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Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner – Rich Raisin

Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner Precision tip liner provides smoother, more even, effortless application. •Built-in smudger & sharpener

Key features

  • Maybelline define eyeliner 810
  • Maybellin instant age rewinde
  • Loreal true mach
  • loreal vesible lift line
  • loreal colour juice sheer Maybelline powder foundation

Honest reviews


Makes brown eyes pop

Love this eyeliner especially for green or brown eyes. If you have sensitive eyes this may not be the product for you. I have felt a slight burning sensation if I sweat or tear up. Nothing major more of an annoyance than anything.

Caryn Miami Beach, FL

Beautiful plum color

It seems impossible to find this color in stores these days, so I was overjoyed to find it here on Amazon.I’ve searched through and through for a wine-colored eye pencil, but it’s been very disappointing that other brands such as Revlon or Covergirl carry nothing but brown pencils under the guise of deceiving names that suggest ruby or wine colors. When I found this pencil it felt like at last I had found the perfect color I was looking for.Rich Raisin gives the eyes a softer, more subtle look than a standard brown pencil, and it goes very well with mauve or purple-toned eye shadows. I particularly like how it seems to enhance the eyelashes rather than create a severe “cat eye” look on days when I want to do my eyes, but don’t want them to look too “jarring” and outlined. More than anything else though, I really like that it glides very smoothly over the eyelids without tugging on the gentle skin of the eyelids. The color is also long-lasting and not prone to smudging or smearing, as sometimes occurs with other pencils.I’m a big fan of the entire Maybelline Define-A-Line series, but this particular color is my absolute favorite.

Marie Ramsey, IL

Great color except….

The color is great, especially for green/hazel eyes. The pencil lasts fairly long too, even in hot weather. Yet this pencil makes my eyes water & causes an allergic reaction, which is very rare for me with eye pencils.I’m sad, since I liked the color so much, but I simply can’t wear it without an extreme reaction.If your eyes are sensitive… especially to pencils, I wouldn’t take the risk.

Brandie Santee, SC

Nice color but doesn’t last too long

its the perfect color for green/grey-ish eyes but it really doesn’t last long. After one hour I went to the restroom and I had part of the eyeliner melted under my eye. Like two hours later I had barely something on my eye… (where I live it is humid, Dominican Republic)It’s really cheap and nice color, but if you think about the wait and longevity of this eyeliner, its not worth it. (Do not buy)

Nona Roseville, MI

I like

Stores I have went to wanted $7 for this eyeliner, so the price on here is great. I like this liner but like another seller said, it doesn’t show up that great on darker skin tones. It goes on great, just alittle hard to see the color unless someone gets real close to your face. Other than that it looks brownish black, but regarldess I love it!

Shari Poyntelle, PA

Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner, Rich Raisin

I am a fan of this brand of eyeliner and this color is pretty, although much lighter on my eyelid than my preferred Brown/Black version of the same product. Since it is lighter, it can be seen that I am wearing eyeliner where the darker one blends rather well with my own lashes. Good product, probably nicer on green eyes, red hair, or for blonds.

Jean Springfield, OH