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Maybelline Great Lash Mascara 12 Green Envy

Rare, Limited Edition Color, Teal

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  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara 12 Green Envy

Honest reviews


Good, But not for me

I wanted some colorful mascara, but the green was too green for me. It reminded me too much of my mom in the late 80’s.

Francisca Middlefield, MA

so hard to find

I personally love colored mascara. So glad to find this here. A white primer mascara will help this color to pop more. I highly rec applying white before this color!

Colleen Dryfork, WV


I was disappointed in the shade I thought I would be getting a darker green but…! It Is really more of a teal. I would never order this again.

Cathy Port Hueneme Cbc Base, CA

love the color

I love this new color mascara.. i bought the green and absolutely love it.. you can just brush it on and put some lipstick and be on your way.. it makes your eyes pop…

Latasha Ivel, KY

Good deal.

The local stores ran out of these colors quickly so I was happy to find it here for an even better price! I like the color and just wish it didn’t seem to dry out quicker than the standard black.

Stella Talco, TX

Love this

I remember years ago I had all the colors that Maybelline made at the time. That was over 20 years ago. Wow how some things come back is scary. My 15 yr. old loves it!!

Naomi Tuscola, IL

Great color

This really makes your eyes pop and not in a buggy eye way! lol I love the green mascara look and when I think it may be a bit much I can simply go over it a bit with some black mascara . A great brush that grabs each lash and separates them nicely with a splash of vibrant green color, simply matte color too, no glitter etc in this mascara will repurchase.

Edna Anton Chico, NM

Love the color!

I already use Maybelline for a while. And I think it’s a great brand specially when talking about mascaras. And this one has a beautiful color. I am a lover of colored mascaras and just added this one to my collection. And I love it.

Sallie Gaastra, MI

OK but not great

I was disappointed that the mascara does not wash off well. It just smears and then takes for ever to take off

Jacqueline Elizabethtown, IN

Maybelline, make more colors!

I always get Royal Blue from Maybelline, but this is the first time I saw Green Envy. I love it. It’s beautiful. Makes my brown eyes pop. Please make more colors!

Rowena Downey, CA

Great color

I’ve used the blue color and loved it, but with hazel eyes it didn’t look quite right. This green really brings out the color of my eyes. I have never seen it in the stores. Will be ordering more to hide away.

Trina West Burlington, NY