

I’ve been using this brand of mascara for years. Sometimes branch out and try others, but this is the best.

Nellie Eldorado, TX


I love these colored mascaras! This particular one is a very pretty vibrant blue. The only problem is you need a lot of coats to make it really show.

Deidre Avoca, WI


Wear this color every day to work. I get a lot of compliments and people constantly asking me what color I’m wearing.

Fannie Galena Park, TX

It’s popular for a reason!

This is still my favorite mascara. It’s a great price, it goes on well, and it doesn’t clump–or at least not as soon as others I have tried. I have light skin and dark blond hair, and I usually stick with the brownish black color (though even black doesn’t look half bad on me, honestly). I try more expensive mascaras from time to time, but I always seem to come back to this one. It really is a tried and true favorite.

Carol Titus, AL