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Maybelline 24 Hour Eyeshadow, Too Cool, 0.14 Ounce

Ink intensity. Tattoo tenacity. Dare to wear the longest lasting shadow. Eye studio color tattoo’s ink technology creates the mostsaturated shadow. Cream gel smooths on for vibrant, crease-proof color that never fades. Dare to get inked.

Key features

  • 24 hour wear without creasing or fading
  • Ink pigments for intense color
  • Unique cream-gel texture

Honest reviews


Lasts quite a long while

Lasts a long time, dangerously poisonous ingredients. But even so it doesn’t last as long as promised. Instead of lasting 24 hours it stays on for 12 and you have to scrub it off really, really hard.

Lenore Bristol, VA

Good, but not the best

Tough as Taupe is a matte, grey cream eyeshadow with purple undertones. This particular shade is not up to par with other shades from this collection, such as Bad to the Bronze, as it doesn’t not have the same texture. Tough as Taupe is more difficult to apply, as it can be patchy, and harder to blend. The color is sheer at first but can be built up to a more opaque color.The packaging is very nice, a sturdy glass jar and the lid seals on tightly to keep the cream fresh for longer.Overall, I would recommend this shade if you’re looking for a nice, matte everyday look to wear on the eyes!

Erma Haynesville, LA

Doesn’t do what it says

I am not sure if it is just this color but it does not last 24 hours. In fact to apply you have to apply several layers, but still after about an hour it was smeared all over the top of my eyelids and surrounding on the bottom. Looks very messy and clumps.The delivery was way sooner then promised.

Vanessa Mount Washington, KY

Last shadow you’ll ever need.

Wonderful neutral color and it does indeed last. The longest I’ve had it on was 12 hours (and it was as fresh as when i first put it on) so I can imagine that it would infect last for the full 24.

Vicki West Townsend, MA

Love this eyeshadow!

I really like this Maybeline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow “35 Tough as Taupe”…the shade, the ease of application, the staying power, the removeability. I wear it during the day, as well as in the evening. Truth is, I wear it day into night and it doesn’t need to be refreshed. I paid more for this eyeshadow than most of my other eyeshadows, but since the color lasts so long, the product’s not wasted by needing/using several applications a day.

Shawn Thomaston, AL

not worth the hype

i apologize to the ladies that gave product a 5-star rating, but i did not like this product at all. i didn’t like how it went on and it was pretty messy,too. will not buy this product again.

Althea Burlington, MI

Great for mature eyes

This is an incredible color that seems to work for all complexions because its neutral. I have wrinkles on my eyelids so powders tend to crease and look horrible. This is creamy and stays put all day and night. No reason to perform and touchups whatsoever. I wish there were more shades available.

Ora Ashford, WA


I use this product for a no make-up make-up look sometimes. I use my ring finger to sweep this across my lids with a little mascara and I’m good to go! It looks very natural but yet brings out the blue of my eyes! Or I use this as a base under a gold and brown smoky eye and it looks fantastic and I got a lot of compliments on how great it looked! I usually wear the traditional black smoky eye if I do a smoky eye but with this stuff I am glad I have another favorite smoky eye option with golds and browns! It doesn’t crease and it stays! I use a primer under mine though when I wear it out! Would recommend!

Angeline Salineville, OH

love it!

I was skeptical about cream eyeshadows in general because I had used one years ago and it looked horrible, but I love this product they’ve definetly improved it really is like a tattoo!, it stays on all day and all night! It doesn’t crease I’m gonna buy more colors for sure!

Elinor Forest Grove, OR

More gray than taupe – has staying power though.

The color taupe to me is a brownish gray (or is it grayish brown?), but this "taupe" is more a steel-gray. I’m not happy with it because it has blue undertones rather than brown – not a good color with my green eyes. My husband says I look like I have bruised eyelids.Having said that, it doesn’t crease as much as other eye shadows on my oily skin (and I used primer), but there’s still a little creasing, so not "crease-proof" as they advertise. And be sure to blend quickly because it dries to an unworkable finish in no time – difficult to work with and to blend well – on my skin anyway. A little definitely goes a long way as observed by others.I had high hopes for this eyeshadow, but I won’t buy it again.

Simone Black Diamond, WA


This is a beautiful color, but it’s a nightmare to apply. I tried using my fingers, using a brush, and no dice. Coverage is extremely patchy and streaky- if you want any kind of normal coverage, you will have to fight through applying 2-4 layers. However, I have a couple other colors and have not had this problem, so I’m pretty sure it’s just the purple.

Alexandria Exeter, NH

Amazing Quality!

After hearing rave reviews & comparisons to MAC’s Paint Pots, I got this color and Tough As Taupe. I swatched this on my hand, its a gorgeous frosty white, great as a base for shadows, for the inner corner of your eye or alone blended as a highlighter. I wore the swatch all night and the next morning it looked exactly the same as it did when I applied it! I plan to get every color but the purple, the color payoff is streaky at best, even trying to build it up. It’s a shame because its gorgeous in the pot. Tough As Taupe is very matte, no shimmer, but gorgeous when applied. The Orange is also matte. These products are worth the money, I highly recommend this one because it can be used for several things.

Serena Warwick, NY

stays for 24 hours

but it takes a lot to get a deep hue on your eyelids… not as bright or dark as some of the other colors but I still LOVE this line

Marquita Addis, LA


I use this as a base or by itself as a pretty wash of color. I love that you can build up the intensity for more dramatic looks, or blend it out to create a subtle wash of color. It has amazing staying power, and has never creased on my hooded eyes. I could not adore this product more.

Eunice Cylinder, IA

Caked on my eyelid

I think this is a young person’s eye shadow. I’m 67 and have really good skin, but this shadow caked on my eyelid. If you’re between 15 and 40, it will probably work great for you. Just make sure your skin is taunt or you’ll probably run into the same problem I did.

Britney Sandy Springs, SC

Glittery Gold

Good gold but beware if glitter is not your thing! This is a glittery gold. Can be blended out for a softer look which is really pretty but glitter will still be apparent.

Doreen Lebanon, GA


this product is awesome, perfect for a light look, the eyeshadow is so creamy, light and pigmented! LOVE IT!mdefinitely going to buy all of them!!!

Shannon Whitmore, CA

I like this but….

I would like this color to have a better pop factor. It seems the only way I can achieve the boldness of this product is if I use more layers. I would love to slide it right on and have the pop factor. However, gold is one of my favorite colors in any eye shadow…

Juliana Norfolk, MA


This Maybelline 24 Hour Eyeshadow is really all I expected it to be. Perfect to use as a shadow or an eyeliner. the color Bad to the bronze is really special.

Allyson Milan, MO

“Fierce & Tangy” IS fierce! 🙂 LUVVVV it!

I am reviewing the color "Fierce & Tangy" (mango-orange shade) ONLY, as I have found the other shades to be hit or miss, with some of them actually causing my eyes to sting and/or get red. :/ So far, I’ve had issues with the gold shade and the teal shimmer shade. However, the Fierce & Tangy shade is FABULOUS! I have not had any tearing issues, stinging issues, or eye redness with this shade. I should probably give this product a "4 star" rating because I find that it doesn’t really give true "24 hr wear", (though it’s pretty darn close!), but I’m giving it a 5 STAR rating because the color is just SO gorgeous on my olive skintone. It makes the perfect e/s base, as well as standalone shade for lids.I love this mango shade because it’s the perfect color to liven up my medium olive "neutral" skintone, which unless I’m fauxtanned, can sometimes look sallow. I use this shade from lashline to browbone. I then layer in a darker shade for the crease, and a paler shimmery shade for the browbone highlight. Paired with either black, inky deep navy, or a comb of black and turquoise liner, the look is gorgeous!!! LOVE it! The mango shade really makes my eye color POP (I have golden brown eyes, but this shade would also be fabulous with blue eyes).Another plus of the mango shade is that it helps make brown shades look truer on my lids. Oftentimes, my olive toned lids can make many taupe and neutral brown e/s look "muddy" or grey’d. This orange shade makes any brown I layer over it look much brighter and true to shade (ie, closer to what the brown shade looks like in the pot).I pair Fierce and Tangy on lid, with warm to neutral browns, bronzes, plummy browns, or eggplant crease shades.I use shimmery pale golds as browbone highlights.Liners: black, inky navy, or combo of black and turquoise.I LOVE this shade! I hope Maybelline keeps Fierce & Tangy as a permanent shade.Too bad the other shades in this Tatoo line irritate my eyes, because many of the other shades (esp the teals and golds) are just gorgeous. :/If you are olive skinned, or fauxtanned, or dark warm complexioned, get Fierce & Tangy! You will love it! It will give your eyes a subtle warmth and glow (not nearly as bright orange as it looks in the pot!).If, however, you are paler skinned, you may like Fierce & Tangy if you are warm toned (peaches and cream to ivory), and like bolder eye looks as this color will appear bolder against paler skin.IF you are pale but cool toned (pink undertones), I do NOT think you will like this orange-mango shade unless you use it as a base. JMO.

Cherry Maumelle, AR

Better than all high end cream eyeshadows

I love this product! It’s great for when your running late or to pair with other eyeshadows. It’s better than many of the high end cream eyeshadows I’ve used as well. Can’t go wrong with this amazing product. I can’t wait to get more colors.

Randi Rio Grande, NJ

Not essential for your makeup collection.

I like the color a lot, and I do think the color tattoos are long lasting. But I feel that all of the tattoos in general feel like they dry up quickly in the pot and would much rather prefer using the Loreal Infallible eyeshadows (which are waterproof as well). The glitter in Bold Gold is gritty, and you will likely have fall out with the color. I loved the color when I first purchased it for the inner corner, but now, I find myself wanting to use other eyeshadows that are much easier to work with.

John Delta, OH

Love these eyeshadows!

I absolutely love this product. It is so vibrant, easy to apply, smooth and creamy, and I’ve never had any issues with creasing over the expanse of the day. I love to build these colors up and make different combinations with a variety of the colors. I own about 5-6 different colors of these and Bad to the Bronze is my go-to color. I love Pomegranate Punk, too! These last all day and there’s no fall-out. I absolutely recommend purchasing these!

Trudy Chester, NH


This is an AMAZING color (Tenacious Teal)! It really pops against my fair skin. I own several shades of these shadows and they are great products. They are long lasting and don’t crease on me when worn alone. This particular color I topped with a matching powder eyeshadow and darker teals to create a “peacock” eye look and it was perfect to use as a base to make the look more intense. So as you can see, they’re versatile products. They can be used alone or as shadow base. They’re also great for beginners or extremely busy ladies since they can be applied with fingertips and don’t require much skill or time. I’m happy with these and will be purchasing other colors.

Sheryl Dennysville, ME

Love these

I’ve collected a good few of these and I love them all. The metallics are especially nice because you can put them on and go. These hold up well through hot days and even through swimming, so this is a summer must have for me. This particular color is one of my favorite in the whole line!These are versatile. You can use them on their own, under eyeshadows as a base, with an angled brush as an eyeliner, the list goes on. They’re pretty inexpensive and have a multitude of uses so I wouldn’t hesitate to pick a couple up! (Though the matte purple on is a bust :/)

Rene Accokeek, MD

Lasts a LOOOONG time

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this line of eye make up! It really does last 24 hours!This color is NOT black. It’s a dark gun metal grey – it has a sheen to it. I love it! I was expecting black, but I like this SO much better!To apply it I bought a professional, slanted eye brush. I get some on the brush and apply it in small dashes across both top and bottom as close to the lashes as possible. If I make a mistake, I can wipe it off right away and re-do it. After it sets, it doesn’t wipe off. I have full on ‘allergy-wiped’ my eyes with this on and it did not smear or come off onto my hand at all. I’ve also ‘allergy teared’ and dabbed lightly with a tissue and it didn’t come off.It lasts well over a day. I left it on to see how long it would last and I still saw it through to 48 hours – it did get more faint, though.It washes off easily with soap and water. I use a face cleanser in the shower and I never have to re-do around my eyes afterwards.I’m very, very pleased with this eye make up 😀

Elaine Haydenville, OH

I use this for my strawberry blonde eyebrows

This looks beautiful on your eyes but I’ve actually started using it for my eyebrows. I mix it with a bit of brown eyeshadow so it comes out to a warm brownish taupe and I get perfect brows that don’t easily smear off. Definitely worth a try!I gave this 4 stars because the only downside is that it dries quickly. I ended up mixing in a small drop of olive oil and a drop of primer.

Ashlee Milburn, KY

Great color

The Bad To The Bronze color is beautiful but it did not last a quarter of the 24 hours that it claims to last. I looked at myself in the mirror at 4:30 after working for 8 hours (in an office, not a field) and it was mostly gone. Maybe I have sweaty eyelids…

Kristine Hancock, MI

Great color and long lasting

The color is fantastic! It lasts all day even after working all day. Doesn’t come with a brush and its a cream eyeshadow. I can easily apply both gel and liquid liner on top of it and it looks great. Would recommend!

Christy Chenoa, IL

Quality, buildable eyeshadow cream. (Strict vegans see note)

I really like this line very much, good quality for a drugstore brand! I have tried several of the colors including this one — which for me with my fair/ruddy skin tone was just too blue-ish a red and not flattering to me – but as another reviewer said, is very pretty on medium/dark skin tones and flatters brown eyes tremendously.I have found these pots can dry out, but if you mix in a little drop of jojoba oil (which is noncomedogenic too), it will soften it up so you can keep using it.Note: if you are a strict vegan, note that the ingredient ‘carmine’ is an insect derived pigment, and is in this product, and most all other cosmetics with red tones.

Jamie Lincoln, MI