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Maybelline Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil Soft Black 641

Maybelline Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil Micro-mechanical pencil delivers precise application for evenly defined brows. Smear-proof formula wears all-day, and convenient all-in-one tool includes a comb to seamlessly blend color for a natural look. Blends easily with brow hair Waterproof for all day wear Safe for sensitive eyes Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist tested

Key features

  • Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil, Soft Black 641 – 0.001 oz (50 mg) 1 Pack
  • Evenly defines & grooms brows. Wears all day. Best for black brows. Blends easily with brow hair; Waterproof for all-day wear; Safe for sensitive eyes; Contact lens safe; Ophthalmologist tested. Made in U.S.A. Soft Black 641

Honest reviews


Dark Brown – DISCONTINUED by Maybelline!

Per Maybelline’s website, they discontinued their Define-A-Brow pencil in DARK BROWN and they suggest you buy their more EXPENSIVE and WAY TOO WAXY; Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil in deep brown, but it’s not similar at all – it’s too waxy and doesn’t apply well.UPDATE as of Feb 2013: REPLACEMENT FOUND!!! The NYX Auto Eyebrow pencil is an excellent replacement to the old Maybelline Dark Brown pencil. I have dark brown hair and the black worked perfect since it’s not that dark. However, the brown had a bit of a reddish tint to it. The NYX Eyebrow pencil has a matte texture, it’s easy to apply, self-sharpening, and it doesn’t smudge even when working out.

Renae Buffalo Valley, TN

Too thin and will not retract

The color of this “soft black” is great, otherwise I would have given it one star. However, the point is so thin that it makes it impossible to shade in your brows or create thicker lines. Also if you accidentally screw it too high, it will not retract. That really cuts down on the lifespan of the pencil. Did not suit my needs.

Evangelina Saint Charles, ID

Try Maybelline NY Line Stylist better

* Maybelline New York Line Stylist works better to define brows* Wish I had not spent the money on Maybelline New York Define a Brow* Still recommend trying the Benefit Brow liner set

Tracy Ashton, IA

Lasted only about 2 weeks!?

Bought it from Walmart. The way this product goes on is not bad. However, I used it for only about 2 weeks, and it already ended! I didn’t even use it every day! I use it only to fill my eyebrows, so, I didn’t use that much of it. Plus, it crumbled about 5-6 times. I agree with others who gave it a low rating. Maybelline should be ashamed if themselves.

Latasha Lemoore, CA

Maybelline Define-a-Brow

This product is small, sleek and easy to carry around with you. I always order two at a time to make sure I never run out, and it has definitely become my favorite eyebrow pencil. HOWEVER, there is a drawback..I personally find this liner a little too clay-like when you are in the heat, and I find that this pencil does not last all day. I bought the color “soft black” and I personally loved how defined and dark my brows come out. But if anyone can figure out how to make this stuff stop budging from your brows on a hot day? Let me know..because that is the only thing I hate about this product.

Lina Tenino, WA

this is a fave!

been using this product for years but recently had to go a little lighter color since it’s supposedly more age-appropriate to not have 2 black caterpillars hovering over my eyes! i can locate the pencil locally, but can hardly ever find many color options– totally agree with other reviews: do NOT wind it up any farther than you will use then; it does NOT retract, so keep that in mind!

Leann Beech Grove, KY


This is one of the best eyeliner pencils I have ever used. I don’t know why Maybelline discontinued this shade but it was a BAD idea. This is better than MAC and Makeup Forever. I wish I could have 10 of these for my kit.

Inez Ashland, IL

Love it

I have red hair and it is really hard to find a color that works for me. This works well not too dark or light. I will purchase this in the future.

Mariana East Amherst, NY

falls apart when using

Maybe I am using it wrong but I keep trying to do it and it kept breaking the tip off. I will never order this one again.

Lucinda Port Washington, WI

medium brown eyebrow pencil

I like the thin pencil and it is gentle to glide on. I have some gray hairs in my eyebrows and I don’t have to press hard at all to apply it (like some eyebrow pencils, takes a little of the eyebrow when pressing too hard). It covers really good and also fills in a bare spot, too. It is thin, which is a good thing, looks natural when applied.Just keep in mind and be careful when twisting to bring the color up (know that it can’t go back down) and it will be fine to use.The color is perfect for me and looks natural. I like the subscribe and save; very convenient to have it automatically ordered and not have to go to the store to look for it.Highly recommend this!

Aisha Johnstown, OH

A must-have for me

I use eyebrow pencils and eyebrow powder and eyebrow wax; this is a good brow pencil. It is specifically for brows as people should not use eyeliner for brows.

Olivia Adams, NY


My search for a waterproof eyeliner that stays on and fills in my very sparse eyebrows ended with this!! I have tried expensive "waterproof" products and none of them stayed on for more than a couple of hours. My eyebrows look natural when used properly. I normally purchase brand names, like Clinique and Estee Lauder, but am really happy I can get a great product at a low price. I will order more.

Yvette Mc Guffey, OH

Great eyebrow pencil!

Maybelline has some great eye makeup, and I love this eyebrow pencil! I color my hair black, so this is a must! It goes on beautifully and lasts. I order items like this from Amazon instead of going to the store for convenience. I can usually find great prices too!

Bertha Spring Park, MN

Very Dark for a “blonde” color

This product was nearly as hard as the brown filler, and it tended to clump in the hairs and looked messy

Christian Streetsboro, OH

My Holy Grail Eyebrow Pencils!

These are my go-to eyebrow pencils. I suggested them years ago, here on Amazon, to replace Maybelline’s Charcoal Grey pencils. I recently found my last Charcoal Grey pencil and compared it to the Dark Blonde pencil. I much prefer the Dark Blonde because it doesn’t have any red undertones in it.I love that the tip is so thin. You can do feathery strokes and have natural-looking brows. You can also press a little harder and make darker brows. People have complained that the tip snaps off easily. Well, there’s an easy solution for that. Don’t turn it so much! Turn it about once or twice and use it. When you use up the pencil, twist it up again. Don’t twist too much at a time or else it will snap. I learned my lesson!I have black hair and this color is perfect for me. It’s not too brown, there are no red undertones, and it has a hint of grey. It doesn’t go on waxy or creamy. It’s just right. If you feel that the line is a bit harsh, then just run a spoolie or brow brush through your brows to soften up the line. If too much rubs off, then do light strokes to fill in the area. This pencil is usually the only product I use for my brows. I rarely use anything else. I’ll occasionally put on some brow gel if I feel that my brows are a little unruly. I never really got the hang of using brow powder. I just love this pencil so much because I don’t feel like I need anything else.The comb is pretty useless for brows. However, I’ve found a pretty good use for it. I use it to comb my lashes after applying mascara! It works pretty well! I would prefer more product instead of having the comb, but at least it’s not completely useless. Actually, you know what? I DO use them for my brows when I trim them. I almost forgot about that!I did post a picture of my brows, so do take a look at them in the image gallery. You can see that Dark Blonde isn’t really blonde at all. I think it can work for a lot of different hair colors.I hope these never get discontinued (knock on wood) or else I’ll seriously be devastated. I can’t live without them! They are absolutely perfect.

Vera Jet, OK

I have dark brown hair and this is a perfect ashy color

I have use ALL the expensive brow products for dark hair and they usually end up looking too brown and fake on my super pale skin. This color in dark blond is ashy enough to work for me wile not being too brown or light.Its buildable too, if I find its too light, I press a little harder and it darkens enough!

Bobbi Avery, ID

Perfectly blends

This is my favorite eyebrow pencil. It blends perfect and looks natural, not drawn on, if you apply in short strokes. It lasts pretty long too. I have red hair (not bright, but more blond/brown-red). This color is perfect, not adding too much strawberry, so it isn’t only great for blonds, but for me too.

Alfreda Forest City, NC

Love Maybelline Define-A-Brow!

I love the precise tip that never needs to be sharpened! The medium brown goes perfectly with my Cool Medium Brown hair color. I highly recommend this product.

Jody Springfield, SD

Soft Black

I have dark brown hair, and i’ve been looking for taupe forever because the browns always come out too orange looking compared to my hair.The soft black is a little dark but i have sparse eyebrows but i blend it a little and works really well. good replacement because i cant find a good taupe or ash color anywhere.

Lolita Blaine, ME

Best Eyebrow Pencil out there

I am 64 and believe me, in 45 years, I have never found as good an eyebrow pencil as this one. Of course, they’ve discontinued my color which is brown/black, but I love this product so much that I will order the brown and hope it works as I have black eyebrows, but light brown hair. This is the first eyebrow pencil that looks like real eyebrow hairs when I put it on and it stays put. My eyebrows are sparse now due to age and I love this pencil. Bravo, but alas, companies always discontinue a super good product, so I have learned to buy several of any item when I find a good one. Highly recommend (while it lasts).

Edna Waldport, OR


Well I like this brownish grey color. It’s match better my hair and look more natural. The big downside is that it’s finishing quickly. If you do your eyebrows everyday and don’t think you can make more than 3 weeks with it

Nelda Chunchula, AL

Great pencil

I am 75 years old and sometimes have a hard time with eyebrow pencils. I bought this one and it goes on quite easy and looks great. The only reason why I gave it a 4 was because the lead in the pencil is very fragile. I try not to put it up too much and it seems to work out better. I will buy it again, but I hope they give you more lead for the pencil. It wears out quite fast.

Antonia Parryville, PA

One of the best!

I am very make up savvy, and use many different brands, including the very expensive ones. This one is such a great buy for the price. Comes with a small but very very effective brow brush, I loved it so much, that I kept it even after the pencil finished. I used two of these pencils, and want to use more. The color is really natural, and impossible to tell that you are wearing something. Its the perfect brown for your arches, not too deep and not too light. The pencil, is very pointy and precise, you don’t have to be a pro to use this. So get it, without confusion, you will thank yourself later. Actually, the more I am using Maybelline products, the more I am falling in love….they are simply amazing…I buy so many pricey stuff, but they are like hidden drug store gems….if you know which ones to get…I have not been disappointed with Maybelline products so far….

Felicia Webster, SD

Good Brow Pencil at a $uper Prie

This creates perfect brows. The formula is drier; not as creamy as an eyeliner. This makes natural looking brows. The applicator is genius. I will definitely buy this again.

Letitia Garden Grove, CA

Great twist up with comb – but waxy formula smears

The system is so great on this item. Twist up pencil is thin enough that by rolling it around you have a thinner brow pencil. Sadly the formula is a little too waxy or oily and smudges easily. I applied it am immediately it smudged. If you can go all day and never touch your face – great. But if you have skin that gets oilier thru the day forget it.

Dionne Saint Clair, PA

Love This

I love having a little brow come attached to this pencil. The pencil color is great. Make sure to choose the right one for you. If not, just order a new one, it’s great. I used to use eyeshadow, but this is soooo much better.

Geraldine Sullivan, ME

Nice Natural Neutral Shade for Red Heads, Blonds & Light Brownettes

This product came in a lighter shade which I liked better, but glad this one is still around, though it doesn’t last very long. Besides the unusually natural looking color, it makes a very fine line. I do have a puzzle about this product: it has a storage space inside the stem behind the detachable brush on the end. But nowhere can I locate the brow pencil lead this makes one think must be available to purchase for storing and refilling. Either must be just a design flaw or the manufacturer decided not to supply the refills?

Tanisha Mill Spring, MO

My Friend has No Eyebrows

Interesting but true title. My friend shaved off her eyebrows and draws them in. They look great and she loves this pencil to make them. She is really amazing at doing makeup and you hardly notice her eyebrows are even different. I am not recommending you shave off your eyebrows today, buy this pencil, and it will draw on perfect eyebrows. I’m saying that if you DO decide to do this, this pencil works great.

Janine Upton, KY

Looks like the real deal!

If you put this on with a delicate touch in feathery strokes, you will finish up with really natural looking brows, but beautifully defined. Lots of women ignore their eyebrows when they put on makeup. The older you get, the bigger the mistake that can be. Once you start using Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow, you will see the difference it makes. Even if you are in your twenties, if you have sparce eyebrows, you are not doing yoursef a favor by not filling them in, because it can really enhance the shape of your eyes and entire facial expression!This is one of the best pencils out there for a mini-splurge price. I guarantee you will not get the same results with a .99 cent product.

Kaitlin Pipestone, MN

Use this every day

I’ve been using this product for far longer than I’ve been using Amazon. I love that it’s thin, and easy to carefully detail your eyebrows. On the other hand, it does seem a bit overpriced for such a thin pencil.

Marylou Hartsburg, IL