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Maybelline Great Lash Mascara #11 Teal Appeal [Misc.]

On this tattoo sheet, you’ll find an assortment of team graphics that you can temporarily affix to your skin, giving you one of the most unique kinds of fan gear! Easy to apply to skin in just 30 seconds, and when you’re ready, removal can be done in 15 seconds!

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  • Conditions as it thickens

Honest reviews


Pretty great

I’m guessing that this is generally the same as the “Totally Teal” color that Maybelline is advertising presently. My mom managed to find it at a drugstore after us searching forever at Target and Wegmans, and I was excited to try it. I’ve got to say, it worked better than I expected! My lashes are a little bit darker, even though I’m blonde, but after a couple of coats, the color came out very nice and looks interesting. As with most mascara, it’s not as bold as in any of its lovely ads, but for reality’s sake, reality was still pretty nice.

Edwina Mc Williams, AL

good, not great

I like this mascara, it is however a little too dark for my taste. It looks like it’s black with a tint of teal. I used to have a bright colored teal mascara before but I can’t seem to find it. This was not quite what I was looking for, but it works for now.

Leticia Montalba, TX

It’s O.K. but all dried out

I should know better than to purchase mascara from Amazon. The three or four times I have purchased, most if not all were very dried out. I like the color………….

Ashlee Colon, NE

Love these new colors!

I am a loyal maybelline mascara user. I was very excited to find this. I wear it with a teal eyeliner no eyeshadow and it looks amazing. I have light brownish red eyelashes so the color shows nicely. I bought the purple as well and plan on getting the blue next.

Hazel Worthington, IA

not blue enough

if you have dark brown lashes, this takes 10 or so coats to show up the slightest bit blue. and it only shows in bright white light.

Hester Brantley, AL