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Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Waterproof Mascara, Brownish Black

Patented Quick Dissolve System aids in the prevention of the loss of lash.

Key features

  • Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. Mascara. Advanced thickening formula with Panthenol, Ceramide R and Vitamin E builds and protects for full, soft and healthy lashes.

Honest reviews


My favorite mascara by far

When I was still studying in uni, this was my favorite mascara and it’s been discontinued here where I am for several years now (because they were introducing new formulas) but I know these are readily available in the US. I love that the formula applies well, without clumping and added the right amount of volume to my lashes. I have rather sparse and fine lashes so this worked well to thicken it up. It holds curls well as well and I love that it didn’t leave my lashes stiff and crusty like some mascaras do. This is more of a wet formula so if you prefer drier textures, this is definitely not the mascara for you. In humid weather, you might get a little bit of transfer on your skin throughout the day.

Marcia Gerlach, NV

Go-to Mascara

When I started using mascara, I couldn’t tell the difference between mascaras. The whole ‘special properties’ idea to me was stupid. How could one mascara make your lashes thick, clumpy, separated, or voluminous? After a few years, my eyelids started feeling heavy and tired. That’s when I really started taking note of the mascaras I used. Full N’ Soft does not make my eyelashes heavy. It’s incredibly light and well textured. It separates each of my eyelashes and never clumps. Sometimes it makes my eyelashes too straight (my eyelashes are naturally curled), so I have to reach for an eyelash curler. At times it looks voluminous, then sometimes not. It’s just my usual go-to mascara.

Maritza Thomaston, CT

Not Good- Raccoon Eyes

After all the rave reviews I was so disappointed to give this a try only to find at the end of the day smudges and flakes under the eyes giving me that worn out, raccoon eyed expression. Sigh.I’ve finally found a brand that doesn’t smudge, or flake, or doing anything besides stay on the eyelashes with a clean look. If you are interested read the reviews on other brands to see what you find.

Pearl Sibley, IA

Cleaner brush

When you pull the wand out and it’s all goopy – this isn’t what your using. Goes on easy without the mess, even in doing my bottom eye lashes no mess. Will buy again

Whitney Baxter, IA

My favorite mascara:o)

I have very fine lashes and this mascara does not make my eyelashes fall out. I have tried others but the price, quality and look keep me coming back. Thank you Mabelline!

Rosalyn Jerome, AR

Still my fave

Full n soft will possibly always be my favorite mascara, I tried at least 12 different mascaras this past year and this is the only one I have repurchased. However, this is not entirely smudgeproof, AKA it will smudge if you take a nap or something. Wish this didn’t happen because I don’t even have oily lids or skin. It also smells slightly more chemical than the original non-waterproof. Overall really like the color and the look of my lashes so will keep buying.

Tamika Big Sandy, TN