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Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 100 Light Sheer Tint, 1.0 ounces

Dream Fresh BB Cream 8-in-1 Skin Perfector is the 1-step wonder for a good skin day, everyday. Get 8 skin benefits in 1 simple step. Blurs imperfections, brightens, evens skin-tone, smoothes, hydrates, enhances, protects with SPF 30, and contains 0% oils and heavy ingredients.

Key features

  • BB stands for beauty balm it combines skincare and makeup to perfect skin in 1 simple step
  • Available in 5 fresh tones
  • For normal skin

Honest reviews



broke me out really bad after 1 days use! also its half the price it is on here at walgreens. try this is you have HORRIBLY dry skin. also it takes alot to cover your face :O

Araceli Pittston, PA

I found my cream

I would wear the smashbox tinted moisturizer which cost almost 32 dollars. i would apply everyday as part of my makeup routine even if it would be the day i go to the gym, go dancing, or even staying at my houe. i wanted to use a product that was more affordable. I picked this product because the reviews I read on Amazon. I personally like it, and I think everyone has a personal preference to makeup. This product does cover my blemishes, and it doesnt look cakey.

Amalia Home, PA


I liked the color and having sunscreen in one product. It had more perfume than I care for so I won’t buy it again.

Lindsey Charlotte, TN

Pretty good but thin.

This is a basic BB cream and I think it does the job okay. It has light/medium coverage and looks nice on. It has no real scent. Of all the Drugstore BB creams this one has the most shades. This works good for virtually any shade of skin or skin type. I like that it has SPF too because otherwise I would never have on SPF lol. I have used a lot of Foundation and BB creams but this is the best of the drugstore bb creams by far.

Clare Turtletown, TN


Broke out SO bad. It was a rash, and also acne breakout on top of it. TONS of small, hard, red bumps. My skin felt like sandpaper for almost a week! One pimple got so huge and hurt so bad. Two weeks later and I still have a dark spot. To me this is a big deal. I haven’t broken out or had anything more than a minor blemish in YEARS. After only using it for two consecutive days. This product is TERRIBLE. This was very upsetting as I have a very clear, smooth complexion. I have very prominent red undertones and do require foundation, however. I returned this product at the Target I purchased it from. They fully reimbursed me, thank GOD.I wish I could give it a -5.

Reba Stephen, MN

i really like this

Great product. Brightens my skin and leaves it nice and dewy. Light covererage but is buildable. I wear this to work almost everyday. Fast and just one step. Put on my mally mascara, lipbalm and im done.UPDATE: i have stopped using this product. I have started to break out in tiny pimples on my face. Im pretty sure its the bb cream because i rarely get pimples. Oh well….i really DID like it though.

Vivian Polk, OH

half full, not sealed, and product spillage..

I recieved my bb cream very well packaged. However, my bb cream was not factory sealed. I opened the lid and there was product all over, the tube felt half full. Product obviously used or tested before. Unhappy.

Nadine Castleton, IL

tinted moisturizer

I purchased this on a whim to tide me over until I can replace my Korean bb cream. I have tried various bb creams from Skin79, Skinfood, and Holika Holika to name a few but this is my first sampling of the bb creams available on the US market. As a bit of background, I am mixed (Korean and white), with pretty good skin. Typically the 2nd to lightest shade is the closest match for me in US brands of foundation. My skin is oily, but not acne prone and prefers moisturizing products.As to this product…it is a lovely tinted moisturizer. Not to jump on the bandwagon, but like many reviewers who have tried Asian bb creams, I am not quite convinced the US market really differentiates between “tinted moisturizer” and “bb cream”. That being said, I found the texture of this product good. When compared to bb creams, it was a bit oilier textured than I expected, but it was not the utterly unsalvageable grease slick that I’ve seen from some tinted moisturizers, and the texture blended well with my skin. This is also unscented for those who like that.In regards to the overall visual effect, this product has extremely light coverage. Every Korean bb cream I have used has had a high color saturation and slightly creamier texture which resulted in being able to use a very small amount over the entire face and have excellent coverage in a very thin, natural looking layer. I typically use it just to even out skin tone (slightly pink around the cheeks and brighten under eyes just a bit), and to tone down larger pores. This product was barely noticeable (in terms of coverage), even when layered.In short, while this did not quite meet my standards for a bb cream (coverage, consistency), the finish was nice and I would probably wear it again as a tinted moisturizer just to feel slightly glow-ier while running errands and such (ie: days I don’t really need makeup).

Reba Bay City, MI

Just what I was looking for.

I haven’t had a lot of luck with makeup recently and I figured that this was just another product that would smell bad, make me look embalmed, turn orange, slide off my face, give me zits or generally disappoint me and drain my pocketbook of funds that I could better spend elsewhere. And no, despite the ads, I cannot return makeup. I refuse to tell the clerk “that the stuff makes me look like a beast.”Then I got a sample of this in the mail. Without telling my family, I washed my face and put it on.I start getting complements on how good I look today. Hubby gives me a smooch and doesn’t start complaining about the “sunscreen smell” or the “perfume-y smell.” (yay!) Eight hours later, it still looks as good as when I applied it. I can’t say that it won’t give me zits, (yet) but I don’t look or feel oily, and I’ve been busy and running around.I read the claims on the tube, and I’m rather skeptical about the 8-in-1 claim, especially since I haven’t had eight things on my face at the same time. Ever. But it does even out my skin tone and it has a nice, high SPF. I figure if it makes me look good and protects my skin, I’m way ahead of the game and much better off than if I went with no makeup at all. After all, there’s no such thing as a Fountain of Youth or a Fountain of Incredible Skin, for that matter. But this is a good, practical and economical product. Good enough for me.UPDATE: I have been using this for two weeks and still have no complaints. It did not give me zits, as I feared when reading some of the other reviews. (Thank goodness) I did notice that it isn’t the easiest product to remove from my face at night, requiring a good cleansing product and some scrubbing with a terrycloth washcloth. I suspect that the quality that makes it last all day is the same thing that makes it difficult to remove, and if you don’t remove it all, can give you zits.

Reva Coulter, IA

I Love It…

If you’re looking for heavy coverage then I don’t recommend this. But if you’re just looking for some moisturizer with scanty coverage then this is good. I don’t wear make up at all so for me this was an introduction to any type of coverage. It evens the skin tone and it moisturizes as well as protects – that’s all I wanted so its a win.

Karla Grand Valley, PA

Not as dreamy or creamy.

I don’t need a lot of coverage from my makeup, but I do want and need sunscreen. I thought this would be a quick easy solution to those days where I’m crunched for time and in a rush. The consistency itself is thin, really thin, and I noted that I was using more than my usual amount of sunscreen and foundation together. For the small size of the tube and the price, this might not be quite the bargain I was hoping for.While the light/med shade looked fine, (I can’t even say blended in well because the coverage is so sheer it’s virtually non existent no blending required), it was weirdly shiny looking. A little greasy, but I thought no problem pat on a little powder and I should be good. But, I didn’t want to have to powder up, at that point I might as well have put on my normal foundation.Still, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, it’s replacing the extra step of sunscreen, right? Except that about 3 hours later a look in the mirror showed a shiny mess. Not pretty, not at all. My normal sunscreen doesn’t do that to my skin, with or without any extra products after.For the barely there coverage, the small amount, and for the ‘not really eliminating steps’ consistency this is a pass for me.

Erika Vonore, TN

Depends on what you want

The review of BB creams depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a one stop moisturizer, foundation, anti acne/ anti aging / Sunscreen then BB creams are your best friend. BB creams simplify your morning routine. BB creams perform all the functions well but if you are looking for a really good moisturizer, then a medium coverage foundation or a strong anti aging serum then BB creams are not for you. I personally like to layer my favorite serums and Sunscreens and then Foundation so I wasn’t really impressed.

Joanna Los Banos, CA


This is a Sunscreen.Gals and guys, I’m not saying it has SPF. I mean this is a totally sunscreen sunscreen. I simply don’t understand how this stuff has things to do with BB cream after I use it.For my understanding, BB cream is supposed to give you the function, by using which you can just skip moisturizer, primer, foundation,etc. I still have to use the whole steps within using this one for … sunscreen function…LOL. It does not cover. I am surprised how other reviews mentioned the coverage part … Go and try tell by yourself.It’s really tricky they label BB Beauty Balm that huge on the tube.

Jeannine Palisades Park, NJ

I love it

This BB cream is awesome and so much less expensive than most of them out there. It totally works as expected and I completely forget that I have it on. Really evens out my skin tone and replaces dozens of different makeup products. I hate wearing makeup so this is just great for me.

Gail Harrodsburg, IN

Great product

For me, this wears better than most BB creams. It evens out my skin and makes it look healthy. I recommend this one over the expensive brands, such as Laura Mercier.

Lilian Roachdale, IN

Great Stuff for a cheap price!

I was sooooo impressed with the way this easily blended into my skin. My skin looked perfect, light and vibrant! I love how it looks natural but you look great! It stayed on for a sweaty workout, and doesn’t fade! Really a miracle product!

Frieda Hilltop, WV

very good

very much happy with this product it gives a no make up natural look to my face, will highly recommend

Lesa Fairless Hills, PA

love this!

I see alot of reviews on here about how there is no coverage at all. This is not meant to be a foundation at all, it even says on the bottle that its a sheer tint so you should not expect to have much of any coverage. This is mostly a tinted moisturizer with just the name bb cream slapped on.With that being said, i use this as a primer. It helps to cover up the redness and even out my skin tone before putting on my normal foundation. Also this gives something for my foundation to hold on to. With this underneath it really makes my foundation glide on, really blend in and stay put for a few hours longer than it normally would. With some of my face already covered up i dont have to put on as much foundation to cover up the redness and un even skin tones that i have. In turn i dont look so cakey or feel like i have a lot on my face.I have worn this product alone but much rather it as a primer. The only reason i took 1 star away is because sometimes if i apply to much product my nose and cheeks to begin to get a little oily with time. Nothing either a blotting sheet or some powder cant fix in a jiff.I think that some people should try using this product differently in order to really get the benefits of it.

Rosario Brady, MT

Nice light coverage

I favor this over heavier makeup for daily wear. It evens out my skin and makes me look more polished than I would without it on. You can’t tell there is something on which is a good thing. The spf is a bonus and it is easy to apply. I use a cheap makeup brush instead of my fingers. I did find by the end of the day my nose had some shine to it but nothing some powder or a blotting paper couldn’t fix. If I have time I would apply a bit of powder after putting this on. I’m on my second tube and I’ve already got a darker color ready for the summer months.

Maribel Wakefield, MI

very good coverage

from what I can this s*** works wonders! I tried olays bb cream which is good with bringing out your skins color but not so great hiding imperfections like pimples and marks. This actually reduced the appearance of my marks to being invisible to being hard to see. Along with perfecting your skin.

Caitlin Villa Park, IL

Poor Color Variety

I picked up this item at my local drugstore as my 3rd try on a BB cream that would replace my missing Garnier Skin Renew BB cream, and it turned out to be just another disappointment. I am an NC45 in MAC foundation, and this BB cream is a good 3 shades too dark; So, I tried the Medium/Deep shade- 2 shades too light! The cream doesn’t blend with the skin half as well as any other cream, so this alone made the cream unwearable. The cream is also very thick, thick enough to create the same ‘cakey’ look as most heavy duty foundations. It does, however, apply evenly and provide better coverage than the other creams.Overall, I can’t bring myself to recommend it.

Lucia Coulterville, IL

Good Product, But You’ll Still Need a Concealer

This is lightweight – you really need to shake it up well before using it. It’s great that it has SPF (the main reason I purchased it). I have fair skin and the light/medium blended well with my complexion. I still use undereye concealer and if you have any blemishes or anything you need to cover, you’re likely to need a concealer, as this is just too light to cover well. It can make my face feel a little oily sometimes. I’ve found that using a moisturizer under this is almost not necessary (at least not in the summer months). I have combination skin and I don’t find this make-up to be ultra oily, but if you accidentally use too much, it can be. I’ve gone through about three bottles of this so far – so I guess you could say I like it! I was using Clinique Continuous Coverage SPF 15 as my base foundation (which was way too heavy) and switched to this since it’s got higher SPF and it’s much more lightweight/natural looking. I still use the Clinique, but only as a concealer now (which is good because needless to say, Clinique is much more expensive). This Maybelline BB cream, in my opinion, is pretty reasonably priced. I usually get mine at CVS though I have ordered from Amazon as well.

Reva Kamrar, IA

To oily for me

When I first tried the bb cream I liked it until evening time when I started getting little tiny balls rolling off my face when I touched it lol. I have a very oily complexion so thats probably why. However I just do not like it or the way it feels on me.

Callie Salkum, WA

Pretty awesome…just what I was looking for

This is my first time using a BB. It is very light coverage, that doesn’t fade even in humid as hell weather. the color is a bit light for me, but I let it soak in my skin and do a quick blend and It’s perfect. It locks on my blush and eye shadow too. All in all I am a happy customer. Pretty good for the price and it works too.

Deidra Neihart, MT

its ok

This product does give a dewy look which I think will be great for those with dry skin but for my combo/oily skin…I have to do some blotting. It does give a nice glow and whatnot. This is definitely great for the summer months because heavy foundation in the sumemr can be uncomfortable. I would repurchase but I think they should make the product bigger especially looking at how much it costs.

Etta San Luis, AZ

Nothing to write home about.

I don’t like writing bad reviews, so I will say that there are ladies out there who might find this to be perfection. However, for me, this is perfectly awful. Not enough coverage…. actually no coverage that I could see. I’m used to a mousse foundation that really covers. I knew that this would be lighter, but I found it to be a bit thin, runny and ineffective. The worst part was as the day wore on, the coverage that it offered disappeared, and I was left with a slick shine, that made it look as though I hadn’t washed my face that morning. I’m glad I didn’t wear it to work, ’cause I would have been very upset.

Etta Haywood, WV

Too sheer for me

This review is for the Light/Medium Sheer Tint-I’ve really liked some of Maybelline’s liquid foundations in the past so, when they came out with a BB Cream (with SPF 30!), I decided that I had to give it a try. I am very diligent about wearing sunscreen on my face every day, and I loved that the Maybelline BB Cream has an SPF of 30- double that of the Garnier BB Cream that I had already been using.Unfortunately this BB Cream is just way too sheer for me. I applied one layer, and didn’t notice any difference in the redness or the couple of dark spots that I have on my face. I then applied a second layer, and still barely noticed any difference at all. It’s just too sheer for my needs, but for someone who likes a real "no makeup" look, and wants a high SPF product, it might be just the thing for them.

Bobbi Bristol, WV


This was my first BB cream I’ve ever tried. I wasn’t looking for one that gave much coverage. This one barely gives and coverage, is great for summer, lets your skin breathe, and I totally recommend it!

Deana Shelby, MT

Tinted Sunscreen

This was the first American BB cream that I ever tried, and though I applaud Maybelline for having the widest range of color choices available, I can’t help but think there is something even better out there in the BB Cream world. The best way to describe the Dream Fresh BB is by calling it a tinted sunscreen. There is enough color in the product to keep it from making my face look ashy-white, but it certainly doesn’t eliminate blemishes and all those other things that it says it can do. It didn’t make my acne worse, but it certainly made my oily skin that much more greasy by the end of the day.I give them credit for such cute packaging and ease of use, but I don’t like it enough to warrant a second purchase.

Carlene Lenzburg, IL

Not good if you need a lot of coverage

I bought this a few months ago when I was on a weekend trip and forgot my foundation. I usually prefer foundations that feel light on the skin and have tried a few other brands of BB creams before, but this Maybelline one is so light that it didn’t cover up my redness or dark spots at all.It’s got a nice feel to it and has a good amount of SPF in it, but if you need more coverage (as I do), then I’d suggest trying another brand. The Skin 79 version in the pink bottle seems to work well for me; while it leaves a grey tone at first, it soon blends in and offers smooth coverage.

Agnes Prescott, AZ