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Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara: Very Black #821

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara: Very Black #821. Maybelline Volume Mascara is a patented brush that is shaped to where the position of the brush is placed in the lash. It does not clump and it creates a volume with clean definition. It is ophthalmologist tested.

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  • ONE:Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara Mascara

Honest reviews


super great mascara, but lousy wand

Talk about skimpy eyelashes – you’re talking about mine!I’ve even had tattoo eyeliner put on to add some depth to make my eyes look better.This is the best ever mascara I’ve ever used! The brush is curved, but it works well for getting the corners. It stays on long enough, doesn’t smudge, and DOES make my lashes look long and healthy – immediately!But I can’t figure out why they made the wand so weak: trying to put the wand back into the tube is challenging – the wand is weak like a limp noodle. I’m afraid I’ll break the wand putting it in.Won’t buy another one, tho, due to the noodley wand.But otherwise the product is SUPER!!!!

Tanisha Centenary, SC

Good for lenght, but not volume.

I already long eyelashes, and thin ones at that. This one makes my eyelashes super longer, so I don’t need that, but will probably work great for those with shorter ones. It doesn’t really define the lashes other than kind of makes you look like you have several big ones. I’ve had no problems with clumping though.

Camille Lowland, TN

clumps, hurts sensitive eyes

I really don’t like this mascara. I guess it doesn’t clump for everyone, but it does for me. The formula seems maybe a little too “wet”, so as soon as the brush goes by, the lashes closest to each other stick together instead of defining each lasg. For some reason I also tend to hit my eye more often with this wand (maybe because it doesn’t have long bristles, so I feel like I have to get closer?), and it hurts worse because it’s not really bristles but actual pointy plastic pieces. The short bristles also make me get it on my eyelid behind the lashes more often, so I have to do some cleanup afterward. It also makes my eyelashes feel very hard, which I don’t like.Even when I don’t hit my eye, I can’t deal with this mascara mostly because it really bothers my dry, sensitive eyes. It makes them itchy and watery all day. (And for some reason I always seem to forget this and still buy it on a whim occasionally – need to remember not to buy it again!).My preferred mascara is Cover Girl Professional, followed by Maybelline Full-n-soft. I really hate the Define-A-Lash.

Myrtle Melvin, TX

good mascara

I like this mascara. I usually like maybelline really just for their mascaras but had yet to ever try this one. It was being sold here on amazon for under $4.00 so Ithought I’d give it a try. I do like it, it is by no means a bad mascara. I doesn’t really clump or flake at all. I did notice that the formula is a little on the thin side. And I do all in all prefer cover girl clump crusher. But at $4 this is def. not a bad mascara. I use it more for daytime because it is not so dramatic whereas the clump crusher creates a more dramatic look.

Wendi Morrison, TN


It GIVES ME LENGTH.When i put this on, i got so much length and definition. It worked so well. Clump free.

Jean Kyles Ford, TN

Black but…

This mascara was very black and not too expensive. But it clumped too easily and I threw it away after a few uses. Now using CK mascara from Ulta which is pricey but never clumps.

Dominique Big Bar, CA


I gave this mascara a try after reading all the great reviews…I would say it’s ok, not great but not bad either…I will continue my search for the perfect mascara

Kitty Fort Lupton, CO

It was just okay, going back for a darker color

Made my eyelashes longer than they already are but I am not fond of this color. I was not aware that it was SOFT black even though it said that. I received compliments on my eyelashes but someone else also said that they look dusty, and I saw that too.

Edna Oatman, AZ

New Favorite Mascara!

This is my go to mascara for everyday wear! I purchased this in Brownish Black for a more subtle look. This is not a thick mascara (I only use one coat) which makes it very natural looking. I use this with Maybelline Bronze Gleam Eyeliner and it creates a very natural everyday look. I love the brush and it really works well for coating the lower lashes. It takes a minute to dry, but it never has bothered me. It comes off easily with face wash.

Carmen Hecker, IL

bad brush

the mascara itself is ok but the brush clumps your lashes not enough bristles on it and puts too much on

Amalia Winter, WI


I have worn Maybelline mascaras since, well forever…..This has a tendency to create spikes. So I follow up with Soft and Full mascara and it’s fine. I do like it for my bottom lashes because of the small brush.

Edith Wayne, IL

Great mascara

This mascara is perfect for those women like me who struggle with barely any lashes. This mascara makes your eyes pop

Valeria Folsomville, IN


It makes my lashes longer, and since it is not thick I used another mascara to make them thick. It does last a long time and does not smear. They have stopped selling this particular one in the sotres.

Keisha Liberty Lake, WA

Not wett enough

Gave u 3 stars just because it didn’t feel wet enough do I gave it to my daughter she says it’s ok so ok then

Beryl Yukon, MO

Very good, but flakes

Great mascara. Really defines and lengthens lashes, and looks fabulous. I do experience some slight flaking with this product, which is why I like Great Last mascara more.

Elisha Rosemont, WV

Nice mascara..

I live this mascara in dark black. It does go on a bit thick but with the right technique it’s not a huge problem.. I received it on time and had no issues upon delivery.

Katy Brodheadsville, PA

the good and bad

The formula is really the best in non clumping mascaras out there, havent found one better. It is very liquidy and it applys easily to lashes and leaves them with a nice shiny finish. It also has a great effect at lengthening (not nearly the best out there though). My first complaint is that the brush it comes with, although good for a bit of volume, not good for seperating the lashes. I have thin lashes and the brush causes my lashes to look even thinner(picture spider legs almost, thats what i think off). When I tried to go through my lashes with a lash comb, they dont seperate completley, the mascara causes the lashes to clump together weird. Ive tried different methods without a comb to avoid the clumping including adding more coats of the mascara (or coats of other mascaras) and the first couple coats of the define a lash look like one coat and then after that it gets messy(unnatractive spikes). I did not notice a difference in effect when using other mascaras on top, seemed like a waste of time applying and waiting for it to dry to add a coat of something else. Also, my lashes dont have much of a natural curl so I use a metal eye lash curler that i heat up for about 5 seconds with my hairdryer before I apply my mascara. This mascara(even the waterproof formula)will not hold my curl, making that step innafective as well. I even tried curling after applying and giving it time to dry and that left me with a mess of weird clumped and crimped spikes.That all being said, if you have thick, short/long(any length really)and curly lashes, this will most likely be the best mascara you’ve ever used. But for thin lashes that need help holding a curl, stay away.All in all, it wasnt a waste of money for me because I now use it religiously on my bottom lashes. The brush shape is great for applying it to the smaller lashes, either with just the tip or with the whole brush. And the formula really makes my small, usually unnoticable bottom lashes look so long. The fact that it is liquidy helps when cleaning up marks off my face, just use a wet q tip and get it off before it dries. I love the water proof because it never smudges, even when I forget and wipe under my eye. Then it washes off easily with some soap and water.

Marlene Byron, WY


Not a fan. My lashes looked the same after using as they did after using. Gave away. I ended up getting Loreal telescopic extension waterproof, and I liked it.

Belinda Moorefield, WV

Not for me

This mascara may work well for others, but it did absolutely nothing for my eyelashes. No lengthening nor any volume.

Tammy Emigsville, PA

Good Product

Good product, I like what it did for my eyes. Any mascara is good as long as you have the right handing technique to volumize your lashes. I would recommend and I would buy again.

Diane Garnerville, NY


I’m a mascara department store addict. I was using DiorShow (which I still prefer) but it’s not really in my budget these days. This is an awesome option. It defines, seperates and adds definition. Cons: It can go on a little wet. Also, I know it’s a not waterproof, but I always like a tad of water resistance so it doesn’t smudge or run if you tear up. Overall, totally worth it if you are looking for a bargain.

Helga Woodlawn, VA

Great mascara

I love this mascara it makes my lashes very long and curly. The only thing is it lacks on volume a little bit so if I’m going for more of a dramatic look I’ll layer it under my maybelline mega plush mascara.

Patsy Natural Bridge, VA


This is my new favorite mascara. It separates my lashes and gives them volume and definition without clumping. I do not purchase waterproof mascara because I think it is to hard and damaging on eyelashes, but I have great results with this regular mascara NOT running or blotting.

Pauline Stafford, CT